Body Armor V.S. Crazy Slingshot Guy

Joerg Sprave runs some tests:

This is the German equivalent of redneck science.  I would have liked to see actual data on the amount of energy transferred to the body on those shots, considering that’s basically all the matters.

Dammit Joerg… now all the criminals are going to be packing knife shooting slingshot rifles.



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  1. Joerg is a good dude. If he had a broadhead on that arrow, suspect his results would be different.

  2. Man, just waiting for the day Joerg goes…

    His vids are entertaining though.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha that would be so epic

  3. Rock Ravn Avatar
    Rock Ravn

    He’s so loveable. haha He has a hell of a woman if that’s his wife who helps him film all the time.

  4. Thumbs up for both.

    So it looks like the Gauul’d overcame the issue in SG-1 had early on. The bullets would be defeated by personal defense shield, but the knife move slow enough to get through.


    On a serious note, way back when (mid 80’s) they were selling Kevlar vests, without the plating, as bullet proof. Straight Kevlar can be bullet proof but the bruising looks like a rainbow. So one of the salesman stood in front of the crowd and was stabbed by a fellow salesman. The Kevlar slowed the knife down. Both salesman stood up for the following 15 minutes. Then Salesguy #1 rushed Salesguy #2 to the hospital.

    Kevlar will stop “blunt” objects on its own, but things like a flechette round without a plate — your chances are 50/50. And without a plate, the sheer kinetics of rounds can be almost as devastating.