Five Handguns Everyone Should Own

From one of the gun store guys:

His picks:

  1. .22 caliber pistol
  2. .38 special / .357 Magnum
  3. Glock 19
  4. 1911
  5. Pocket auto pistol (Ruger LCP, Beretta minx, diamondback)

WTF? No Deagle brand Deagle?  Boooo ;)

This video was similar to his Five Military Surplus Rifles Everyone Should Own video from a while back.  You should check it out too.



27 responses to “Five Handguns Everyone Should Own”

  1. so.. I should own 3 Glocks or 1911s for each caliber (.22 / 9mm / .45), won’t complain there.. :buy ALL the pistols: I love glocks and 1911s equally

    a revolver is a must have, you can store/lock it loaded at all times.. (i keep worrying about the magazine spring if you keep them loaded for a long periods of time)

  2. Vhyrus Avatar

    So he makes all these good points and then tries to justify carrying a 22 short autoloader…..

    SO CLOSE! But still, no cigar.

  3. James M&P Avatar
    James M&P

    I disagree. I only need one pistol….ok two max. Five is ridiculousness. Get yourself a 1911 or a Glock or something along those lines.

  4. Is that what everyone should own, or what his shop is currently overstocked in?

    1. Vhyrus Avatar


  5. When you boil it down, these days you only need two handguns, a CC gun of your choice, and a revolver in .357/.44 or a .45/10mm handgun. A .22 handgun won’t nearly as much good as a .22 rifle will.

    1. 2Wheels Avatar

      A .22LR handgun helps a lot in keeping your pistol shooting skills up without spending a lot of money, and they generally don’t cost much, making them a good investment.

      1. Imo, shooting a .22 will make me better at shooting a .22. I’d rather spend the money an ammo for my .357 and shoot that rather then a .22.

        1. 2Wheels Avatar

          Recoil doesn’t make you a better shooter. Grip and trigger control are 2 of the most important skills to master when it comes to handguns, recoil is a secondary concern. If you’ve got a good grip and know how to pull a trigger, along with a good sight picture, it doesn’t matter what caliber you’re shooting, you’ll hit the target.

          It’s dirt cheap to shoot .22 (for a box of your .357, you’ll be shooting .22 for a week or more), and it’s easy to diagnose problems with someones technique since you can essentially remove recoil from the equation.

          Shooting a .22 is so cheap there’s really no excuse not to, and it does help keep your skills up.

  6. I don’t think everyone should own a Glock 19. Glocks are like every other gun in that they aren’t for everyone. I will say that a compact polymer pistol in 9 mil is a good compromise. But it doesn’t need to be a Glock.

  7. Jayson Avatar

    solid choices

  8. ironchef Avatar

    I think two glocks in the same caliber (and the benefit of using the larger size mags) and then a 22 caliber are the only handguns you need for true utilitarian purposes. I’d add a 44 mag to that list for hunting but to be honest, if there’s a utilitarian purpose for it, it usually means SHTF and therefore all big game is already gone and/or maybe you don’t want the loud noise to give you away, 22 for hunting small stuff is probably more realistic.

    So G19/G17, and a Ruger 22. The 38/357 has no real purpose IMHO nor the 1911…they’re novelties! *takes cover*

  9. BBJones Avatar

    I don’t need pistols that collect dust. I use G17 and G19 90% of the time. I got rid of everything else. I don’t hunt with hand guns. I don’t carry micro pistols in a pocket. I don’t collect pistols that have “history.”

    One thing I will probably get is a 22LR conversion for one of my glocks so I can introduce new shooters and plink.

    My list of pistols people should get:
    1. Glock 9mm or M&P 9mm or HK 9mm
    2. 22LR pistol or conversion for new shooters
    3. Any specialty pistol you use. 44 mag for backpaking in bear country as an example
    4. more of number one

  10. dave w Avatar

    If you only have five pistols in your loadout then you are not a serious operator.

  11. Doyletoo Avatar

    I have no use for .380 pocket guns. Like Yoda said:
    “carry or do not.ther is no try!”

  12. Critter Avatar

    .22 for training and practice. *Everyone* gets better when they practice with a .22. plus, it’s far cheaper practice so one can do more of it. plus, it’s fun! no reason Not to own one.

    a Luger is a must for any serious pistol collection. so is a Broomhandle Mauser. just cuz.

    revolvers. lots and lots of revolvers.

    and a Glock for carrying.

  13. needs more Deagle.

  14. ozwald Avatar

    .22 caliber pistol
    pointless nonsense unless you’re a plinker
    .38 special / .357 Magnum
    wheel guns have no business in this century
    Glock 19
    there are better polymer handguns on the market. fuck, there are better glocks.
    because 101 years ago we were at the pinnacle of firearms technology.
    Pocket auto pistol
    yeah, no.

    1. Literally food for thought. I have squirrel hunted with a Ruger mk3 (almost exclusively) for about 7 seasons now. And while I agree 100% it is not a self-defense weapon, it does allow me both hands-free while holstered to traverse nasty terrain and does not snag in brush while pushing through the thick stuff like a slung rifle. It saves considerable weight, and in a backcountry survival situation could fill many a pot.

  15. hydepark Avatar

    C’mon Mike. I love ya bro but I’m seriously gonna have to take you to the range at some point so you can actually shoot a Deagle.

  16. If you’re gonna CARRY a Glock, why carry a compact? They DO make SUBcompacts, you know… (G26/27)

  17. Curtis Avatar

    Good template. Here’s where I fit.

    1. Don’t have one yet, want a Ruger 45/22
    2. Cheif’s special I got used for under 2 bills. Carry it.
    3. Make mine a Glock 29 instead.
    4. Don’t have one yet, but I make do with a Sig P220
    5. Really want a Kahr cm9

    6. Really want S&W 29, classic.

  18. Big John Houston Avatar
    Big John Houston

    For CC I tote a G23. I much prefer the .40 round, and it still holds 13 rounds.
    The rest of my handguns I keep around because they are damn cool.
    S&W M&P 9c – not much use. 9mm is cheap to shoot but the gun doesn’t fit right, the safeties get in the way, and the slide serations are friggin sharp.
    1911 w/Wilson bushing compensator. – Fun as hell. Scary accurate too. With custom engraved wood grips and parkerized finish it looks bad as hell too.
    Baby Eagle II .40 – This is the most accurate and rugged handgun I’ve fired. It has eaten several thousand rounds of many brands with no misfeeds. It has even crimped short shells down to little balls of copper and still spit them out and racked the next round. 1911 style barrel action means more accuracy.
    Glock 23 – Point and go boom. Fits my hand almost perfectly. I don’t use sights, so grip angle and comfortable draw are important. Carry all day, no fatigue (Galco King-Tuk).
    Still haven’t found a way to carry my M-4. And since I live in Kentucky, I could carry if I wanted too…

  19. For plinking/practice .22 anything.

    For easy CC — Kel-Tec P11 9mm. For OC — Kimber 1911 .45.

    I won’t say I’ll never I’ll never do a Glock, but his comment about many after-market parts to make a Glock better just leaves me cold. About the only after-market part you should need/want on a handgun is a laser. I should be able to take a firearm out of the box, adjust sites and have a good shooting experience.

    The equivalent would be buying a car, and having to immediately replace the shocks because the installed shocks suck so much you bounce all over the road.

    Just my $0.02.

  20. I think his choices are dead on for the “gun collector” or firearms enthusiast.

    I sold my .357 revolver and .45 1911 a few years ago. Just didn’t need ’em or shoot ’em much. I do miss them though, for the historic/classic bit, but I guess I can say that I’ve owned them.

    2 Glocks (different size) and a .22 revolver

    I like a .22 revolver for plinking, pest control, and because it’s the only sidearm I can carry in some parts of hunting season. Plus, with the revolver, I can shoot some .22 variants that wouldn’t cycle properly in my Ruger 10/22.

  21. jparkes Avatar

    Most fun i’ve had consistently for thirty years are .22 cal pistols.
    Love and own a Beretta 9mm m9a1, solid, reliable, high capacity.
    Dearly love my HK 45. It was a tough call between the HK and a SIG, i like them both equally well, just got the right deal on the HK.
    Concealed carry…i think a 22 is just fine for close in defensive work. I live in an area that i can’t imagine war breaking out in the streets. Within ten yards and under pressure i can put three 22 rounds in a human eye…left or right handed, in three seconds…and though i’ve been doing it for thirty years you could learn it in one or you shouldn’t carry at all. Weather and clothing should be a concerne for a carry weapon, not yours but your target…winter coats, layering for the elements, all require more consideration for penetration. In florida a 22 is fine.

  22. kevin j Avatar
    kevin j

    Don’t care for Glocks but my top four picks are from my collection:

    1) Beretta 92FS
    2) Smith & Wesson Mod 10 .38 Special
    3) Star Model BM 9MM
    4) Beretta Nano for carry