You’re A Concealed Carry Nut When

MrColionNoir you are a funny guy.

Anyone have any points to add? I still think taking your gun off in the bathroom and setting it down somewhere is disgusting… but worse than that still is the POS Holster.


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  1. The best “..which generation glock you want to carry!” Oh man that’s good!

  2. dave w Avatar

    just get a manzier and a flashbang holster, its a way better bathroom friendly system

  3. Jerry G Avatar

    Sad but true……..

  4. Martin Avatar

    Almost as bad as the ‘Safety Check Nazi’ on Youtube is the ‘Grammar Check Nazi’… “but worse that that still is the POS Holster.” I think you mean “…than that…” :p

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha thanks Martin, I fixed it.

  5. “Your first holster was an Uncle Mike.”

    Hey, I resemble that remark!

    And most (if not all) of the other remarks, too.

  6. Theblackknight Avatar

    Let me try one.

    You’re smart enough not to put your likeness or name on the internet as a “CCW guy”.

    1. What exactly are you trying to say?

    2. I don’t know if you know this Mr. Blackknight, but criminals are stupid. It’s a widely know fact. I highly doubt they are on youtube picking out CC’ers just to get the jump on them and rob them. Not when there are Anti’s (Anti-gunners) out there who aren’t packing. :)

      1. Theblackknight Avatar

        I’m not sure if you know this, but stupid criminals are stupid,like any other demographic. Some criminals are very smart, and very dedicated. A lot of these smart criminals are former LEO/Mil who have fallen to a bad place. To think that only us gun guys watch videos on youtube and shoot bill drills is ill advised.

        Putting personal info out on the internet is usually a bad idea. Nutnfancy’s personal info is all over the internet. its in no way smart to put yourself out there when you own firearms.

  7. Warpike Avatar

    That looks alot like North Texas to me. Hello fellow Texan.

  8. Daniel Avatar

    This may seem like a dumb question, but what ARE some ready made excuses for having to return to the car when you see the “no guns” sign? I’m a new CCW holder, and I hadn’t even thought about NEEDING them, never mind what they would be.

    1. “Oh dang, I forgot the thingy [tickets for the play..that’s being shown at kids SCHOOL] in the right back!” I’ve used this before. Or once when I realized my search and rescue meetings were in a county owned building I had to go get my water bottle [or whatever convenient thing I left behind..a phone, etc.].

    2. DaveP. Avatar

      Mostly, I don’t even offer an excuse. I just say, “Be right back, folks!” and off I go.
      Of course, if the “No Guns” sign is posted somewhere I could live without, I jsut go someplace else. I make it a policy not to give money to people who insult me or want to disarm me if I can possibly avoid it.

      1. I think pretty much every state has a No Guns = No Money card that is for that state’s laws. Search for the “no gun” on the page I linked.

        Carry them and use them as needed.

  9. How about “You over dress for the weather or event and suffer just to carry?”

    1. You wear a full jacket that hangs down to your knees when it is 90 degrees out.

  10. Curtis Avatar

    You breathe a sigh of relief when you see the object inside the red circle-slash is just a cigarette.

  11. So good! I love his videos!

  12. You are my hero.

  13. “Spare mag, back-up gun, a spare mag for the back-up gun, and a knife. Just in case…”
    Haha. Maybe this guy read a post I made on a forum somewhere? :)

    1. Maybe Colion has been in my car!

  14. No guns signs don’t mean shit in Utah.

  15. reaganmarine84 Avatar

    Dude makes alot of sense;one peeve though. He talks so freakin’ fast it’s sometimes hard to hear everything.