Sanuk Trolls Us With Dumb Looking Shoes And Gun Related Ignorance

Trolling? Or are they just stupid?  It’s getting harder and harder for me to tell:

I don’t know what’s worse… the fact those revolvers shot the whole cartridge, or that they are trying to hawk those ridiculous looking shoes.


Hat tip: Patrick, Jay


15 responses to “Sanuk Trolls Us With Dumb Looking Shoes And Gun Related Ignorance”

  1. dave w Avatar

    i feel like i just watched Homer Simpsons 2nd Mr Plow commercial.

    1. BrowningBottoms Avatar

      LOL. Thanks for that.

  2. TomThumb Avatar

    idk whats worse, those shoes or the UGG boots?

  3. m-cameron Avatar

    must be the new Aperature revolvers……shoot the whole bullet……65% more bullet per bullet…..

  4. What’s REALLY impressive is how a cap-and-ball revolver can shoot a brass cartridge!

    Also without dimpling the primer! So you can reuse them! Man and I thought reloading would save me on ammo!

    1. damn, I want one of those guns! And a bullet trap! Never have to buy ammo again!

  5. Give them SOME credit.

    At least they stuck it in their mouths in the right direction.

    Damn. Them’s some FUGLY shoes…sandals…crappiles…

  6. They will be so happy someone is talking about the!

  7. I hope this isn’t a real commercial!

  8. Gviken Avatar

    They aren’t shoes they are sandals! I have had a pair for a few years and they are great. Commercial was lame though.

  9. Michael Avatar


  10. I’m just wondering how I become bullet proof with a freakin pair of sandals?

  11. Looks like a commerical that Seth “they sell machine guns at Wal-Mart” Hendrix would like.

  12. Best bullet catch right here,

  13. nick schmidt Avatar
    nick schmidt

    What a bunch of dumb asses ….