Vigilant Spectre Salivates Over CQB Scenarios

The defenders of the derp attempt to “educate” all of us once again:

I’m not buying the fact that new guy is actually as retarded as the rest of them are.  I’m pretty sure he’s an ATF mole, sent to take down Vigilant Spectre from the inside.  Operation “Spectre Sphincter”.

4:32 – “Quit bullying people you DERP dick”   hahaha they are using the words I use to describe them, on themselves!

I don’t care how many times these weapons were verified safe, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near these guys doing this kind of stuff.



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  1. James M&P Avatar

    Wow I learned absolutely nothing!

  2. Wow…. I feel dumber having watched this video. These guys are about as high-speed stupid as you can get. They have nice gear, but no sense. Just…. Stupid.

  3. Yeah these derps are really derpy enough that they trust themselves to inspect those weapons. Does anybody seriously believe they know how to tell if a chamber is clear or not? I sure as hell dont.

  4. If your dumb enough to turn a blind corner and let sumdood grab your rifle and NOT pull the trigger then you deserve to get beaten with your own rifle. “He can’t shoot me”. Bulls–t, he will make you eat it stock first. I’m far from an expert but I bet they covered that in Seal Team 6/Delta/retail protection school.

    1. I know right? Solution: Dont turn the corner blind. Step out to the side and slice the pie….fucking basic basic training.

    2. please, everyone knows grenades are for corners

  5. Ninjavitis Avatar

    These videos make me twitch every time I watch them. If the door is that tight, clear it with your pistol…

    1. You actually watch them? Find something better to occupy your time.

  6. thebronze Avatar

    “Oh, you’re teaching CQB holds?”

    “Please tell us about all the CQB firefights you’ve been in.”

  7. Fucking hell, that guy is painful to watch “presenting” his “classes”… Write a fucking script, stop saying the say thing 5 times over and loose the giggling internet nerd behind the camera for a start.

  8. I read an article from Viking Tactical a number of years ago that talked through a solution to the barrel-grab. Essentially, you initiate a tug-of-war, and the baddie will instinctively tug toward his body. You then fire until he lets go.

    One of my pet peeves is “trainers” teaching people that clearing their house is a viable option. If you consult a 7-8, you’ll find room clearance as a team level task, and house clearing a platoon task. Since I don’t have 38 other guys living with me, I will not be clearing my house by myself in the event I hear a noise and suspect a home invasion.

    1. If I’m clearing a house — it’s going to be my own, and I’ll be starting from the inside. Luckily I live alone, so that means anybody in it is a target. :-D

      1. Try it against a friend with an airsoft pistol some time. Even in your own house, I’d bet you lose more than you win. Even if you instruct them to pick a room and stand still, you’ll probably still get “shot” first. I think the best option is to hold the room you’re in and dial 911 while covering the door with your favorite shotgun.

        1. Yep. A clue, they do not have one.

        2. funny, i have tried this and i didnt do well.

    2. You reminded me of a favorite Clint Smith quote of mine (who am I kidding, they’re all my favorites!).

      “They say you can’t use a rifle or shotgun indoors because a bad guy will grab the barrel. Yeah? Well, he better hang on, ‘cause I’m gonna light him up and it’ll definitely be an “E” ticket ride.”

  9. Nobody taught these guys how to clear a house, not sure why I’d pay attention to their CQB tactics…

    And seriously, if you want to pretend you’re ex-Army Rangers… Be a wee bit more professional, these videos suck. Know what you want to say, stop saying “uh…” every other word, and tell your giggling buddies to STFU.

    1. I hope that wombat derp takes a round, and soon

      1. hnl.flyboy Avatar

        Good God, me too. Facepalm^9999

        1. I could very easily make that come to fruition….but im sure theyll accomplish it on their own.

  10. Diarrhea cha cha cha Avatar
    Diarrhea cha cha cha

    These guys are awesome. I wish I could go train with them and be all operator.

  11. I watched a bit of that before the clueless fools got to be too much. Obviously, chubs has zero training.

    But I had a ENDO style thought. Maybe these idiots could link up with Yeager and drink each other’s urine? Get it on film and watch the blood flow!

  12. As someone who works with SWAT at a tactical training facility, this video is stupid and wrong.

    1. hnl.flyboy Avatar

      As a Marine Corps MOUT Instructor, Combat Marksmanship Coach, and NRA Certified Instructor, this video is going to get good people killed.

  13. OK ENDO Mike, I’m on to you now. These are friends of yours who put this shit up so you have material for the site. I refuse to believe that these guys are really that retarded. Every time I watch their shit I’m tempted to switch sides and join the Brady campaign.

    1. Yeah, perhaps since we both designate such activity as derp or some variation thereof…we have more in commen with them than we think….scary thought.

    2. hnl.flyboy Avatar

      Tony, your paragraph made more sense than all their videos combined.

  14. These guys are hilarious.

  15. Live Fast Diarrhea Avatar
    Live Fast Diarrhea

    I like the “There is no possible way he can shoot me with my rifle” as the muzzle is pointed at his legs/groin. Yeesh!

  16. Loose control of your rifle? Can anybody say buttstroke to the head.
    These guys are nothing but PX warriors. It’s sad

  17. Don’t hide by the doorway unless you have a shotgun

  18. hnl.flyboy Avatar

    Derp’s fat helps keep his assailant from throwing him around!

  19. i left the two helpful comments if they take heed their nxt vid should be so derp-ish well maybe not lol

    1. The wombat faggot was apparently nice to you? If the faggot would just admit that hes a derp and get off the boonie hat derps channel Id respect him.

  20. This video is pants on head retarded (aren’t all their vids? yes). If I ever am on the opposite end of the rilfe, I would sure as hell not bring the barrel to my fucking chest or anywhere near me. Push that shit away and punch/stab/shoot the guy any way I can and as fast and violent as I can. I would not sit there and play around with him. Videos like this will get people fucking killed. Take the camo off, and go play cowadoody you derp fucktards.

  21. Here is their next new team member…

  22. I will never get that 6 minutes of my life back… And they didn’t even show the scissor sweep technique

  23. TheRealDave Avatar

    I can’t watch all six minutes. I might get stupider. However, their first 2 minutes are a waste of time. Do they make their “techniques” up or is there a source for their stupidity?

    1. Near as I can tell (before my gag reflex kicks in), it’s all made up. Just as Yeager invents stupid techniques to solve problems nobody has, these cretins (no offense to Greeks) got their “madd skillz” apparently by watching movies, video games and eating Ho-Hos.

  24. ManBeerOwl Avatar

    In my experience, I’ve had a broom lying across a floor put up a better fight and slow me down worse than any Haj trying to wrestle with me. That’s how I earned my nickname, “Trip.”

  25. -Room Clearing training in the woods? Is this video for Yogi the operating bear?
    -Entering with your weapon held sideways? Gotta be a mo-fuckin gangsta in the shit yo!
    -If all else fails, run the tango through with your muzzle? Wait till Hollywood hears about this!

    Pretty sure there are boy scouts with better tacical logic than these schmucks.

  26. Tactitards.

  27. Carlos s. Avatar

    I dont think you need to be Swat,delta,seals or a ranger to see these guys are a metric ton of stupidity. Hopefully survival of the fittest will start kicking in soon and we’ll hear that all these assclowns were found shot dead by their own hands while running one of their tacticool drills