The Walking Dead – Season 3 Trailer

Looks like they found a prison to live in.  Probably a good choice because it won’t be as easy for walkers to get in.  It will be interesting to see how they solve the food issue though.

I see Carl is rocking the suppressed semi-auto at 3:30… good idea.  Oh shit… Woodbury?  Looks good there.

Looks like a good season.  Thoughts?


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  1. the prison should have plenty of can foods in it, and if the story will be similar to the graphic novel. herschel should be growing vegetables on the prison grounds.

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    INSTANT AWESOME! I love the differences between this and the comic series. Makes for watching it all that more interesting. Complainers gunna complain that its different, but I welcome it.

  4. Oh snap..Maglite suppressor @ 1:30!

  5. The writers must have read the Zombie Survival Guide recently. It recommends prisons as an ideal place to hole up. Relatively well fortified and have everything they need to be more or less self-sufficient.

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    Im done watching this show, i downloaded the comics to see what was going to happen and that was good enough. All of the characters suck, and dear god series 2 was so freaking slow. I mean holed up at the only farm in Georgia. They could have easily made it 3 episodes shorter and kept it interesting.

    1. I agree…. the series had amazing drive and momentum, and pretty much lost it at the Farm. I guess the show… (takes glasses off) bought the farm…

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  7. I always wondered: Why not dig a trench around the encampment that slopes down and cliff face up. They can’t climb. The other thing is get a house boat on a lake. Sleep safe and trave inland for supplies during daylight. Sniping from the house boat would provide hours of fun… LOL

    Kind of a good show though.

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    Steve P.

    Jesus, Endo just read the series already. It’s worth the time.

  9. MERL!

  10. If they are using more of that for the soundtrack, I’m in just for that. Damn.