Left Handed Weapon Manipulation

Buck Yeager probably checks wiener lengths with his right hand, so he needs to be proficient with the left when it comes to simultaneous weapon manipulation.   Oh yea and it’s a good idea to know what to do in case you get injured.

As much shit as I give this guy for putting photographers down range and being a egotistical dickhead, I really do like watching his videos.

*facepalm* at the rail mounted knife at 5:10.  I wonder if he will work using one of those into any of his courses? haha

Thoughts?  Do you guys practice weapon manipulation with both hands on a regular basis?


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  1. There was a course of fire at a local IDPA match last month that went with 6 shots with the gun in the right (or strong) hand, 6 shots your choice and 6 shots with the gun in the left (or weak) hand.

    The kicker was, you could shoot weak-handed with a support hand if you want.

    I’ve never done that: I practice weak-hand only when I run thru a Dot Torture Drill, but gun in the weak hand with the strong hand supporting seems… wrong.

    But I still need to practice it.

    Oh, and for REAL fun, look up some one hand-only reloading and malfunction drills. I can see the value in learning them, they just seem real awkward to use.

  2. At 1:24 he says not to use two fingers… At 4:42 he uses two fingers it seems.

  3. Just saying, that James Yeager Approved picture… I stumbled upon the origin of the photo… Her… His… Name is Buck Angel… Dear Lord… I don’t know what to think…

    1. I thought you were joking, guess “Buck” has been an in joke all along and I just wasn’t paying attention.


  4. Do you guys practice weapon manipulation with both hands on a regular basis?

    I’m sure there’s a that’s what she said or something in there

  5. I don’t go into as much detail, but I do practice with my weapons right handed and left handed. You never know what could happen….

  6. I’ve tried shooting with my weak hand a few times at the range, and, while I can see its theoretical usefulness, I don’t see it being useful to practice every single time.

  7. I would like to work it into training a bit more often. You never know. I’m looking into an FNP/FNX-9 as a new IDPA gun just because a lot of the old guys like to design weak-hand only stages.

  8. Can’t stand the guy, never want to click on his videos.

  9. Where did he get that training frame???

    Anyways, as a leftie, I usually shoot with my right hand I should actually be switching since I am left eye dominant.

    My condolences go out to my friend though, who is right handed, left eye dominant. What’s worse is that he was born with the inability to wink/close one eye and keep the other open.

  10. It’s actually a very good idea to practice with both hands. The mind seems to focus on a threat and the threat to most is the gun, not the person. I’ve seen a lot of hits on hands during force on force stuff. If you run bad guy targets with weapons under stress, you will see a lot of hits at or near the weapon the target guy is holding. Assuming the hit doesn’t destroy your firearm or you happen to have a back up I wouldn’t want to try to learn how to shoot off hand when it counts. Then again, if you have a proper shooting grip, you’re probably hosed anyway since it will hit both hands.

  11. FarmerJoe Avatar

    Like a broken clock that’s right twice a day, it’s a good idea to learn to manipulate a firearm with both hands. It’s painful to admit that Buck Angel is correct. But I still can’t bring myself to click the video link.

  12. knife mounted on a rifle, Has Buck ever heard of a bayonet?

  13. but that’s a rifle mounted on a knife, it’s different.