AR-15 Grip Comparison

Military times compares 21 AR-15 grips.  You’ll get to read their opinion, and see a nice side profile and rear profile of each grip as pictured above.

Thank god someone is willing to put in the work for that type of comparison.  Looks too much like work to me!

I thought I had my ear to the streets of AR-15 parts & accessories, but apparently not.  I had not heard of a number of the grips in the review!

What make/model of trigger are they runnin on the AR in the pics?  It’s got no curve at all to it! (yet another thing I apparently don’t know about haha)



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  1. Laingatang Avatar

    I think that might be a geissele trigger.

    1. Looks like it. It’s a really sweet trigger, too. My boyfriend has one, and I really like the flat shape of the blade.

  2. more like ghetto trigger

  3. NikonMikon Avatar

    Hey mike if you’re wondering, that part is called the “blade” of the trigger. That blade is indeed straight.

    1. Nearly everyone calls it the trigger. That nomenclature seems to be relevant for airguns.

      1. NikonMikon Avatar

        It’s called the blade buddy.

        You can do a simple google search and see this.

        Example here:

  4. Looks like some stuff that would come out of RECOIL Magazine. Can’t say I like every grip, but all the shots are nicely done.

  5. I personally use the ergo, good grip very comfortable.

  6. They took good pictures but their analysis for each gripper is weak.

  7. Orville eye Avatar
    Orville eye

    You don’t know much about anything

  8. The trigger is a Geissele Super Dynamic 3 Gun. I have it on the CHAOS carbine and i absolutely love it. I think the funniest part of this whole set up is that there are still grips they didnt cover. The AR market is almost overflowing with products.

  9. Alexander Avatar

    The lower is a Mega Arms billet lower. Pretty Gucci. It’s also the lower Legion Firearms uses and rebrands as their own (along with their monolithic rail system). And I suppose War Sport, now. And it has a Battle Arms Development safety selector. If there’s anything Stickman/GearScout do, it’s pay $90 for a safety selector switch and take pictures of themselves (along with about $3000 of other accessories that have nothing to do with the article).