XBOX360 And PS3 Kydex Controller Holsters

For taking it with you when your mom tells you the snacks are ready:

What’s worse then hitting pause, setting your controller down and having someone mess up what you had going?  Nothing.

For sale over at G-Code holsters for only $15.95.

If you want to keep it retro at the same time you can strap the Nintendo Zapper Gun Kydex Holster to your opposite hip.  Note that I am not responsible when girls decide to throw themselves at you, if you decide to go this route.



8 responses to “XBOX360 And PS3 Kydex Controller Holsters”

  1. Awesome! Now I can finally do el Presidente drills in Call of Duty!

  2. MrMaigo Avatar

    Love it, no more leaving the controller in the fridge when I need another beer.

  3. I would make a comment about doing speed draws and tactical battery reloads, but I don’t have to.

    Representing the gaming PC master race here

  4. Just make sure you’re in an OC state. What condition is he carrying? 0 or 1? I can see it’s loaded, buy can’t tell if he’s paused.

  5. DoubleTap Avatar

    Running joke at work is if we could only find a way to attach a controller to a pistol the gamers at work could qualify with a better score.

  6. Braden Lynch Avatar
    Braden Lynch

    OC is crazy! You guarantee that you will be the first one mocked by non-nerds and teen age girls, so that is why I always carry my controller IWB. It’s not as comfortable, but I do not upset children, who see it and want to play some.

    Remember to use a good holster so that you don’t lose any progress in your game by accidentally (or is that, negligently) restarting it, which is embarrassing.

  7. Fucking sweet! I would never buy it, but i’m glad they have it at a reasonable price point!

  8. sure thats great and all but what do you do with the headset plugged in?