AR-15 Magazine Torture Test

See what happens when some AR-15 magazines from some of the top manufacturers are put through some shit.

Check out the tests and all the pictures over at

It constantly blows my mind when I see all the work people do for free.  Maybe that was fun for him though… I don’t know.

I’ve never had any mags catastrophically fail on me.  I guess that means I’m not operator enough. :(



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  1. Oh cool, he’s doing another round of tests. I would have missed that.

  2. Crunkleross Avatar

    Tried but just couldn’t get thru 16 pages of huge pics of the same mags with a few words here and there. After awhile just couldn’t give a shit.

    1. Agreed. I couldn’t keep going after I realized it was probably just to show off his camera and free time.

    2. elephantrider Avatar

      Would you have prefered sifting through 16 pages of words with a few tiny pics instead? :)

  3. Mike, while I’m kind of new to the AR platform (only been shooting them professionally and privately since 1976), I’ve found that the aluminum magazines fail in subtle ways compared to the plastic ones. This is not a good thing. Essentially, the feed lips either spread too much or develop hair line cracks. This reduces the tension on the cartridges and allows double feeds. So, if your blaster has a double feed malfunction, odds are it’s the magazine. If that magazine does it twice, take a hammer, pound the magazine flat and go buy a new one. Magazines are wear items, don’t marry them.

    1. Tell that to the Army. They hold onto mags like they’re made of gold and platinum. Even the new tan follower mags failed on me. Only the guys with Pmags weren’t bothered by mag failures. Of course, upon hearing that, the Army tried to ban non-G.I. mags (but with a quick retraction).

  4. He has a LOT of time invested in this little experiment of his! Has anyone reconsidered the choice in magazines they buy as a result of this test?

  5. I live with my mom and dad Avatar
    I live with my mom and dad

    I don’t always store my magazines, but when I do I only store them in a liquid carcinogen.

  6. Wow…an hour or two later, that was a great thread and testing..the end particularly! Go Lancer mags!

  7. He must have a lot of time on his hands… I wonder what he does for a living…

  8. Wow, that was a lot of work and interesting too. It also made me lose 2 hours of daylight when i was supposed to fix my muffler

  9. Cylinder Head Avatar
    Cylinder Head

    Great review if you had the time to read it. The PMag had to work through an early injury and that Lancer mag was straight tits.

  10. TheRealDave Avatar

    Never leave your magazines on a .50 caliber muzzle brake.

    1. The line I loved:

      Pmag. (Will get the rest when the rain washes it off the barn)

      I think I’ll go with Lancers. A little touch of of black paint will probably solve nay rust problems if they were to occur.