Adorable Amanda Furrer Talks Olympics And Smallbore Rifle Shooting

Chick lean?  Or proper small bore rifle shooting stance?  Either way this girl is relevant to my interests.

This is probably a stupid question, but will she be shooting a laser gun at the Olympics?

I know the point of those rifles is accuracy, but they look extremely nerdy.  I wonder what she could do with a larger caliber rifle?


Hat tip: Brent P.


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  1. Timboslice Avatar

    “Equipped with her .22 caliber AIR RIFLE”?

    Then shows her pulling cartridges from a .22LR box?

    1. JonMac Avatar

      Yes, that was particularly retarded.

      1. Dom P. Avatar


  2. soless Avatar

    Proper stance believe it or not. And definitely not .22 cal air rifle rounds!

  3. NikonMikon Avatar

    Yeah that’s the proper stance, kinda odd.

  4. I wonder how she would do as a sniper. Probably head shots at 1500 yards would be common.

  5. Kevin Avatar

    She is in one of the acceptable stances for the 3 position smallbore or high-powered competitive shooting disciplines. The goal is to have bone to bone contact from the hand to the ground, thus you thrust the hip out towards the target and plant your elbow on it. This allows you to rest the rifle with no tendon or muscle tension on you hand as each bone supports the weight.

    As for how she would do at high power (.223 or larger) shooting? She would most like shoot circles around most folks if she did not have any wind call training. The junior rifle teams that start their kids out on air rifle and then move them to smallbore followed by highpower or f-class/Palma shooting often do great as they have the fundamentals down. However they often need versions on calling the wind and doping the elevation changes before they are competitive, but they will hit much more consistently than most of us.

  6. Cameron Avatar

    >This is probably a stupid question, but will she be shooting a laser gun at the Olympics?

    Yep. Thems be the rules. I dunno if it was reported here, but a Canadian athlete was involved in a shooting sport, hers involved a pistol though. Pentathlon I think. Anyways, she was prepped to go, had her target pistol all good and ready, and then the Olympics Committee decided no, she had to fork out 2900 bucks or so on a laser pistol. She didn’t have the dosh kicking around for it, so she had to start a fundraiser just to get the money to get the gun. She succeeded, surprisingly enough.

    1. I have the same question.. will she be competing in the London 2012 Olympics shooting a laser gun ?? *one of the stupidest idea ever..*

      1. The pentathlon competitions will be held with laser guns. The standalone shooting will be regular afaik.

  7. Geoff Avatar

    No laser guns in the Shooting competitions. Just 22 and Air Guns, and shotguns.

  8. Lasers for pistol disciplines from what I was told.

  9. Lasers WERE being considered for the Modern Pentathlon only but now they’re dropped in favour of returning to air pistols as before:

    And as for her skills with other weapons, remember that Gabby from this season’s Top Shot was an Olympic rifle shooter, and she did quite well. I’d imagine Amanda’s breath and trigger control would wipe the floor with all of us put together.

  10. The Juno Avatar
    The Juno

    Got to run a Spokesman-Review story on her recently. She’s pretty cool.

  11. My high school was only good at one sport… Rifle. Our best shooter was a tiny little chick. We had a shooting range in the basement of our school. Kinda badass when you think about it.

  12. Theblackknight Avatar

    I used to shoot smallbore as a kid. Chicks with hips have it easier.

  13. Geoff Avatar

    Here is the website for the USA Shooting team [url]

  14. Croppedxout Avatar


  15. Croppedxout Avatar

    As far as the “proper shooting stance”… The proper shooting stance is the one that effectively and consistently puts rounds on target. I feel like sometimes people put themselves in a box when it comes to how they shoot in order to LOOK like they know what they are doing. Certain stances and techniques (Thumb over bore etc.) works great for some people, terrible for others.

  16. JonMac Avatar

    Can we PLEASE get a clue regarding the laser gun ‘meme’? They are NOT using them – I thought it was just Modern Pentathlon – in fact it’s NONE of the shooting disciplines.

    Get it?

  17. Amanda F Avatar
    Amanda F

    I will not be shooting a laser gun at the Olympics. Just my good old .22! Thanks for the support it’s been quite a journey!

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      If your accuracy under pressure at the Olympics proves to be as deadly as your cuteness, you’ll clean up! Congrats on all your success so far.