Steal A Car And Fire A Pistol Out Of The Window In The Suburbs

Uh oh. Somebody didn’t stick to the G Code (as the background song suggests):

Police say a Vancouver, WA man currently in the Clark County Jail allegedly fired a 9-mm pistol out the driver’s side window of a stolen car and posted a video of the incident on YouTube.

Full Story – HERE

Hahahah what an idiot.  Keepin’ it real gangsta with that Hanna Montana blanket on his lap too.  Not even the shitty teardrops and other hard looking face tattoos can make up for that.  I consider the girl that’s with him in the car to be just as much of an idiot.

The song is Scarface (Geto Boys) – G Code … hot track if you’re not already familiar.

Enjoy jail Ronnie.  I’m sure you’ll get into some stuff in there that you can add to your already impressive shit head resume.


Hat tip: Krystian, Scott, Brandon


78 responses to “Steal A Car And Fire A Pistol Out Of The Window In The Suburbs”

  1. Speeding through a residential neighborhood, finger on the trigger the entire time…thank god no one got shot or ran over, especially a kid or something. People like this scare the hell out of me, they have absolutely no regard for human life. All for what? To act ‘hard’ in front of his drug-addicted girlfriend, who by the way, is just loving how ‘badass’ this punk is. It’s people like this who paint guns in an evil light, this little punk deserves to be in jail for a long time.

    1. Its people like this that require the rest of us to be armed

      1. ^This

  2. Never trust a kid, but never trust a kid who can’t grow a proper mustache. Like all criminals he didn’t buy his gun legally, he stole it (or the BATFE provides them) and luckily for everybody around here (yes it’s my neck of the woods) nobody got hurt, but its a good reminder to lock our guns up when we aren’t in control of them because there are idiots like this running around.

  3. A one man crime wave. He ripped off family. Stole the car. And then is dumb enough to put video on the internet.

    Maybe 18-24 months will teach him about real gangsta’s.

    1. Hard_Harry Avatar

      Hopefully in a Federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison.

      1. He looks young, I wonder if he is old enough to go to the big house?

        1. Oh he is well over the age. try 23

          1. No idea. It seems to me juveniles do stuff like this because they know the juvenile system is a joke.

            1. no, I went to school with him. for years upon years. he is infact 23. going to prison

              1. Good to know, thanks.

                1. Yep. np buddy.

  4. Kenny Blankenship Avatar
    Kenny Blankenship

    LOL airsoft G36 too

    1. +1

      1. +2

        1. +3

          1. +P

            1. +P+

    2. Yeah I laughed my ass off when he pulled out the airsoft. I bet he thought the XD was fake too till he popped it off. He called it a 45 but the report said it was a 9mm.

      1. shit he called it a glock 40 didnt he lmao

  5. DoubleTap Avatar

    Best ending could have only been he pulls the weapon on some who is armed and they dump a mag into him.

    1. I was hoping for the idiot to pop himself in his left leg/groin and find where Mr. Femoral Artery lives.

      It would save ammo in tough times like these.

  6. I was waiting (and hoping) the entire time for him to put a round through his arm.

    1. Ditto.

    2. me too!

  7. NoiseMekanik Avatar

    This happened 5 miles from my house. I’d be way more appalled if the sheer volume of idiocy wasn’t so goddamn hilarious. Seriously, who commits felonies and posts video evidence on youtube, haha? That kid should rob a bank and use the money to pay for billboard space to display photographs of himself robbing the bank.

  8. GoFightNguyen Avatar

    Chevy Cruze, the vehicle of choice for gangster drive bys and airsoft wielding hardcore MFers. That girl’s parents must be so proud.

  9. MikeyMike Avatar

    This G is so dope. I wish my mom would let me get tats like that.

    1. NikonMikon Avatar

      You’re so cool SA! I wonder why you never come around chat no more…

  10. I see nothing wrong in this video.

  11. I don’t think he called it a ‘.45’ I think he called it a ‘.40 Glock’. These are the guys who should make a 100ft bungee jump with 120ft of rope.

    1. MrMaigo Avatar

      I’m sure a 90ft rope would be fine. It would save 30ft, I’m sure the stuff isn’t cheap.

      1. Well, if you wrapped it ’round his neck, sure :D

        1. MrMaigo Avatar

          it’s bungee, he’s gonna hit the ground anyway

    2. Um… I don’t get the bungee jump thing. Do you want him to be hanging 880 feet from the ground for some reason? I assume you meant make a 120 ft bungee jump with 1000 ft of rope?

  12. But he was a good gangsta he was wearing his seatbelt. ( afraid of getting pulled over by the po po?)

    1. Exactly my thought!

  13. Too bad we cant sterilize folks like this when we arrest them to stop the disease from spreading

    1. We used to be able to in the twenties. Those were good times.

  14. Wow

  15. Save the planet kill your self. And people ask me why I carry a gun. Face palm.

  16. He’s clearly showing off for the girl, who should have told him he was an idiot and never gotten into the stolen car. These idiot girls are just as much to blame for some of this childish crap.

    1. Exactly. He’s too dumb to be a real criminal.

  17. I find it completely hilarious that this dude has probably 9 kids by 9 different women. Anyone ever see the movie “Idiocracy”?

    What a fucking retardo clown.

    1. DoubleTap Avatar

      BRAWNDO……..its got what plants crave!!!!

      1. House of Representin!!!

    2. Hard_Harry Avatar

      C’mon let’s get ya sworn in!!!!!!!

  18. Youtube is a godsend to LE. I can’t count how many stories I’ve seen on the news where idiot criminals basically provide their own evidence against them by posting videos of their crimes on the most popular, public video site on the planet.

  19. liquidflorian Avatar

    Wait… Doesn’t G-Code make holsters?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha yea there’s a holster company by the same name.

  20. DoubleTap Avatar

    Ever wonder what happens when sperm comes into contact with spermicide and it doesn’t die and makes it to the egg? You just watched the video that answers that question.

  21. I see that my prayers for at least one ND went unanswered :-(

  22. I bet those tattoos on his face are Sharpie Brand.

  23. I think I know who’s gonna be on a new World’s Dumbest soon

  24. AftermathGunClub Avatar

    When will people learn…to rotate the cell phone for video so it comes out widescreen?

    1. that is the most disgusting part of this whole story.

  25. Mislead Youth.

  26. FarmerJoe Avatar

    Stupidity on that level should be very very painful. Hope his Saturday Night dance card is full.

  27. The internets have taught me how to identify a weapon held by a law abiding citizen and i will now share that knowledge with you. Goodguys have holsters BGs dont. Remember to keep your holsters locked up people.

  28. Critter Avatar

    what’s up with that blanket?

  29. i had to let you know about this one. foolish damn foolish and stupid as fucki

  30. I love the end when the girl is like, “Where is my Phone?” and the guy is like I dunno and I dont care- get out! lol Doesnt he know that the cops are gonna find her phone in the stolen car and trace it back to him.

  31. elephantrider Avatar

    Wiggers gonna wig!

    1. Hard_Harry Avatar

      Yet another racially confused couple live out their thug fantasies. I think there needs to be a “Final Solution” to the waste of space white trash problem. They just make everyone look bad, black and white alike.

      1. Vote for me and i will put you in charge of my ‘recycling program’

      2. dohfugwimee Avatar

        Racially confused… like sad

  32. The Juno Avatar

    I hope I speak for the whole of my home state when I say, “I’m totally ashamed of this dude, but that’s pretty funny.”


  34. His pubic hair ‘stache and beard are the shit though.

    I rocked that style when i was twelve. Good times.

  35. He looking odd. Looks like he gots the shits or something…
    Sooo badass ! LMFAO

  36. NikonMikon Avatar

    I fucking love Scarface, this kid is a goddamn retard. Face would probably smack this kid right in his cock holster flaps.

    I hope he does something stupid in jail and gets stuck there.

  37. Does he say he is “going to the next crime now” at 3:42?

  38. I was really hoping for an ND into his left arm.

    1. Hard_Harry Avatar

      I kept saying through the entire video, “right here, he’s gonna crank one into his leg or knee” but unfortunately it didn’t happen. =-(

  39. dohfugwimee Avatar

    Hope his new boyfriend likes his music…
    Cuz he gonna sing in jail..

  40. proud high point user Avatar
    proud high point user

    i kept praying for him to crash should i feel bad

    1. You should never feel bad when the shallow end of the cleans itself up. ;-)

  41. OMG…I was hoping he’d TC. But I was definitely waiting for the dirtbag to have an AD…right into his groin. Or to his gf’

    I wish I could just get 3 minutes with this deuche in an interrogation suite. God…I wish!!!!! Life ain’t fair…