WWII In First Person

Freddiew gives it a shot:

Pretty decent job, but their videos are definitely becoming more and more pointless.

I wonder if they are doing a lot of paid work now, and don’t have much time for these free YouTube vids that got them to where they are today?


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  1. There seems to be a pattern on YouTube, where the monetization attempts signal the creativity drying up. Kind of an inverse relationship between mental energy spent on creating and mental energy spent on making a dollar.

  2. Freddie has a YouTube partnership, so every video he produces that have ads enabled in or around the video he gets paid for.

  3. Baseplate Avatar

    3 guys kill 10 or so that also have a tank and some other type of armored machine. RIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT

    1. This is the part that worries me that kids seeing this, and acting it out in games, makes them underestimate how lethal these encounters really are.

  4. First person cam looks horrible for cinema. I couldn’t imagine sitting through a 2 hr movie that’s shot completely like that.

  5. Pure shill now – this was work using ‘Saints and Soldiers’ props!
    Glad Freddie made it and can not work for his supper – shame we miss out on great Y’tube videos.

  6. So, I’m glad I watched that… NOT. His videos are simply getting worse.

  7. lucusloc Avatar

    yeah, but that’s the way its supposed to work. you take a risk making free stuff, trying to squeak by till someone with money decides to pay you to make stuff for them. if that happens now you have a job with “measurable deliverables” and deadlines that makes it hard to find time to produce any more free stuff. if you find yourself low on time the production of free stuff is the first thing to get the axe. the stuff you make for someone else also has a tendency to be nowhere near as fun and crazy, even if it is technically just as complicated, and probably is not free to your fans to boot.

    its time we face it, freddie made it, and i’m happy for him. we as fans need to face the facts that this means the quality of his free work is going to suffer. if we still want free entertainment we’re going to have to look elsewhere. its time for us to move on and find some new talent to recognize, make popular, get noticed and help get a better job. and when that new fount of excitement inevitably runs dry, well, lather rinse repeat.

  8. spencer Avatar

    Way to flag your buddy at 48 seconds. A$S4o123! Then again I have no idea how seriously they took that stuff in the 1940’s.

    If one of my soldiers did that I’d slap him upside the helmet.

  9. Patrick F. Avatar
    Patrick F.

    Actually, this video was by Devinsupertramp, another Youtber, and Freddie and Brandon just made a cameo appearance in it. I do think it’s not the best video they’ve been in, but they weren’t the creative lead behind it. Devin makes his own great videos, but this isn’t one of his best.

    If you want to see what freddiew have been up to, look up Video Game High School. For a web series, it’s pretty good and funny if you’re into that humor. Plus, lots of jokes on first person shooter games and action scenes. And cute girl with gun. Not bad for a webseries made by two guys on Youtube.

    1. Patrick F. Avatar
      Patrick F.

      For some reason, I thought the video was linked to FreddieW and the Last Crusade, a different youtube video shot in the same location with the same people and resources headed by Devinsupertramp. My apologies.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I really tried to like VGHS… watched 4 episodes but couldn’t take it anymore :/