Tactical Zombie Destroyer AR-15

The gun store guys go “full zombie”:

hahah 23 pounds with the mags loaded according to a youtube comment.

They beat out Highjak86 for the most tactical AR-15 ever.  His is quite a bit more practical though, so i’d take it instead.



13 responses to “Tactical Zombie Destroyer AR-15”

  1. Wow, must have been a slow day in the shop.

  2. What saddens me is that some people see that shit and think it’s cool; probably the same people that buy “zombie” ammo…

  3. Quint Young Avatar
    Quint Young

    When it’s pointed at the camera it looks like a freight train. With all those lasers you could get a nice predator effect though.

    1. That’s exactly what I was thinking when they said 3 lasers!!

  4. Jon Hutto Avatar
    Jon Hutto

    I want the new Magpul Gen3 Cappuccino Machine

  5. Never Go FULL Zombie.

  6. Interesting concept. They did miss the M-203 grenade launcher option though.

    But the weight of carrying that would be a bear. And trying make a targeted long range (300 yards) from a standing position would probably not be happening.

  7. Starting to like these guys with their lighter side. That thing looks like a B-52.

  8. Outstanding!

  9. HDWarlord Avatar

    It probably does weigh about 23 lbs. My ar 15 weighs about 8 lbs unloaded, and about 16 lbs loaded with the 150 round sawmag.

  10. Nice trigger discipline. (9 and 17 seconds)

    All in fun, though.

  11. this made my day lol

  12. I wonder what the battery life is like with all those lasers and maglites switched on.