Long Range Precision And Suppressive Fire .308 AR

Known as “Project Titan”.  This thing is a BEAST:

The obvious downside is weight.  According to the project titan website the shroud is built from steel.  Because of the weight, muzzle rise is a non issue, so that makes for quicker followup shots.

I’m not entirely sure this will be hugely popular when it’s released, but it’s definitely a neat idea for long range shooting.


Hat tip: Marc


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  1. I could see its use in some FOB or pre-set battle situation. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to hump that puppy around.

    1. What purpose does it serve other than being odd looking and heavy? I just don’t understand I guess?

  2. James M&P Avatar
    James M&P

    “32.8lbs with full gear load out and magazine”! SO what is this thing going to be a crew served weapon? I’ll pass.

    1. I don’t believe a Barret .50 (which is 28lbs with no gear, ours is 29.5lbs no gear) is crew served. :)

      Plus the system is modular, the weight can be carried in a backpack (example) a part from the rifle.


  3. Since its so friggin huge, they should make that shroud into something like an MP5SD barrel-encompassing baffle and that would be one sick suppressed rifle.

    1. my thoughts exactly, perhaps something reflex style: http://www.reflexsuppressors.co.uk/

    2. We are testing a compact liquid jacket – that was one of the original reasoning for the over-sized dimensions. We are also testing a CO2 injection system that can be used in “non-mag dump” situations. Most people don’t realize that moderate shooting doesnt elevate the barrel to temps where that scientific stuff on a microscopic level start happening. :)

      That and our injection system cools from the outside towards the inside evenly. On a bull barrel thats a lot of metal.

      We also have a whisper can version on the “to do” list, however the ATF is backlogged like 6+ months now processing tax stamps. :(

  4. Sivl32 Avatar

    couldn’t find a larger bipod. looks like its gonna snap off lol

    1. We actually have a GG&G XDS Heavy Duty, but dumb me forgot to load it in the crate so I had to use what was available.

      We are actually working on a mini-tripod system, but its not a high priority.

  5. Unimpressed. Make it a tripod-mounted, belt-fed .338 Lapua with an actively cooled barrel. THEN we’ll talk about long range precision and suppression fire.

    1. The .308 is our testbed, a .338 platform is on the “to do” list

    2. NikonMikon Avatar

      If you aren’t impressed with rapid firing 7.62 NATO and very little muzzle rise then you aren’t a shooter.

      1. gregparmesan Avatar

        Goodness you’re just a motor mouth, aren’t you?

        1. NikonMikon Avatar

          Jimmy Status: Rustled

  6. MrMaigo Avatar

    No. That can’t be good for the aluminum upper.
    Better idea: Using a 15lb slab of steel with a pole and a rail mounting as a monopod would do the same thing. Put a few holes in the steel, drive some rebar through it into the ground and you have an actual weapon mount.

    1. 032125 Avatar

      Amen, you beat me to it.

    2. ozwald Avatar

      punkassnoob question, but why wouldn’t that be good for the aluminum upper? i feel like the answer is gonna be something really obvious…

      1. spc fish Avatar
        spc fish

        all that weight is hanging off of the barrel nut that is threaded onto aluminim threads. they were never meant to handle that kind of stress

        1. ozwald Avatar

          i follow. thanks.

        2. Well now we can’t let all our secrets out can we?

          I will toss this in here, the only time the threads are exposed to the full weight it when it comes out of its crate and deployed on the bench or ground. The foward support then takes over the weight.

          As far as mobility, we carry it bushwhacker style over the shoulder. :)

  7. m-cameron Avatar

    I like the overall idea( a super heavy weight precision rifle)…..but i hate the implementation. i feel a better idea would have been to make a drop in chassis system for the AR…..that way it is self supporting and the weight is distributed through out the system……and you dont end up with 30lbs hanging off the end of the aluminum upper.

  8. Forget shooting. Just remove the titan shroud, put it in a catapult, and lob it over at the enemy. Heavy enough to wreck things?

  9. Andy from CT Avatar
    Andy from CT

    If it’s going to be that heavy you might as well slap a C-mag on it. Or at least a 50 round drum.

    1. From their “about”page:

      “Not only did the rifle provide lightning fast target re-acquisition at longer distances, it could also serve as a very precise suppressive fire weapon system when coupled with a 100 round double drum magazine.”

      1. Andy from CT Avatar
        Andy from CT

        Nice! Now imagine the same but on an AR-15 platform. But not in 5.56 but in 6.5 Grendel. It would probably feel like a .22 mag recoil-wise.

        Again, not sure if I would ever want something I couldn’t carry around on a march but I can see it for a base, stationary or kept in an APC.

        Bottom line though it’s a niche weapon.

        1. We are hoping to test a swap in belt fed upper.

          Its on the “to do” list.

  10. TheRealDave Avatar

    I cannot see the point in that, aside from having a “cool-looking” bench rifle. Nobody is going to hump around a 7.62 rifle that weighs as much as a .50 cal.

  11. Soless Avatar

    Doesn’t look like the muzzle brake isn’t as effective as it could be. And with all that weight I’m wondering why they have a compensator built into like that. Waaaay over built.

  12. Why?

    Because we can.

    1. lol. That is probably exactly how these guys would respond.

      1. That is exactly what we say. (Seriously…)

        The LL in LLARMS is our own little inside joke and what it stands for.

        Neat blog they got here. One more book mark for the daily rounds on the internet :)

  13. I was extremely surprised not to see the word “DERP” anywhere in that post.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Good point… even I slip up on occasion.

      1. SPC Fish @ ChevTac Firearms LLC Avatar
        SPC Fish @ ChevTac Firearms LLC

        yeah mike. this may be the worst use of good steel ive seen in a long time. all the people that say this could be useful, what the hell is wrong with you? why would anyone just mount a huge tube of metal onto their rifle to lessen muzzle rise. why not do it the right way? Use this for FOB security? Id rather not. A couple XM2010s and XM110s would do way better and your shoulder wouldnt get sore from adjusting fire.

        Also, Is the barrel free floating? what advantage does this give other than none? A tripod or vehicle mount does exactly the same thing and you dont have to carry an extra 20 pounds. I would like to see the groups this guy is shooting and at what distances. Cuz it better be one hole at 200 yards to make this ridiculous setup even noticeable.

        1. Yes the entire system is free float.

          Aiming the rifle actually doesn’t take much effort, the front acts sort of like a pendulum. Kind of like a truck sliding in dirt, the back end swings freely and the front is were the traction is at.

          As far as the doubts, keep in mind this is in the prototype stage, some people get a little worked up thinking this is a production ready unit. This video was a basic function test, aka “Does it fire? And if it does, does it blow up in our face?”


        2. NikonMikon Avatar

          XM110? What the fuck is an XM110? Are you talking about the M110? If you are, judging by your use of outdated and incorrect nomenclature you probably don’t realize that the M110 is a pile of shit and the US Army is suffering major buyer’s remorse from the acquisition. KAC at its best yall. Not to mention the M110 is NOT suited to do this type of rapid firing at all. You will NEVER get back on target as fast as these guys did. Do any of the readers here even shoot guns anymore?

          1. NikonMikon Avatar

            Disregard that last post; I just don’t know when to shut up.

            1. NikonMikon Avatar

              Jimmy Status: Hyper Rustled

  14. Curtis Avatar

    I would guess all that steel would make the barrel take a long time to heat up, especially in semi auto. Make it belt fed and add a pindle and we’ll talk. A drum works too.

  15. Phil C Avatar

    must be stupid expensive to shoot like that.

  16. Zulthor Avatar

    Based on the video, it seems to have more recoil than my .308 hunting rifle lol…I expect better than that based on the weight. I’m guessing whatever muzzle device you’re running isn’t efficient.

    1. Ive seen some people comment on this. The problem was our GG&G bipod got left behind by accident and we only had a cheap UTG bipod on hand.

      If you watch carefully you can see the bipod is snapping back with the shots, its not the rifle itself.

      I plan to release a video of my 5 year old daughter shooting it which should help display the proper purpose behind it. :)

      1. MrMaigo Avatar

        And now I’m subbed to your yt channel

  17. I think I would’ve tested it next to a more standard weight AR10 to show the difference in recoil.

  18. Ken Smith Avatar
    Ken Smith

    I see some guys making some firearms. Having fun doing it. Trying something different. Havning fun doing it. I say keep it up.

    1. Ken Smith Avatar
      Ken Smith