Assaulted: The Fight To Bear Arms – Trailer

California is the frontline in the civil rights battle between public safety and the 2nd Amendment:

This is a kickstarter project with a goal of $65000.  If after watching the video you’d like to support the project click on the embed to the left and get your credit card ready.  The minimum pledge is $1 (or $10 if you want an HD download of the film).  The deadline to show your support is October 5th.

If you want to subtly show your disgust with the gun laws in California, pick up a California Flag “No Right To Bear Arms” t-shirt from ENDO Apparel.

Think the film has potential?  I like the idea of a project such as this, but if it’s just going to include interviews with some people and then a lot of derpy classic news clips I’ve seen a million times (and can see still on youtube) then I don’t really see the point in wasting my money or time.

If a $10 pledge included a “shoulder thing that goes up”, i’d likely go for it. ;)

Hat tip: Connor


8 responses to “Assaulted: The Fight To Bear Arms – Trailer”

  1. Jesus these people are so stupid your trying to ban stuff and you have no idea what it is? What did some one tell you it was bad so you were like oh this sounds like a good bandwagon to jump on.

  2. liquidflorian Avatar

    CA needs help… I’ll definitely rattle that tip jar come pay day. Nobody seems to care what happens here. The GOP just give up/give in and the NRA probably is working on things here but they aren’t really good about letting CA gun owners know they’re doing so. CalGuns Foundation and the CRPA do what they can, but we need more help.

  3. Good video, best of luck to them.

  4. “you want to ban barrel shroud’s” “whats a barrel shroud” “i dont know lmao “

    1. Actually, the real laugh line comes when she takes a wild guess and says that she thinks it’s the “shoulder thing that goes up.”

  5. Kris Koenig, the guy behind this, is an award winning documentarian. Emmy/Oscar level.

    This isn’t some half assed bullshit, it’s deserving of a donation.

    Please circulate this kickstarter, guys.

  6. My only problem with this is that there is no guarantee that anything will actually be done, no accounting for how the money gets spent, etc. If the project meets its goal and is funded then the Producer can just take all of the money and run to the Bahamas. ok, rant done.

    This does look like a good idea, and i’ll probably kick in a few bucks when I have some spare change.

  7. Firefighter Avatar

    was at the local shooting range when they were interviewing Chris Cheng.
    best of luck with this project.