Beretta Goes Full Redneck Roadtrip

Classy stuff:

I want the truck with the virtual range.  

I bet they have to be careful where they park those things.  They wouldn’t want to be staying at some Days Inn in the hood, only to come outside in the morning to find all the guns missing, and the trucks up on blocks.

If I ever see them, i’m going to troll hardcore and repeadly ask them if I can see the revolver shotgun that they make.


Hat tip: Arthur


6 responses to “Beretta Goes Full Redneck Roadtrip”

  1. Hahaha, she looks so bored and confused whenever the guy’s talking.

  2. Bryan S. Avatar

    I see they’ve changed that range a bit. When i used it a few years ago, the CO2 was housed in individual shell casings, and they ejected each shot. Felt lighter than the real thing, but made you think about it a bit more than say, airsoft.

  3. This is Beretta’s cutting edge setup? Looks like the DPMS or DeWalt truck. I can’t believe they spent time describing the cab. Maybe they should spend more time making the 92/96 series more robust.

  4. Hey if it’s supporting gun ownership and the second amendment and getting people interested in guns / hunting / defense / ownership I’m happy – with all there retards shooting shit up we really need a ton of pro gun support for our rights while these fuck twit moron political types try to pry our rights from us because THE GUNS KILL PEOPLE HURR.

  5. That CO2 gun is pretty BA!

  6. This is a horrible video.