You’re Not A Man Until You Put A Gun To Your Head

And pull the trigger *facepalm*… I can’t believe stuff like this happens:

Philadelphia, PA – about 1:15 a.m., the teen was video-chatting — police believe it was either over Skype or another video-chat service called ooVoo — with an as-yet-unidentified person while his brothers were asleep in the room in their Kensington house.

Sometime during the video chat, things went horribly wrong.

“His manhood or his ego was challenged and he said something along the lines of, ‘I’ll show you,’” Gallagher said. “He thought he was clowning around, trying to shock the other party on the Internet site.”

That’s when the teen picked up his older brother’s gun and, believing it was unloaded, put it to his head and pulled the trigger, police said.

Full Story – HERE

Needless to say the kid is likely going to die.  Tragic…

I’m glad cooler heads prevailed and no one was charged with anything.  I was bracing for something like “the person that challenged his manhood will be charged with murder”.



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  1. dave w Avatar

    wow, that sucks for all concerned.

  2. hydepark Avatar

    I’m not sure what anyone would expect to happen other than this by pulling the trigger.
    We’re all taught, at least I was, to treat every gun as if it’s always potentially condition zero or one.

    Oh, and also how are those Orwellian gun laws workin’ out for ya PA? I’m sure that if you ban all handguns then this will never happen again.

  3. No charges? Didn’t he say it was an illegal gun not registered?

    1. My thoughts exactly!

      1. NikonMikon Avatar


  4. paul kimble Avatar
    paul kimble

    just another reason why computers and webcams should be banned.

    this poor kid would still be alive today.

    think of the children!

  5. NikonMikon Avatar

    This is terrible :(

    1. You mean “Terribly funny!” LOOOOOOOOOOL

      What a fucking moron!

  6. If you put a gun to your head (unloaded or otherwise) and pull the trigger, you are inviting the consequences.

  7. ironchef Avatar

    I don’t get where the tragedy is and I don’t see how it’s an accident. We all know this is gross negligence and not accidental behavior. The gene pool just got a bit cleaner. Maybe i’m just cold. Having spent years on game forums in years past, this kind of e-penis machismo is always bringing out the darwin behavior in youth the world over. Maybe the “bully” in the chat called the kids bluff and asked him what fake marine expeditionary unit he belonged to and he couldn’t make one up so he showed him his brothers gun.

    1. NikonMikon Avatar

      So if your relative, a kid of similar age, got a hold of your loaded gun because you left it out, you’d be okay if they shot themselves in the head with it? You wouldn’t have any responsibility in the matter whatsoever? You would just chalk it up to darwinism?

      1. damm straight, that’s what personal freedom is all about, if the kid wants to play ‘deer hunter’ and load all but one chamber, its his choice…
        if he takes up Bushido, and later on opens his belly, its his choice…
        freedom! hell, yeah!…

        1. NikonMikon Avatar

          get the fuck out of here with that stupid bullshit.

          personal responsibility isn’t exclusive. it also extends to parties who directly enable.

          if your kid shoots himself because you left your shit out, guess who’s responsible? That’s right captain retard: you.

          Your bullshit sounds great, feels great, and looks great typed up as a knee-jerk comment reply. However, its idealistic as fuck.

          Having loaded guns out with kids around is clearly negligent, just like allowing your kid to take their seat belt off once you start driving. It’s not personal freedom. It’s poor supervision.

          1. I totally agree man. I mean, if your kid steals your car and drives it off a cliff, killing himself in the process, it’s your fault for leaving the keys on the coffee table.

            1. That’s a terrible fucking analogy and you should feel bad for posting it.

              1. +20
                Poppy doesn’t even own firearms (IIRC). :P

                1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

                  haha he’s going to regret tell you guys that. I love how you always bring it up! LOL

                  1. If I remember correctly, he even stated that he did own guns but they were his parents, and he can get them anytime. When I read that the LOL-factor hit eleven.

                    I don’t think I’ll be able to give up, since whatever I ask in terms of evidence won’t come unless he provides full-disclosure.

          2. So the brother should be charged with murder? I’m confused what you think should happen here. When anyone picks up a firearm, puts it to their head and fires it, that sounds like attempted suicide to me.

            1. NikonMikon Avatar

              You seriously believe taking that stance doesn’t make you look fucking full retard…

              1. So who is at fault then? I’m still confused. I’m just looking for clarification. Who should the prosecutor go after and for what charges? Since it obviously is not the fault of the person who shot themself, then we are left with two possible responsible parties. The owner of the firearm or the other individual who caused this kid to feel the need to impress someone. Which party is most responsible for the actions of the “victim” here?

                1. NikonMikon Avatar

                  maybe blame can be placed on more than one…

                  why does everything have to be so fucking black and white?

                  that’s not how the real world is brah.

                  1. It is as far as the justice system is concerned. You are either guilty of innocent. What their asking is, in your opinion, who should be charged and with what? The article says the “kid” was 18. To me that makes it different than if he was 8. By 18 you should know better than to stick a gun you haven’t checked to your head and pull trigger, regardless of what was said and how it was stored.

                    1. NikonMikon Avatar

                      The adult brain isn’t fully developed until around age 25. Look it up.

                    2. Doesn’t take a fully developed brain to know that’s a bad. Do you think no one under 25 should handle a gun?

                    3. * bad idea

        2. Have you ever heard of liability? If someone had a record of stealing cars and you left your car keys on the table, you’re making a bad choice. Kind of like if you left a hardcore alcoholic alone to watch your bar while you took a piss, YOU are liable for their terrible “freedom” choice.

          1. I’m sorry, did I miss the part where it said this guy had a history of shooting himself in the face?

            I mean, If I rent a handgun at an indoor range and then proceed to blow my brains out with the thing, doesn’t the blame fall squarely on me and not the owners of the range?

            1. Most ranges require you to BRING YOUR own firearm before you can rent them, this way it prevents suicides. As if you owned a gun already you’d probably just do it at home.
              Unfortunately Fortunately unless you, Poppy, bought a handgun recently, you won’t be able to rent one in most Oregon ranges, since you don’t own firearms. lol

              1. Is that really how Oregon works? You have to bring your own firearm in order to rent one of there’s? Just curious, never heard of that.

                1. NikonMikon Avatar

                  You can’t pump your own gas that’s for sure…

                2. @ Josh, it has been my experience so far. But! YMMV.

                  (Strike through for HTML doesn’t work for some reason…)

  8. see, people were wrong, even left alone the gene-pool does self cleanse…
    outside interference is seldom required…
    if it wasn’t this screwup, it would have been a “hey, hold my beer and watch this” moment in a few more years…

  9. A fine example of yet another case where they’re trying to place responsibility on someone else instead of the individual at fault. If he miraculously recovers, he can verify proof of his manhood by owning up to his own actions. I’m hoping he does – the dead don’t learn from their mistakes.

  10. The quote from the reporter [paraphrase] “This is another tragic incident from an illegal gun.”

    I will grant the reporter that it was possibly an illegal gun from the view that PA is an FFL transfer state. The qualification is that there is no registration or other requirements other than that. So how does he know the gun was illegally transferred?

    I want to say that this is a pejorative by some left wing (as usual) reporter, that goes by the 2A and politically astute people, but drives more people to the left by the characterization.