How The Chinese Army Deals With Wasps

They nuke their nests with flamethrowers of course:

Why not right?  Any opportunity to use a flamethrower is a good one in my opinion.

I wouldn’t have been the guy steadying the barrel though… probably safe enough, but that doesn’t sit well with me.


Hat tip: Kyle


13 responses to “How The Chinese Army Deals With Wasps”

  1. I was doing some focus shooting during my last range trip and I shot one that landed on my target. :)


    That one guy acting as the bipod… his back must be roasting after that.

  3. Nice PR stunt.

  4. If it deserves to be killed, it deserves to be killed with fire.

  5. BBJones Avatar

    Chinese are so behind us weapons and tactics wise. That job clearly called for an Apache.

  6. Peter in DC Avatar
    Peter in DC

    The Tampa Fire Dept has done the same thing before – I once saw it on a nest of about 1 million yellowjackets.

  7. Quint Young Avatar
    Quint Young

    Have I mentioned that this is considered a legitimate agriculture use in the U.S, therefore flamthrowers are an agriculture tool and have NO restrictions or registration. They are legal for ANYONE to own or build.

  8. Obsolete. Swarms are jobs for UAV’s. :P

  9. Why use a flame-thrower? To get rid of WASPS, just de-gentrify their neighborhoods…

  10. damn, as big as that nest was i don’t think it was wasps, musta been buggers! someone find Ender, they’re invading!

  11. “Any opportunity to use a flamethrower is a good one in my opinion.”

    And that flamethrower was awesome!

  12. looks like a pretty sweet unit though, wonder what happens if no one holds the barrel up? haha

  13. If it was a nest of the Giant Asian Hornet, then a flame thrower is almost underkill.