Glock As A Club To Deliver A Beating

Hey whatever works to stop the threat I suppose:

Usually I like to keep my Deagle jokes to 1 per day, but i’m going to make an exception this time and say that I’d rather deliver blows to an attackers face with an empty deagle than a comparably light weight glock.

WHOA WHOA wait a minute… The Glock wasn’t in slide lock so the mag obviously wasn’t empty.  Proof when she drops the mag and ejects the round that was in the pipe at 0:35.  So you mean to tell me that it’s a good idea to shoot a few times, and then swing around a loaded gun and hit it against objects?  My mind is blown.  Everyone give it up for Buck Yeager and Tactical Response *crowd cheers* … if endangering photographers lives doesn’t piss you off enough them I’m sure this new example of stupidity will get your blood pumping.

I’m now starting to feel like Yeager is trolling.  That or he gets his kicks out of getting that sweet girl to do a bunch of stupid shit on camera.  Additionally I still don’t get the gun up by the face 360 degree line dancing spin scan that Buck Yeager teaches.  This isn’t Charlies Angels.

Explain to me how much of a non-operator I am, and how I wouldn’t understand.  I’d like to hear it…


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  1. Willy Wonka Avatar
    Willy Wonka

    The Everlast’s back must be broken because he’s not fighting back.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hahah I read your comment last night but I just caught the joke now. Subtle.. I like your style Wonka.

  2. NorCal Avatar

    DAISY DUKES!- but yeah, you’d think they wouldn’t show her ejecting the live round in slow mo.

    1. you mean the Spent casing

      1. NorCal Avatar

        spent casings eject themselves via recoil springs, so no, I don’t

        1. light primer and a fail to eject is what happen to this girl. If you know guns you can clearly see this happen. Watch again light primer and NO eject.

        2. you can even tell by the sound and the fact that the slide doesn’t move to the rear. Do you own a gun sir?? Watch again

          1. SAOperater Avatar

            You know, when 100 people are telling you that what you’re doing is dangerous, unnecessary, and going to get someone killed – it’s not them, the problem is you and what you’re teaching. I feel sorry for these people who waste money with you.

          2. So you think you can remove a video from youtube and make it disappear? Anon disagrees

            1. Dillankid Avatar


              1. +1, don’t read the blog for 1 day and look what I miss

            2. CRC error :'(

  3. Vhyrus Avatar

    I am going to say that if you are on top of someone triple tapping them point blank and then pistol whipping them afterwards…. you’re probably going to prison.

    I am also going to say that if you manage to put someone on the ground and triple tap their face and they are still a threat….. you need to run away, because you are fighting a Terminator. Seriously, run.

    1. WIN!!

    2. Arnold Avatar

      I am a cybernetic organism

    3. Ringo45 Avatar

      lol it’s the terminator! Run!

    4. bryce Avatar

      This is best comment (Funny Shit)

  4. +1 Vhyrus.

    Also, can we please stop with the BS scan drill. There could be a clown car spitting out midgets on unicycles and she wouldn’t have noticed.

  5. dave w Avatar

    if you have an attacker whos still moving and you still have a round in the chamber shoudnt you just shoot them with it? or is this some kind of your gun jammed while you were sitting on this guy, shooting his fingers off one at a time until he gives up the secret code, so club him so he doesnt get up while you deal with it drill? Often shortened to YGJWYWSOTGSHFOOAATUHGUTSCSCHSHDGUWYDWI drill, which is not to be confused with a small village in wales with a similar name.
    I suppose glock fanboys will explain how this is perfectly safe because its the greatest weapon ever and designed with this in mind.

    1. dave w Avatar

      but nice daisy duke crotch shot for the screencap youtube :D

      1. BBJones Avatar

        Even better view when she crouches down to pick up the empty magazine. Wearing daisy dukes to do this kind of crap is screaming for attention.

      2. TacTammy Avatar

        There is another video on their channel with her shooting a Barrett .50 with her ass jiggling. She loves the attention, but will claim she doesn’t.

  6. Clutch Avatar

    Why would all these people stand around while she flung around a hot pistol and laugh? Yeager was the police chief about 20 miles from where I grew up, its a town that would make mayberry look like NYC, why do people pay this fool for classes? The only time I’ve ever seen him in a gunfight he panicked, left the vehicle he was driving in a kill zone, and ran away to hide in a ditch. I met him at a major 3gun match last year but when people asked him why he wasn’t shooting he acted like he was too cool for the shooting sports. I’m suspect its because his ego couldn’t take getting beaten by old men, teenage girls, and guys you’ve never heard of, i.e. Jerry M, Katie H, and just about anyone else that shows up.

  7. The gun wasn’t loaded. It was a spent casing, watch it one more time.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Even on 720p I can’t make that out, so I’ve got to assume the worst.

      1. I can see it clear as day, watch the gun not cycle on the last shot.

        1. Plus it didn’t fly out like a live round. Too much eneartia and too much bounce from the ground.

          1. cayton Avatar

            Whoa now. ‘Round these parts we call it inertia.

            1. RockRavn Avatar


            2. Johnnie F. Avatar
              Johnnie F.


          2. Danny Ondrey Avatar
            Danny Ondrey

            I don’t know about all this ENEARTIA talk, but Kyle is correct. She was probably instructed that after the 3rd shot to beat the already dead corpse. So had that spent round ejected the gun more than likely would have been empty.

            1. Clutch Avatar

              Wow really? So you guys think she loaded an empty case into her magazine? Or just had a malf in the middle of the shoot the guy you are already on top of and holding at gun point drill.

              1. dave w Avatar

                well there is no better malfunction drill than that or snap caps, preferably if you let someone else load the magazines so you dont know when its coming.
                But, you dont need to do that with a ‘______’ as they malfunction all the time.
                It seems like something tasticle response would do for a drill

  8. dave w Avatar

    so on further inspection this is is the classic YGJWYWSOTGSHFOOAATUHGUTSCSCHSHDGUWYDWI drill as i suspected. My only remaining question is why is being trained to sit on someone them shoot them, apparently not very well, then pistol whip them multiple times useful? Is she training for a neighborhood watch job or something?

    1. boomenshutzen Avatar

      She’s trying out for a modern sequel to Basic Instinct: Tactical Reload. Instead of an ice pick, she uses a Glock, then scans the room for more victims.

  9. Seriously, loose the Glock, get some mud and a bikini and go back to beating the Everlast bag.
    Then you’ll get Youtube’s million views and you’ll stop pissing off gun owners.

    1. Ski-Woo Avatar

      best idea yet

  10. Wow. That video is made of so much fail.

    Even looking past what everyone else has said, I just love the whole Black Widow-esque pose necessary to recover a spent magazine in an apparently hot environment, and the absolute flailing necessary to get a loaded handgun back in its holster without looking at it.

    Yeager is an idiot. Anyone who believes he provides good training is an idiot. But one is born every minute…

  11. I think that “james yeager approved” images is awesome, given who it’s actually a picture of – makes it so much more fitting.

  12. sirkut Avatar

    Now I do think this is derptastic but it had me thinking. What if they put snap caps along with live ammunition to simulate a failure which then you would resort to spaz pounding? It’s the only way I could fathom doing something this stupid.

  13. I think it was a close quarters malfunction drill. Say the gun gets hung up on clothing or something, keep fighting, then clear it and reload.

    But still not the most graceful video ever made.

  14. FAIL. The whole premise is stupid.

    Sorry, I train to NOT have contact with an adversary. If someone crossed the line so far that they deserved to be shot, I am not going to get down on the ground, initiate direct physical contact with them and put my gun right where they can grab it. Create distance, cover the threat and scan for multiple threats.

    1. Ringo45 Avatar

      Some people don’t train for practicality, but rather train to be cool.

  15. Bilbo Avatar

    Yawn… She should just wear black leather and use a whip.

  16. Al T. Avatar

    I dunno, might be sort of fun to have the “range hot” chick sit on you. Might even be worth a smack or two from the Glock.

    1. RockRavn Avatar

      Agreed, my friend.

    2. ArmedInAtlanta Avatar

      +1 for “range hot”… Agreed!

  17. All I can say is “WTF?” “facepalm”

  18. tw1zt Avatar

    NICE sunglASSes
    that is all.

  19. So, the question is, if all of the stars aligned, the moon stopped a wink and the sun had a peak around is there anyway to justify this?

    …dead round in chamber (last one she fired), scene was supposed to have been, after having been tackled by baddy and she managed to get her gun out still, the shots fired failed to effect in that they had armor on or some such, they still had your legs holding you from running at this point, and you had to pistol whip them in place…
    a screw it, my brain hurts after trying to figure that one. haha

    I’ll say this again, other people are very brave for posting videos of themselves or their classes, especially if they don’t go over and over them again with a fine comb and professional film editing, as we (The public) will tear them apart, we always do.

    1. Danny Ondrey Avatar
      Danny Ondrey

      Its what we are good at :D

      After all what else am I supposed to do from like 8 to 4:30 at work?

    2. Because you wont ever get out and train like these ppl all you all do is sit around on your fat ass and troll ppl that do. This young girl who clearly had a spent casing in her gun and did an amazing job of keeping her finger off the trigger has more training time than 99% of all you.

      1. Danny Ondrey Avatar
        Danny Ondrey

        Is someone a tid bit angry this morning? Did anyone make claims to be better than her? Pretty much the argument here is the drill is retarded. She fired 3 shots into what would be someones head, and then proceeded to flail about. No one said anything about trigger discipline.

        Also based on your comments here all you are doing is trolling?

      2. SAOperater Avatar

        I can’t wait till you kill one of your students with this mall ninja crap you teach. You’ve given the prosecutors more than enough fodder to make a pretty good example of you. It’s a shame there are so many of you charlatans out there taking money from the clueless who want to be all movie like tacticool.

  20. This drill is alright… But I would have a more realalistic drill where you walk up to a target wearing a hoodie and shoot them in the back. That’s what Tactical Response should be teaching.

    1. Willy Wonka Avatar
      Willy Wonka

      If you’re refering to Trayvon..Mr. Zimmerman would have been the Everlast bag, was screaming for his fellow neighbors to “help”, when nobody came to stop the confrontation he then drew his weapon and shot his attacker.

  21. The gun wasn’t loaded. It was a spent casings and if you watch the clip and stop being a little girl you would see this and also her finger off the trigger as well.

    1. It was a loaded gun at one point in the “drill”. She does not verify that its empty. Besides, if I wanted to train someone to beat someone with a gun, that’s what a blue gun is for.

      Its a video of fail.

  22. YOUTUBE… otherwise folks would be accused of just makin’ this stuff up…

    Dann in Ohio

    1. AS you sit at home on your fat ass never doing anything but trolling.

      1. Ringo45 Avatar

        You seem upset because people pointed out how ridiculous this stupid drill is. There is no need to cry about it (like a “little girl”).

        1. No this young girl is doing what she is told to do here. And i hope she doesn’t read this crap. Young female shooter is what we need. And post like all these from trolls that probably just sit at home watching magpul DVD’s make fun of ppl that are going out and training. Its sad, at least she is working at it.

          1. Ringo45 Avatar

            Working on going to prison.

          2. I don’t need young female shooters… Maybe you do… Gaddafi mother fucker? Or maybe if you’re 11B habits from the sandbox Lunch Time TS, and need dat tacticool booty…

      2. Cory… do you even know what “trolling” is or means in blog-speak? I view ENDO a couple of times each week to see what interesting things he has to share… and this video happened to be entertaining… to say the least…

        As far as my fat backside goes… I’m not going to list my resume for you… this is the first I’ve heard of “Cory and Erika”… and with videos like this… it’s probably the last I’ll run across you unless ENDO, SayUncle, or someone else posts something like this again…

        And finally, if you’ve pumped two or three shots up close into a guy on the ground and he still wants to fight you… retreat… increase your distance… don’t drop down and straddle him (as you might get your crotch kicked as soon as you spread to straddle him) and pound on his face… because if he’s still fighting you after taking three shots to the upper torso or head at point-blank range… that little gal is gonna get her Daisy Duke’s kicked and possibly have her Glock confiscated by the bad guy…

        Dann in Ohio

  23. What’s with the John Woo pose at 0:44

    Also the only gun that makes a decent club is a Mosin Nagant. And its almost as good a club as it is a spear, and its a little better a rifle than it is a spear…until you get the action hot and the bolt starts to bind…

    1. Danny Ondrey Avatar
      Danny Ondrey

      I 2nd this… Thing could knock out a horse!

  24. Looks like they were doing a ball and dummy drill. The Glock malfunctions twice. When she gets up she clears a malfunction, it wasn’t a make safe. There are so many other comments to make about this video but it looks like it may have been done safely.

    1. There is nothing “safe” about beating something with a loaded gun.

      And yes, that’s a loaded gun.

  25. Ranged weapon; you’re doing it wrong.

  26. Johnnie F. Avatar
    Johnnie F.

    Here’s what I saw:

    Trigger pull – Bam!
    Trigger pull – Bam!
    Trigger pull – *click*
    Racks slide
    Trigger pull – Little bam!
    Trigger pull – *click*
    Beat down begins…

    I don’t get it.

  27. Audacia77 Avatar

    Best part is when she checks her 6.

  28. Chopper Avatar

    Yea mount an attacker.. there’s a good idea. Unless maybe she is supposed to be the attacker? Food for thought.

  29. Law Prof Avatar
    Law Prof

    Maybe Tactical Response should spend a little less time staring at a girl in shorts straddle a bag and more time teaching PRACTICAL response that wont end in one of two scenarios
    1) Overconfidence leading you to straddling a person in a “defensive” scenario which ends up with you being overpowered very easily because unlike a bag an attack moves
    2) In the impending court case the jury sees the attacker as the victim of a highly trained individual who could have retreated but instead used excessive force

    1. Ringo45 Avatar

      Some people prefer tacticool over practical.

    2. Dude that is so not tacticool, do you even operator bro?

      Of course I’m joking, great post.

  30. It needed tactical background music “Charlie’s Angels”

  31. ENDO-Mike Avatar

    ROFL video is private. Oh well i’m sure someone saved it and will put it up somewhere else.

    1. TangoUp Avatar

      I need to start visiting your blog earlier in the day. I can’t even count the number of posts I missed because you embarrassed them and got the video shut down.

      1. He put the video back to public so you can watch it. I got my roommate to save it in 720p to put elsewhere if he tries anything funny again.

    2. He removed it, but it’s now here for anyone to download

      Hopefully someone will up it back to youtube so you can embed it again.

  32. dave w Avatar

    The problem here and with many other videos is the fact we dont know what the hell this drill is supposed to be about. If, just before this the instructor said ‘ok, you are walking home and suddenly this guy grabs you from behind. You struggle, he gets some punches in, you get some punches in, you end up on the floor, finally you get on top and have a chance to draw your weapon and manage to shoot the attacker, but hes all hopped up on something and doesn’t seem to notice and wouldn’t you believe it your gun malfunctions. Then what do you do? This is no place to do your normal drill, all you’ve done is piss this guy off more..’
    If that’s what this is about then fine, but please you tube people tell us what the hell is going on in these things.

    1. Ringo45 Avatar


  33. I greatly enjoy these kind of videos. They tell me which “schools” I want no part of. This is a ludicrous “drill”. Bad tactics, bad safety. Great stupidity.

  34. Awww. I get home and find out I missed all of the fun. Anyone capture the vid?

    1. you can grab it here. It’s an FLV file so you’re going to need VLC or a similar player.

  35. The first two rounds she actually fires are from less than 24 inches into what would nominally be the chest cavity. I can’t find the ballistics on Kevlar vests, but IIRC, at less than 24 inches without plates Kevlar might as well be butter to .38 and above. Two rounds in the chest is probably going to disable, incapacitate, etc. 98% of attackers.

    So even if she had a malf after two rounds at that distance, the target was probably out of the fight, one way or the other.

    I have a friend that inspired the following joke:

    Prosecutor: You shot him six times in the chest?
    Defendant: I didn’t feel the need to reload and shoot the intruder more.

    Granted there is the heat of the moment argument, but if I was a cop, seeing two in the chest and the damage from the “pistol whipping” I would question the how rational the mind behind the weapon was. I have always trained myself on the two round theory, regardless of the caliber. Two rounds, find the next target, rinse and repeat.

    That of course doesn’t count the zombie apocalypse scenario. ;-)

    1. Your two round theory is flawed. I’ve personally seen GSW victims with up to 14 “bullet holes” in their body. And that guy kept fighting off the cops until his BP wouldn’t allow him to stand anymore. I highly doubt 98% people shot in the chest with handguns have been incapacitated. Handguns are notorious for not stopping people when it counts. Please stop making up facts or spewing bullshit on the internet. We’re talking about life and death situations here, not video games or movies, and your lack of knowledge might get someone injured if not killed.

      1. I’ve personally seen GSW victims with up to 14 “bullet holes” in their body. And that guy kept fighting off the cops until his BP wouldn’t allow him to stand anymore.

        Detective Vukovich: He was probably on PCP. Broke every bone in his hand and wouldn’t feel it for hours. There was this guy once, you see this scar?
        [Traxler interrupts him by handing him back the vest]

        How many times has that happened?

        Handguns are notorious for not stopping people when it counts.

        Please cite statistics as I am obviously making up facts or spewing bullshit on the internet.

        We’re talking about life and death situations here, not video games or movies, and your lack of knowledge might get someone injured if not killed.

        Since I can tell you’re a real operator, from all the stuff you spewed, in the future, every time I pull my weapon, I am going to empty my magazine regardless of the need to do so because my target is on the ground, writhing in pain. Thank you for your so cogent advice.

        I take it that you also advise your peers and juniors to straddle the attacker, that is face up, put your gun within grab range, and then pistol whip them in a malfunction?

        Thank you for the advice.

  36. Arm3nian Avatar

    You know all of this can be explained by:
    “cocaine is a hell of a drug”

  37. Rydak Avatar

    Yea, I dont think it would be right to give the woman a hard time over this, she was doing as instructed. And the fact that she is pretty only draws even more trolls to the thread.

    I would however like to here from the clown that set her on this “training” move…the straddling thing and the turning of the entire body to check your perif… not solid moves. Id enjoy hearing conversations that oppose my views. But honestly…It looks like alot of the other posters here are kinda in the same boat….shaking their heads looking at these moves and saying “What was he/she thinking?”

  38. Oh! I get it… The Everlast punching bag lying on the ground represents a, uh, sleeping attacker. So this is a pre-emptive defense drill then? But why does she come in and sit on its face first then shoot it in the balls four times before moving on to abdominal blunt trauma? Fit of rage?

    Yes, I’m being serious.

    Assuming we’ll get all of that past a jury, let’s look at a few others:
    – Rule 1–treat it like it’s loaded. Doesnt matter that they “knew” it didn’t have a cartridge chambered. Anyone else observing sees only a crazy woman pistol-whipping a corpse.

    – Next, yes, for the love of god, lose that scan drill nonsense.

    – Finally, good shooting–hey, she -did- hit the target, but maybe spend a little more time…okay, lots more time learning how to holster that loaded firearm.

  39. Well, i havnt had the….uuumm…. Privalage i guess of watching the vid, but from what i can gather the vid consitst of the girl shooting a target at almost point blank in the upper torso/head several times then continuting to muzzle everybody with her firearm and beating the snot out of a “person” that would normally be dead or severely injured…. There are a couple things that bother me about this, the fact that the method being used is what alot would call excessive force (juries included) and the fact that whoever designed this exercise has a blatent disreguard of firearm safety. If you at all compotent with guns you will know the golden rules are 1. Treat EVERY gun as if it were loaded (i dont care if i check the action a billion times, my guns are always hot as far as i am concerned) 2. Do not point a gun at anything you are not willing to destroy.. Now mind you, i am not blaming her completely for the idotic acts, i am blaming whoever came up with this for telling her to do it, and i am blaming her for actually going along with it…

  40. Jalyn Avatar

    I used to watch their videos, then they lost what tiny bit of credibility they had by crawling on FPS Russia’s nuts, doing a training class with the clown of the tacticool world, and then returning for MORE training with the clown (obviously this would be Yeager). They also use the chick for attention and act like they have a right to be angry when people comment on her painted on pants and extra tiny shorts. In their videos from their first “training class” (tactical response fighting pistol), there’s footage at Yeager’s facility with a photographer literally sitting down range, basically getting shot at. When this was mentioned, they all defended that choice by saying the photographer is “badass” enough to be doing such boneheaded things. Apparently if you’re THIS badass and tacticool, gun safety does not apply to you. This is possibly why James Yeager shot his own man while overseas LOL
    Cory and Erika, get off the whole “Erika is inspiring other women to shoot!” thing….or if you’re gonna stick to that story, stop placing the camera in position to film her crotch while she straddles the Everlast and performs a retarded act of un-safety. I’m a woman shooter and I can PROMISE you that doesn’t “inspire me to shoot”.

    1. It’s gun porn honey lol. “We need women shooters! We need more women!” Wrong, they need T ‘n’ A. Otherwise never wait for women…