Gun Brandished During Live Political Jordanian TV debate

Shit got real in Jordan:

hahah can you imagine if that happened in the US?  I wonder if there will be any consequences there?

I’m just glad no one hugged a police officer, because that clip could have ended a lot worse.


Hat tip: Willy B.


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  1. Willy B. Avatar
    Willy B.

    What gets me is that the unarmed guy keeps arguing and going for the fight :p
    I especially like the way the moderator still tries to keep them from fighting instead of making a run for it after the gun comes out. :D
    That would not have been me. I’d be gone, the faint smell of fear hanging in the path I made for the door :p

    1. BrowningBottoms Avatar

      Probably staged. Intelligent people don’t bring fists to a gunfight.

  2. I was just in Jordan in 2010, for a vacation to see petra and stuff..
    I was walking around the capital city of Amman, found a few gun stores.
    I walked in and looked around, and asked the price of a few pistols/shotguns.

    He said, “if you buy now I give you a good discount.”
    Then I said, “I can just pay in cash and walk out with a shotgun right now?”
    he replied “yes.. you have money now, you can have gun now”

    I was like, dafuq? anyone can get a firearm that easily? (well I hope he was just joking)

    1. Bob Barker Avatar
      Bob Barker

      Indiana is about the same. As far as the state is concerned it’s cash and carry, long arms and hand guns both. If it weren’t for the Federal check there’d be no paperwork at all.

      1. Dilhack Avatar

        Does that matter? Ohio you get a background check and then get the gun – takes a 2 minute phone call. If it were any more than that I would feel like my rights were being violated. I’m fine with a bg check though if it keeps the guns in the right hand.

  3. BrowningBottoms Avatar

    What did he throw? Looked like a shoe.

    1. Yeah, outside of the US, a lot of the world’s politicians get into debates, and end up throwing shoes…. Jordan, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, you name it, there’s actually a wiki page on it =P

    2. Bob – I believe that was a Deagle tactical shoe, not just a run of the mill cheap, sweaty, used dress shoe and everyone knows a tactical show is only brandished when someone is going to start some serious shit

  4. Yeah, it was his own shoe he threw at the other guy. You know in many Eastern countries, in addition to the hope of hurting someone, throwing a shoe at him is like a very serious insult. You Americans should know that :-), G.W. “43” Bush almost got hit by one once…

    1. Sailor 465 Avatar
      Sailor 465

      I believe, if you recall, that Bush dodged that shoe… both of them. haha So I guess you could say that his insult wasn’t grounded.

      1. BrowningBottoms Avatar

        Bush still had some moves didn’t he? The idiot that tried to throw a shoe at Bush was praised by Moose Limbs the world over.

        1. He dodged the shoe indeed! That’s why I said “almost”. It seems that, on average, very few shoes reach their target… Those guys are really bad at throwing projectiles…

  5. hydepark Avatar

    Sounds like the guy will be charged with attempted murder, but I am not familiar with the corruption level in the Jordanian judicial system. If it’s anything like the level of corruption in ours, he’ll either walk away with a steep fine or never see the light of day again.

    Good find, Mike.

  6. fxhummel1 Avatar

    wonder why the sound cuts out as soon as ‘shit gets real?’

    1. Dilhack Avatar

      I dunno…I wish it were in English. Otherwise, I just like to think that the unarmed guy was talking about Ahmadinejad being bi-curious or something.

    2. NikonMikon Avatar

      probably obscenities? or perhaps the producers were like ‘oh fuck someone is about to get shot on live tv, cut audio but keep video’ as a way of making it less gruesome? sounds kinda inverted I know but… people panic in situations like that.

  7. Nathan Avatar

    According to GunPolicy Center, Jordanian law requires both registration of all firearms and “unique” identifying marks on each gun. I have no idea what that means, but it certainly didn’t stop this dude. The impression I get is that there must be a sizable black market for guns in Jordan, but, aside from shoes, I can’t seem to find any reliable data on Jordanian civilian armament. Anybody identify what kind of gun it was? Pocketlite revolver, maybe?

    1. Pakistani special maybe?

  8. First line of defense: the shoe!

  9. Damn. The ‘huge’ sentence got me! Had to comment to just to give you props for your posts. Stay golden.

  10. *HUG, god I can’t type.

  11. Oh shit is the only thing that comes to mind…