Thoughts On Carrying A Gun At Home

MrColionNoir speaks on it:

I think having a gun or guns hidden and easily accessible in a house is a good idea.  I live in a really nice area though, so carrying one seems like I would just be uncomfortable for no reason when I’m laying around.  Better safe than sorry though I suppose, because he makes a good point about stickup kids kicking down the door, and realizing they got the wrong house.  

[Clay Davis] Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiit. [/Clay Davis]

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Thoughts?  Do you guys carry in your house?


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  1. USSMunkfish Avatar

    I often home carry because I forget that I have it on me. But yeah, I have guns hidden around the home in the paces where I spend the most time or am otherwise vulnerable. So pretty much the computer, recliner, and toilet. They’re hidden well, but the way I do it may not be appropriate in a house with children.

  2. I really enjoy his videos. Its hard to disagree with him when all his points are so strong and rational. I don’t keep a loaded gun in every room, just my EDC and a short pump behind the dresser. I have too many guns and not enough hidey holes in my tiny apartment. Would rather have them locked up in the safe incase theres a break in.

  3. I moved over to the pro 2A side when anti-gun me started reading stats and learning about how guns REALLY work, and I summed up that guns properly carried and stored are better to have around than not. There is no location that is an exception to this, so that includes home, as well as being out and about.

    Its not “paranoid” its just good sense.

    1. This is very refreshing for me to read.

  4. SheAlpha Avatar

    I always have a gun in arms reach. I’m a single, cute girl with nice stuff that I worked hard for. Just read about home invasions as the video challenges. I’m not going out like that. I could not care less what the opinion of anti-gunners are ~ I talk to anti gunners regularly at my workplace and the fact is that they don’t know the first thing about guns, how to use them, how the left spins the facts, how our government spins the facts or what the real crime stats are .. as weer’d beard states, true statistics speak for themselves. Stalkers, theives, rapists … game on… kick it down, you will meet a hailstorm of 380, 38 or 9mm depending on where I am. The first rule of self defense is be able to defend yourself. Rule followed. If that is a problem for you stay away from my house, we probably don’t have much in common anyway.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I always have a gun in arms reach. I’m a single, cute girl with nice stuff that I worked hard for.

      Relevant to my interests. ;)

      1. Jared Avatar

        Yeah, she had me at girl too.

  5. pffft. If homes were being invaded without the owners permission as much as you say there would be a name for it.

    1. Ted N Avatar

      Could that name be, “home invasion,”? Nah. That’d be crazy.

  6. “High on bath salts” ?

    hahaha. No, that’s a myth. But his premise still correct about someone on drugs breaking in. It’s just that no one’s getting high on bath salts and invading homes.

  7. jpcmt Avatar

    I had always anticipated not having guns in my house as I started my family, they would just go off and I was too scared anyway. Then we were burglarized after my wife took the kids to school..and she came back and found the back slider (2nd story balcony) pried open, stuff missing, and a steak knife on the nightstand by our bed. Beretta 92 in the house that month (after 10 day wait of course). Since then, there was a home invasion below us, a double murder in daylight just beyond our gate (apartment complex gate), a registered sex offender living 75 feet away, constant scumbags casing our apartments, helicopters at night, Jaycee Dugard’s captor living 1mile away keeping her in the backyard for 18 years, and endless trayvon martin looking punks walking int he street (not on sidewalk, in the street) staring down cars trying to provoke fights. So yeah…I’m a gun nut. I watch TV with my AR15 often, I dry fire glocks at the TV, train my kiddos to field strip and safely handle most of my guns so they’re no longer interested in them, sometimes they have guns left on their bed by me to see how they react (triple checked by mom and dad, no barrel or mag in the gun). It’s very reassuring to know my house is armed to the teeth and kiddos and wife are trained for home invasions (yep, when in CA still we practiced home invasion drills..and still do in MT now).

  8. Rob G Avatar

    How many rooms do you have in your house/apt? That’s how many guns you should minimally have.

  9. 2Wheels Avatar

    I’ve tried, can’t get into the habit of carrying around my house. I settle for leaving my primary CCW handgun either on top of or inside the nightstand. With the doors locked and a dog that’ll start barking at anyone messing with them, I feel ok not carrying inside.

    Worst thing you can do is just leave the gun locked up for no good reason, totally ruins the point of having a gun for self defense IMHO. I understand people with kids or who might share their apartment/house may have to compromise and secure their gun(s) somehow, for me that’s a situation where I might suck it up and actually carry 24/7.

  10. Clutch Avatar

    What do you guys do with these guns when you leave? You just leave them for the thieves, murders, and rapists that live in your neighborhood to steal? I love guns, and own more than a few. I shoot more than 99% of gun owners, spend 3 days a week on the range, and make it to 8-10 major 3 gun matches a year. The only times I have ever been in a gun fight were more offensive in nature than defensive and only then when I was in the USMC. I have a carry permit, and I do carry sometimes, and usually keep a gun in the car/nightstand. But I still laugh at most of your comments. Where the fuck do you live? I don’t know anyone that has ever just been lounging at home, had their door kicked in SWAT style, and then was raped by a gang of thugs. Let’s face it, you guys watch to much tv and read to much on the web about being high speed ninjas.

    Get over it, no one is coming to attack you. Not that it couldn’t happen but the odds are greater that your dumb ass neighbor kid shoots himself with the glock he finds in your couch and you end up on the news making us all look bad.

    Or do you all like in houses where drug deals are common place? Thats the only reason I can see for needing a gun while I take a shit. Maybe I should get my girlfriend to stand post with an 870 next time I drop a duce, just in case. I mean I may be wiping and then how would I get my 8in barel model 29 out from behind the tank and go dirty harry on a ninja rapist.

  11. Wow Clutch, tell how you really feel. Maybe watch the video, it kind of answered your arguement. Not everyone lives in Disneyland like you or can afford to move. A few thoughts;

    1) I don’t think the idea is to leave your weapons out 24/7.

    2) Why is when someone leaves a nasty, troll-like post, they always included a resume of how much more gun guy they are than everyone else? I get it your super cool Chuck Norris/ Jeff Cooper.

    3) I’m sure everyone is willing to read your comment/opinion, but you don’t have to be a dick about it.

    1. jpcmt Avatar

      He’s an e-marine.

      1. Clutch Avatar

        Bet you wouldn’t say that to my face. In fact I’d be more than happy to give you my contact info, or send it through a third party, ie mike, if you wanted to come over and question my service. But hey you’d most likely pull the derringer you keep up your ass out incase you get mugged in the shower and pop a cap in me right?

        1. Could you possibly be any more of an asshole?

          1. Clutch Avatar

            Of course I can. How fucking stupid are you?

            1. Brilliant!

        2. jpcmt Avatar

          and you’ve got an e-penis. well done tough guy.

        3. Someone’s taking advanatage of the SCOTUS decision on ‘Stolen Valor.’

          Way to strike while the iron is hot.

          1. Clutch Avatar

            I seriously hope you’re not talking about me.

            1. Anybody else coming off as a complete ass? No. I think i’m talking about you.

              1. On edit- you may be a Marine, but either you’re young or a lil’ drinky drank.

                Either one is a valid excuse.

        4. I’m game for that. Can you send your CV to Mike and i’ll request it from him later in the week. That way we’re both out of the loop.

          1. Clutch Avatar

            Lol my CV? I have a dd214, a bunch of certificates from schools I attended, and plenty of pictures of me down range in uniform, not to mention the 100s of other Marine’s I served withs word. Either way I really don’t think we really need to measure dicks, if this wasn’t the wild west of the internet I’d just throw my facebook up here for you to check out but I don’t feel like dealing with trolls in my real life.

            I’m not drunk or young, well I’m 28, I was just throwing fuel on the fire and having fun being a dick. But seriously if you have a gun hiding in your bathroom you have issues. Thanks for implying that I would claim one ounce of glory that I didn’t earn, I’m proud to say that I did risk my life to defend your right to be wrong.

            1. You offered your credentials, i accepted. You can black out your name and what not if you want.

              And i’m not ‘measuring dicks’….you flopped yours out and basically proclaimed how bad it is. I’d just like to know if there is any truth to the tale.

              1. Edit again – meant to ask – does this mean you’re not sending the info to Mike?

                1. Clutch Avatar

                  I didn’t offer my credentials, I offered my address so we could have a little chat. You really think I care what you think enough to take the time and prove who I am to you?

                  Keep hiding guns all over your house and preparing for hordes of gang members and zombies. I’ll have no sympathy for you when someone you loves kills themselves or someone else because of it. I don’t understand this paranoia that you all seem to exhibit, I doubt very few if any of you have ever needed to fight for your life.

                  Finally, I think of ENDO as the home of trolling people that do dumb shit with guns, that’s why I fuck with you fools. Its amazing to me that you can’t get the joke. Keep getting butthurt, it’ll keep me entertained.

                  Happy 4th!

                  1. Like that time you had to fight for your life in Saigon ’68? Right?

                    1. Clutch Avatar

                      Yep, because at 28 years old I spent lot’s of time doing things in 1968. You must be an engineer with those math skills.

                      The last gunfight I was in was in the Anbar province in 2005. Amazingly in the last 12 years of civilian life I haven’t need to shoot at anyone. Why are you such a dbag? Did you want to be a Marine too and then find out we don’t take infirm retards? Or were you just to much of a coward to serve? You know being afraid would explain why you feel the need to stash guns in every room of your house as well.

            2. “plenty of pictures of me down range in uniform”


    2. Clutch Avatar

      1) I like the video, the comments were what got me fired up.

      2) I meant to convey that I’m not an anti by any means. I’m as nontactical as possible anymore, I don’t work with guns I play with them.

      3) I’m a Marine, we always have to be a dick!

  12. dave w Avatar

    i didnt even close my front door last night, needed the screen door to let some cool air in. Guess i dont live in a i need a gun neighborhood. Or i am just not a ninja operator.

  13. Rob S. Avatar

    I like the idea of home carry, and have been considering it for myself. Yeah, the chances of getting robbed at home might be slight, (I think the chances are higher here where I live because of the retarded laws we have about guns) but it is still a chance. I often think of a shooting here in my country, where 14 people died, and wonder how many of them thought they were going to get shot that day when they got out of bed. I am guessing probably none of them. Same goes for “home invasion.” I bet a lot of people that have had that happen to them probably were not counting on it, and therefore not prepared. Sure, you can take your chances, and you probably will be OK. But if you happen to be one of the “lucky” ones, wouldn’t it be nice to have some means of defending yourself?

    Have a look at the two videos on the linked page, and remember: having a weapon is of little use if it isn’t handy.

    [b]I warn you that the first one is disturbing; it is actual footage of a multiple murder.[/b]

    The victims in the first video were not armed, and it did not go well for them at all. The second video is what happens to bad guys when they attack someone who is armed and ready to go at a moment’s notice. Note that in this (second) video, the neighbour seems to indicate that there had not been a history of this kind of violence in the neighbourhood. This is significant because we all can tend to look at our current situation and become complacent. What has happened in the past does not dictate what might happen in the future. Just because it has never happened does not mean it will not in the future.

  14. Chris Avatar

    For the record, I strongly support the right of any law abiding citizen to be armed in defense of their home and family, and I think exercising that choice is a good idea in many neighborhoods.

    But please, for the love of Pete, keep your guns secure! Guns that are squirreled away behind bookshelves and under desks are guns that will be found by criminals and little kids! Unsecure, hidden guns are what creates ‘kid finds gun and shoots friend’ tragedies.

    If you’re going to store guns in your house, that’s great. But keep them secure. There are gun safes which can keep a pistol ready to go in under 3 seconds. Use them. Or keep it holstered on your person. But don’t just leave it laying around.

    1. jpcmt Avatar

      Has anyone here said they leave guns around? And have they said they leave them around for kids to find?

  15. Well I am so rural — I will never get cable short of hitting the lottery and paying for it.

    That being said, I do keep a tactical Mossberg 500 with 00BK in a closet hanging on the door handle.

    It is the answer to many critters, both two and four legged.

  16. Oh Clutch, you make me laugh so much.

  17. I have a gun in every room. Give me a reason why I shouldn’t…. (Anything Clutch says doesn’t count cause he sounds like a D-Bag.) And I do not carry my handgun while I’m at home.

  18. Well, I did a ton of research, studying FBI files, police files and crime statistics and came to the startling realization that 100% of home invasions happen at home, I started carrying a gun at home too!

    1. Well is that anything like the CPSC Study that found that 65 percent of all fireworks injuries in 2011 were sustained during the 30 days surrounding the Independence Day holiday. More than half of these injuries were the result of unexpected ignition of the device or consumers not using fireworks as intended. Fireworks injuries most often resulted in burns to the hands and head, including the eyes, face, and ears. According to the special study, sparklers, firecrackers, and aerial devices were associated with the most incidents.

      How stupid are these people?

  19. The gun goes on when I get dressed in the morning and comes off when I go to bed at night. Do I think I’ll need it at any time during the day? Nah, probably not, but I’m just lazy and putting it on like I put on my shoes is easier than asking the Magic 8 Ball whether I should get strapped every time I step out the door.

    Besides, it’s just a pistol; I don’t see what all the big fuss is about. It’s not like it’s going to jump off my belt and bite anybody. People who want to make “Tactical Tammy” name-calling noises need to stop clutching their pearls and chill the hell out. It’s a pistol; you’ve seen them before; take a deep breath and drive on.