Andy Warhol – Fake Targets. Get Money.

Part of an Andy Warhol collection being sold off through Christie’s auction house:


I know what you’re thinking…. VERY impressive!  *eye roll*  Well get this… It’s expected to fetch $1M – $1.5M!  At least it’s big… 80 x 238 in.  Besides that, nothing really exceptional about it, just a synthetic polymer ink silkscreen onto canvas.

If I had billions of dollars I’d definitely buy it just to be a dick.  Isn’t that why anyone buys expensive art though?  You’re basically saying to most of the world, “I have so much money I can impulse buy stuff worth more than you’ll make in your entire life”.

You can read the full article over at the NYtimes.



8 responses to “Andy Warhol – Fake Targets. Get Money.”

  1. Fuck Andy Warhol. He’s the only artist I know of who’s entire career is entirely based off deliberately sucking.

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  2. i see a design for a tshirt here, now just think of something witty to add to it..

  3. what the christ.

    please tell me that dollar figure was a typo

  4. Haven’t you seen Wall Street, Mike? People don’t buy art because they think its good. They buy it because if they own it no one else can. Of course if only three other people want it you haven’t really accomplished anything. In all seriousness I think a lot of modern art is kinda like the Emperor’s New Clothes: nobody really likes it but “experts” tell them that only sophisticated people “get it.”

    1. +1
      I can’t stand modern art. This kind of stuff isn’t genius. If my two year old could do it, then it shouldn’t be worth more than the paper or canvas its on.
      Now I will step down before I go on an all out rant.

  5. I just don’t understand things like this. Who is the person who decided that thing is worth money? It’s like the people who said swear words are bad. Why are they bad? Why is this thing worth money? No one fucking knows!

  6. I want to get super rich, so I can buy all of his “art” and burn it in public. I make that sort of art every Friday after work, though my groups usually are a tad better