FPS Chatty Cathy And The 1216 Shotgun

For the love of god just shoot the damn guns in your videos:

He starts shooting at 2:37 if you want to skip to it.

I’m sick of hearing him talk.  Fire up the camera, make some shit blow up, butcher the accent for a few seconds, and go cash the checks.

Neat design for a shotgun.  From what we see in the video seems reliable… he does complain about experiencing hiccups when chambering rounds toward the end of the video though.



12 responses to “FPS Chatty Cathy And The 1216 Shotgun”

  1. So they took the KSG, made it semi-automatic, and included a rotating magazine?

    Shotguns have gotten crazy recently.

  2. Yeah I thought about the KSG immediatly as well. The only thing I’d say is that the barrel unlocking knob seems too far. It looks kinda awkward to grab… they should have made it closer to the firing hand. And what about lefties?

  3. How much does a box of 00 buckshot weigh and do you want that on the front of your tactical zombie killing shotgun?

  4. Zombie shotgun, what for?
    Get a zombie M1 Garand. That’s not my invention, that’s Max Brooks’ Zombie Survival guide advice.
    Stopping power, accuracy, semi-auto, easy to clean and to maintain. And it looks soooo cool!

  5. He got a failed ejection @ 4:26

  6. I also don’t like videos that dont get to the point until the middle…. Hickok45 has a pretty good formula: if he’s going to spend some time talking about the gun, he’ll fire off a few rounds in the beginning, and sporadically so people don’t get bored =P

  7. Pretty neat idea for a shotgun… And thanks for the tip Mike, I’m glad I didn’t have to waste 2:37 of my life.

  8. UNLIKE the KSG the 16 round drum on this is really simple to remove and install a “fresh” one – that said, they are more than double the price of a KSG…. but made right here in my home state of Idaho!
    +1 for all us Idaho rednecks!

  9. Whoever made that shirt he’s wearing misspelled the last word on it; it should be spelled D-O-U-C-H-E, not D-E-A-L.

  10. “Bean bags in one tube, buck shot in another tube…”

    Mixing lethal and less lethal in a single weapon at the same time is HUGE no no.

    1. You mean you’ve never played shotgun roulette? Learn to party man!

  11. cool design for a shotgun, still trying to figure out the gas system because i don’t see an op rod or gas tube leading from the gas block looking thing near the end of the barrel. Spring is obviously in the buttstock, ala Rem1100. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s straight blowback operated.

    The manual switching of the tubes seems bothersome though… and it looks like it kicks like a mule!

    An xrail system seems a little slicker because it automatically rotates to the next tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=siRlgn1ZaNs&feature=share&list=UUjbMTuGWwbTjG6nTO4-sfGA
    but puts even more weight out in front, which sucks.

    Think that i’ll stick to my saiga with a drum mag if i feel the need to pack a whole box of shells at a time…