The Video Game Instakill

Some very neat special effects in this one:

I especially liked the blue shell from Mario Kart at the end.  I had no idea what some of the other games they were referencing were… still cool though.

I liked playing multiplayer in 007 Golden Eye with the Golden Gun.  I should specify ONLY ON N64.  I played that bullshit on my cousin’s Wii… what a load of garbage.  Maybe i’m just too old for the Wii but I thought I was going to puke even when watching someone else play.



8 responses to “The Video Game Instakill”

  1. McKay Avatar

    So we got in order:
    Battle Field 3’s knife kill from behind
    MW2/3’s throwing knife
    Team Fortress 2’s spy backstab
    Halo’s energy sword
    Mass Effect 3’s omniblade, though it only one hits weak or low level enemies.
    Goldeneye’s golden gun as you mentioned
    Half Life 2’s combine pulse rifle’s secondary attack, bouncy energy ball thing.
    And course the blue shell from Mario Kart

    Can’t go wrong there with those

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Thanks McKay!

    2. Anonymous Coward Avatar
      Anonymous Coward

      Argh, got beaten to it.

      For everyone else though, they are all good games. Team Fortress 2 is especially good and free.

  2. Alex S Avatar

    COD – guess
    Modern Warfare – guess
    Spy from TF2
    Mass Effect 3
    Half life 2
    and finally Mario with a blue shell.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Thanks Alex! McKay got some of the ones above you were not sure of.

  3. Church Avatar

    this was pretty cool.

  4. i love the videos these guys put out, ive been following them for a while. always have some really cool effects.

  5. NikonMikon Avatar

    It took me til now to actually catch up and watch this.

    My comment?

    That video is so fucking goddamn cool. FUCK!