Stop SB249

It’s OK for non-haters to hate Senator Leland Yee:

I’m not really into online petitions, because I don’t think they do much… but if you think anonymously putting your name down is going to scrap Senate Bill 249 then please by all means head over to and sign up.

You can check out the previous discussion on the bill, which includes the CBS piece over on the previous bullet button ban post.

<— That smug grin should be banned from his face.


Hat tip: Justin W.


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  1. FarmerJoe Avatar

    Yee is a shameless publicity whore who’ll do anything to get his name in the paper. Too bad he won’t take the time to publicly condemn Eric Holder over Fast & Furious. His guns have killed more people than mine.

    1. Did you try loaning/giving/selling them to drug dealer, or drug dealer’s goon?

  2. What if we aren’t a CA resident?

    I’m willing to sign, but will it count?

  3. If you live in the state of California, please sign up.

  4. This really is a very disconcerting topic. I’ll be moving there in the near future for work but the fact that I cant bring my ar-15 is upsetting.

    1. Not quite true. Contact the CA DOJ before you’re actually there. They can tell you what needs to be done. But it has to be done BEFORE you’re a resident.

  5. I’m really starting to hate this state.

  6. Blame the idiots who made the tool to circumvent the BB tool (magnetic release). While we’re at it, the jackasses using the bump fire stocks are also going to get things tightened down.

    1. How’s about placing the blame on the people who elect those politicians who won’t defend your rights.

    2. Let’s see the Second Amendment reads:

      A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

      Then add the case law stemming from the Heller and the McDonald decisions. SCOTUS ruled that this is an inherent right and applies and has preemption by the United States Constitution.

      No where in there do I see mention of suppressors, 10 round magazines, large capacity magazines, NFA, the 68 GCA, bumb fire, limited CCW, limited OC, and many other things.

      Now if you don’t want admit to a Federal Constitutional preemption then you have the right to petition your state’s government for redress. The suggested redress is secession or an Article 5 convention. Please petition your state’s government for it.

      I’m about to write my state representatives asking them to petition among the several states for an Article 5 convention over several SCOTUS rulings.

      The more the merrier.

  7. They used Justin Beiber’s CD as an example of an amazon purchase. Who is the target audience for this video?

  8. Jessie Avatar

    Mike should add that Amazon link too. I just bought Band of Brothers on Blu-Ray from there.

  9. Kevin Avatar

    Whether or not you are in CA, please sign the petition. Not because it is CA, but because it is the front line in the battle for the 2A. What they accomplish here sets precedent that can be used elsewhere, same way Heller v McDonald is used to support the 2A. Having a ton of sigs from out of state lets them know that it is not just Californians who are against this in particular and ridiculous ineffective gun control legislation in general.

  10. You can call and write this man all you want, he doesn’t care what you or I want. He’s elite, he knows what you need.

  11. If you go to the website you’ll find out that they are only trying to ban magnetic buttons that attach to the gun. As long as your ergonomic (i hate “assault”) weapons have been converted with a bullet button of some design, you should still be okay.

    There is some debate about the wording of the new law, and i do share the concern, but being chicken little and screaming “they’re here to take our guns” is just wrong. lets approach this in a level headed manner.

    1. Jessie Avatar

      Where in the bill does it say magnetic buttons? That’s the problem. Vague = dangerous. That website even says what the problems are:

      What is the problem with SB 249?

      A: There are many. For starters, SB 249 is vague and ambiguous. No one knows how law enforcement will apply the law if passed, but we do know that similarly vague laws have cause many innocent California gun owners to be arrested, jailed, and even prosecuted for non-crimes.

      While SB 249 could make thousands of law-abiding California gun owners into criminals, it would most certainly subject hundreds of thousands of personal property items to state-sponsored confiscation without compensation, an unlawful taking under the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

      Since there are at least a few hundred thousand – and likely millions – of items which would be considered unlawful “conversion kits” under the law, SB 249 would either [A] require a method of compensation be provided as part of the bill (with overall funding of at least $25 Million dollars), or [B] expose the taxpayers of the State of California to tens of millions of dollars of class-action lawsuits, civil rights litigation, compensation for unconstitutional takings, and plaintiff’s legal fees.

      Further, each unlawful arrest of an innocent or unsuspecting Californian will incur tens of thousands of dollars of cost. Based on actual history with California’s existing firearms laws, it’s not difficult to see how these improper arrests could themselves reach into the millions of dollars of cost to taxpayers and municipalities.

      Despite Sen. Yee’s stated goals for the legislation, the bill has no provisions for law enforcement or civilian training, education, or public outreach. It is reasonable to anticipate that the necessary outreach and education for SB 249 would incur millions of dollars of taxpayer-borne costs.

      SB 249 violates the United States Constitution, the California Constitution, and will only cause mass confusion, hurt innocent California families, cost the taxpayers money, and subject law enforcement officers and departments to unnecessary litigation.

      1. Vague can be good. It helped us to defeat that stupid handgun ammunition bill.

        I signed the petition just because i hate stupid lawmakers making stupid laws about things that they have no clue about. If no one is being harmed I see no reason to pass new legislation.

        But If it passes I don’t think that it’s the end of the world… I don’t own a magnet button and never wanted to. It’s illegal already the second that it touches a bullet button.

  12. “While most gun owners are law abiding, I am deeply concerned with these assault weapons getting into the wrong hands, resulting in mass casualties of civilians or law enforcement officers,” Yee wrote in a statement.


  13. Senator Yee needs to worry about something he has some knowledge about. Senator Yee is to guns as senator Feinstein is to good looks. Neither knows shit about the other.