George Zimmerman Talks To Hannity

Not really sure what the point of this was, and why his lawyer thought it was a good idea:

I’m assuming Zimmerman got paid a large sum of money for it.  I wonder how much…

More about the video – HERE Notice the url is … lol wtf is that?  I feel left out that I can’t visit a white FOX subdomain for news that is supposed to interest me such as what Justin Bieber is up to, and the spot price of Lobster and Platinum.


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12 responses to “George Zimmerman Talks To Hannity”

  1. I think that they are still trying to convince the public that he’s not some cholo out to ice some n****rs on his nightly stroll through the neighborhood. He seemed pretty normal to me, which was the point I think. Although I have to wonder about the choice of Hannity, not exactly mainstream.

    If everything happened the way that he says it happened I hope that he gets off. If not, I hope that the truth comes to light. So far it seems like the evidence is in his favor.

  2. Sir Stunna Lot Avatar
    Sir Stunna Lot

    Simple… he’s trying to do all he can to show the “public” what really happen instead of waiting till the end of the trial. He knows that he image was tainted from the get-go and hes doing whatever he can to salvage what left asap

  3. Yeah, this would be REALLY stupid in your AVERAGE Self Defense shooting case where charges were filed against the alleged defender. Shut up, lawyer up, and save your stories and accounts for the judge.

    But this isn’t one of those cases. Martin’s folks are talking to everybody who will listen. Lots of political groups are spreading lies and weaving tenuous webs of racism, and impropriety against Zimmerman.

    He’s being crucified in public and the jury pool is being horribly polluted. I think his best bet is to pollute back.

    Don’t know if it will work because this case is just so unique in so many ways, but I think the standard “Smart” approach might be VERY risky now.

    1. DaveP. Avatar

      Especially since the prosecutor and the judge himself are out there trying to poison the jury pool.

  4. It’s clearly stated that there was NO recompense given for the interview. If nothing else, at least now I’ve heard both sides.

  5. Tomtheinfidel Avatar

    From what I understand back when Zimmerman was in hiding before he went to jail on second bond Hannity was one of he only media not jumping to conclusions on what happened and he was trying to give zimmermans side since no one else was and Zimmerman called Hannity and had a secret (at the time) conversation. Hannity later revealed this is what their conversation was about…that Zimmerman would give his first interview to Hannity since he was trying to get his side of story out.

  6. Well, that really clears up a lot. If indeed he is telling the full truth as he knows it, then SHAME ON the media and all these other groups for attacking him as they did. I’ve heard there was a brutal beating of a white man and that the mob was black-American and they said it was “for Treyvon” as they were walking away.
    Either way, why are black-Americans even called a “minority”? Hannity even said it and I felt that was a bit “ignorant”. There are a ton of black-Americans, Mexican-Americans, etc.
    Anyways, if this is %100 true, he needs to be acquitted. It was wrong place wrong time, wrong decisions that led to a bad situation. “Shit happens”.

  7. Peter in DC Avatar
    Peter in DC

    George, you should’ve stayed in the truck you dumb, small, petty thug, with an ugly ass fat wife. Say hello to 7-to-15 in the Florida incarceration system.

    1. Hey Peter, I found this for you
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  8. Jwhite Avatar

    “I wanted to go to target”
    Well… I guess you found at least one… *Ba-Dum-Cha* Too soon?

  9. B_gerk Avatar

    sentence him and throw him in gen pop he wouldnt last a week and while at it toss sandusky in there with him

    1. DoubleTap Avatar

      Killers / Murderers are the top of the food chain in prison Zimmerman is not gonna have any problems, ohhh wait hes NOT gonna be convicted . Now the Jerry “Tickle Monster” Sandusky hes screwed the two lowest on the food chain are child molesters and snitches or people who have cooperated with authorities, and I see far more molesters walking yards than “snitches”.