Recoil Magazine Goes Full Retard

MrColionNoir puts his 2 cents in on the recent debacle:

If you don’t know what he’s talking about read yesterdays post – RECOIL Magazine Says The HK MP7 Is Too Dangerous For You.

RECOIL has got way more publicity over this then I ever would have thought or hoped.  Advertisers are pulling out, and people are blowing up their facebook page with comments.

Like I mentioned before, I’m sure Jerry Tsai (the guy who wrote the paragraph in question) will be re-assigned and people will celebrate issue #5 when it comes out like nothing even happened.  It appears that a lot of people are even forgiving him after his halfassed apology which is predictable and reeks of back pedaling so I’m not even going to bother linking it.



13 responses to “Recoil Magazine Goes Full Retard”

  1. “The guy acts like the MP7 was Moses’ concealed carry weapon.”

    Comedy gold. Heck, comedy platinum!

    The guys behind Recoil Mag think the MP7 is some kind of in-game power-up, where you grab one and take on The Boss before advancing to the next level. If they want to concentrate on the guns, great.

    Me? I’ll be taking my lowly CZ P07 Duty to Massad Ayoob’s MAG40 class in a few months, which will do a hell of a lot more to increase my survivability during (and after) a fight than some over-hyped wünder weapon.

    1. I personally liked when he referred to it as “the Jesus Gun”

  2. I don’t understand this douchebag from RECOIL.
    I mean, how is the Mp7 any more deadly than a .50 cal Barrett or a P90? Both of those guns, might I add, are perfectly legal for civvies to own (although the latter has a bit of a longer barrel).

    1. He’s focusing on the gadget, and not the mindset, because you can’t sell glossy magazines with a mindset.

      1. What do you mean?

  3. He nailed this one. RECOIL mag, you should be ashamed.

  4. This will happen like the Jim Zumbo ar15 incident. He will recant and the gun industry will pretend this didn’t happen… Smart people won’t forget…

    1. liquidflorian Avatar

      Doesn’t Zumbo hunt with an AR now though? I really think Zumbo was humbled by that experience, I doubt highly Jerry Tsi is exactly having a introspective moment over what he wrote.

  5. :/ This kinda sucks…

    I guess the information in the DIY:Kydex tutorial was all jacked up… Skip to ~3.5m – 5m

    Re: This article… I think it was put perfectly the other day “The guy touched the third rail of the gun industry”
    Sporting purpose? Come on though… At the end of the day thats just the “grey zone” justification for guns. We all know and I’m sure will agree… Our guns are for, as put so eloquently “For defense, assaulting, and killing” have no shame brothers that is their intended use, that is why we own them, and those reasons are protected by our constitution, and for good reason. This whole “oh guns are for sport” yeah sure they are, punching holes in paper, punching holes in bad guys, and punching holes in dinner. I see no qualms with that.

    1. * I have no qualms with that

  6. Just to stir the pot a bit, the editor’s username across multiple forums is “pacrimguru”, and he also owns valkyrie tactical ( Might want to avoid buying things from there, if you are bothered by this.

  7. I was just researching a little on the MP7’s 4.6x30mm cartridge, it doesnt appear to be any more powerful than 45 ACP, just smaller and lighter to carry. I also checked out 30 carbine, it packs 880 ft-lbs of energy. I’ve always wondered why more people around the world havent looked into modernizing the cartridge (if any needed) its small and powerful.