Sons Of Derp Responds To Reality TV Gun Shows Suck

This is a follow up video to Reality TV Gun Shows Suck:

No Unsafe gun handling while he was on set hey?  Exhibit A:

That’s just a video I had at hand… i’m sure I could drag up dozens more if I wanted to waste any more of my time thinking about that show.

Don’t even give me that bullshit about how blanks are 100% safe.  Whether or not that whole shot was staged, and no one was actually in front of the muzzle when the blanks were shot off is irrelevant because they made it APPEAR as though it wasn’t staged. I have so little use for that show.

Hahha Chaos.. the “Declaration of Shenanigans” was a nice touch. Keep up the good work buddy.



20 responses to “Sons Of Derp Responds To Reality TV Gun Shows Suck”

  1. I’ma just say…Brandon Lee died because people thought blanks were 100% safe.

  2. Jon-Erik Hexum would tend to disagree that blanks are 100% safe as well.

  3. Well someone beat me to the punch, but yea ask the dude who died on the set of The Crow how safe blanks are.

  4. Reality television does suck.

    Sons of Guns just sucks harder.

    As for “no unsafe gun handling”, I was not on set, so I cannot say what actually transpired; however, the way it was portrayed on television very clearly showed countless instances of remarkably unsafe gun handling, and how it was portrayed on television is all we mere peons have to go off of (and all some people will learn from).

    Of course, it was not the shitty gun handling that convinced me to finally give up on the show…

  5. It’s funny, I didn’t think first about how dangerous blanks can be, I thought about one gunsmith working with a sharp tool, being surprised, slip, cut his artery/thumb/eye/whatever was sticking in the way of any electrical/cutting tool besides.

    But yes, also blanks may not be 100% safe. And it’s damn loud in a closed environment.

  6. Knuckleheads. Discovery Channel apparently condones idiocy. Imagine if one of the guys was working on a lathe or other type of machinery and hurt themselves during this stunt. Yea, “The boys would have gotten a real kick out that.” All fun and games until someone gets hurt.

  7. Martin Avatar

    He also fired a Harpoon arrow from a 20ga shotgun indoors. Unsafe my ass, that thing could have killed someone.

  8. they toss safety out of the window because they are “professionals” on the show and give a disclaimer…DERP

  9. I think it’s sadly hilarious how the editors put that show together. Holy crap do they do a good job at making everyone there look like the most idiotic group of people around firearms. When i saw the message from Vince, my first thought was “oh jeez here we go” and I was fully expecting a verbal bashing. Twas not the case. I’m not defending the idiocy in any way, I’m just relaying what was told to me by someone involved.

    As far as that clip goes, notice that they never show the gun and the two guys in the same scene. I’m willing to bet that they weren’t in the room when it was fired off. Regardless, it still looks like he fired a bunch of blanks at his employees and that is flat out retarded. It makes people believe that this is how “responsible” gun owners act.

    1. Quint Young Avatar
      Quint Young

      I truly believe that this show is meant to demonize us gun owners.
      It portrays us as idiots.

  10. More like eeeeeeeevil Shenanigans.

    I’m gonna pistol whip the next guy who says “Shenanigans.”

    1. “Hey Farva, whats the name of the place you like with the mozzarella sticks and all the goofy stuff on the walls? … SHENANIGANS?? … OOOOOOOOO!!! *hands cheif the pistol*”

      1. Mozzarella sticks washed down with a Leeteracola.

        1. Leedera Cola? Do we sell Leedera Cola?

          Do you wanna dimpisize it for only a quarter more?


  11. matt RRC Avatar
    matt RRC

    The show is entertaining. Id rather watch SOG instead of 60 minutes of boring malfunction clearance drills.

  12. Point of order. Shenanigans cannot be declared, it must be called.

    1. too late. we already declared them.

  13. BrowningBottoms Avatar

    Chronic drug users and guns don’t mix.

  14. I seem to recall an episode where they fired a pyrotechnic 40mm round just outside their shop with buildings, cars, and people down range.