007 Skyfall Trailer

Wow… this is going to be even better than I initially thought:

Looks like some interesting looking firearms in the movie as well.

That hipster is an interesting choice for Q… I’m surprised he issued a Walther PPK/s considering how mainstream that is.  I did love how he referred to the .380 ACP caliber as “9mm short” though (an alternate lesser known name)… that was SO hipster it made my day.  I hope that in the movie he moonlights as the triangle player for an indie rock band named the “OH OH Sevens”.

Release date: November 9, 2012.  What a tease…


Hat tip: Raeshawn


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  1. The original Bond was written using a 32ACP in I believe the PPK… not the PPK/S. Curious why they’re switching it up now. Maybe Bond is getting a bit too American now.

    1. They’re not – the weapon shown is a PPK, despite the dialogue to the contrary. They probably felt the line needed that extra syllable for emphasis – or the script called for it but the armourers supplied the more common (outside the US) PPK instead.

    2. Back in the day, the .32 ACP/7.65 Browning was a very popular pistol caliber. Just look how many guns were made in it, the CZ 70, Beretta 70, Baby Browning, Walther PP/PPK, (Beretta) Roma 90, etc. So many people carried the .32 back in the day, it’s my thory that Nazi Germany invaded Belgum just to get a hold of FN handguns.

      Now, it’s an underpowered pipsqueak cartridge with hard to find ammo (compared to the 380, the new king of pocket pistol ammo). And just remember, before the PPK, Bonc carried a Beretta .25 ACP.

  2. They definitely did a reboot of the series. It seems more realistic, and a little grimmer than the original series. But I like it.

  3. I think Craig is a big puss-cake. When he was riding a Royal Marine high-speed boat on the Thames – I believe – he was wearing a very obvious life jacket to an interview. He said something about how “scary” it was for him. Bond is just a tool.

  4. Actually, 9mm short is pretty common name for .380ACP in Europe

  5. I’ve always liked the darker sides of Bond. Up until Daniel Craigs efforts, Licence To Kill was my absolute favourite. Now it’s getting some competition :D

  6. Quint Young Avatar
    Quint Young

    Hmmm, Jhon Cleese’s Q used to be my favorite character. Not really liking the dude they’ve got now.

    Also, why would they give him a PPK/s after already having let him used a P99 before. Thats a step in reverse; it’s less powerful, older, has a history of being less reliable and in general is not as good of a gun.

  7. Farmer Bob Avatar
    Farmer Bob

    Eh, I’m not really a fan of Craig’s Bond. But I’ll probably go see it anyway.

  8. Bond needs a .45

  9. paul kimble Avatar
    paul kimble

    im surprised new bond daniel craig doesnt carry a PPK chambered in .50 AE

  10. I preferred the switch to the P99, made perfect sense, as I always considered the PPK as the best carry gun my Grandfather may have owned.

    If they want a smaller gun, why not the PPS. I don’t really like them, but they’re kinda cool guns for Bond to Rock.

    Of course if I had my say he’d be rocking a Kahr. Oh and in the 80s John Gardner had Bond rocking an ASP 9mm, which is a super hip Spy gun!

    1. I think of the Kahr as a perfect gun for bond as well

  11. Tim Ellwood Avatar
    Tim Ellwood

    The fact that he has a politically correct “biometric pistol” pisses me off, now we will go thru that debate again when everyone that see’s this movie and knows squat about why it’s a terrible idea will be clamoring for some to build them.
    Other than that it looks good, but I think they have done the “fighting on top a train and a bridge looms ahead” in another movie.
    Love the ASP, I bought one because of the Gardner book.

    1. The biometric pistol will become a plot device at some point. Otherwise why even put it in there? ANYTHING Q gives 007 will no doubt be used at some point in the movie.

      1. Quint Young Avatar
        Quint Young

        And I’m sure it will be when a bad guy tries to use it against him and cant, which will drum up support for biometrics.

        I’ll be VERY surprised if an ally is screwed by it instead (which is probably what would happen in real life).

    2. I agree, should have just switched to the PPS if they’re going to change caliber and add stupid technological ideas from 90’s era Brady Campaign.

  12. John Smith Avatar
    John Smith

    Wait until his duracell dies in the middle of a firefight… how is he going to shoot anyone then?

  13. FINALLY A TRAILER THAT MAKES THIS LOOK GOOD! I was going to see it anyways, but all of the other trailers make it look kinda bad.

  14. The gun that Bond uses has nothing to do with tactics, it’s fiction, enjoy it….

    The reason they switched back to the PPK was to pay homage to the original books and movies. It’s Bonds traditional weapon.

  15. Peter in DC Avatar
    Peter in DC

    1. Well I guess that the P99 got fired.
    2. In Europe the .380ACP is commonly called 9mm short, or for those fancy-pasy types, 9 Kurz.
    3. The Bersa Thunder shoots way better than the PPK.

  16. Stan Winston Avatar
    Stan Winston

    I have never watched a Craig Bond and never will. Before the first one came out, he stated that he “was afraid of guns” and didnt think common citizens should own them. FN Hippocrit.

    1. 45CALifornia Avatar

      welcome to most of hollywood and europeans. you must not watch any movies.

  17. Oh 9mm kurz, you’ve probably never heard of it.