Trayvon Martin Shooting Target

Made and sold by Hiller Armament Company.  $16.50 for 10 targets.  Stay classy guys.

The only thing more hilarious than people making stuff like this up solely to piss people off, is that people will actually but these targets and use them to piss even MORE people off. Quite a first product for Hiller Armament Company to come out with regardless. They really set the bar high for their 2nd product LOL.

I lost interest in that case a long time ago.  What ended up happening?  Did the companies that own Skittles and Arizona Iced Tea see record sales for the past few months?


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  1. RonCrum Avatar

    TROLOLOLOLOLOL I can tell already that Hiller Armament is going to be an overnight success.

    1. Leading with a release like this is guaranteed to get the blacklisted anywhere credible. Even Gunbroker already removed the auction they had up.

  2. Does every target pack come with white guilt?

    1. greyeyedgirl Avatar

      This is not about white guilt, how can there be white guilt when your racist bastards are guilty? This is all about selling racial hatred…

      1. Grey eyes? You are a mudshark then?

        1. curious Avatar

          what do you mean by “mudshark”? New term for me. Thanks in advance

          1. Jimbo Avatar

            A “mudshark” is a White woman who race mixes with negroes. A race-traitor. A war — and GENOCIDE — is being waged against the White race worldwide. And she is destroying the most valuable resource on earth — her White genetics. The White race is the Race of Civilization, the people who created virtually every advanced civilization the world has known, including Western Civilization. The negro is 200,000 years more primitive genetically than the White human race. African negroes on average have an IQ of 67 (retarded) — and they are the only humanoid group in the world with chimpanzee genetics. They have created nothing as a people — and only destroy civilization wherever they live in the world.

            1. Jimbo Avatar

              If we White people had a country of our own, this would not be happening.

              1. shannonm Avatar

                Jimbo – You are what is appropriately known as a “booger eating moron”
                Created nothing as a people?
                Maybe YOUR IQ just can’t keep track!
                Just to name ONE black man who did a good thing for the world – Charles R. Drew. He developed improved techniques for storing blood, which probably saved the lives of many, many American soldiers in WWII, so they could defeat the NAZI regime. I’ll bet you’ve heard of Nazi’s, haven’t you?
                You are a sick, stupid individual.

                1. Jimbo Avatar

                  There’s a nice photo of Charles Drew on Wikipedia. It is obvious that he was 90% White. It is true that American negroes, because they are on average about 15% White, have a higher IQ and intelligence than “pure” African negroes. And the more White genetics the negro has, naturally the higher will be his IQ and intelligence and intellectual potential.

                  The average IQ of American negroes (with their 15% White genetics) is 78, whereas “pure” African negroes from Africa have an average IQ of 67 (retarded). Jensen and Rushton (two of the world’s premier experts on intelligence) determined initially that the American negro IQ was 85. However, they later revised this determination downward to reflect the original lack of intelligence data on “inner city” negroes.

                  But it looks like you failed to understand my post, Shannonm. I was not speaking of individual negroes — or even individual Whites. I was speaking of negroes as a racial group, as a “people” versus White Europeans as a racial group, as a people. Go to any EX-White city in America now dominated by negroes. What will you find? Detroit. Chicago. Cleveland. New Orleans. Etc. What you will find is that wherever negroes dominate in large numbers, there will be a severe degradation of a once beautiful and thriving and peaceful White civilization. You will find soaring murder and robbery and rape crime rates, desolate and crumbling buildings, trash and filth and rat infestation everywhere, disease running rampant, drugs and drug addicts, poverty, homelessness. It will look worse than Dresden after the Allies firebombed it at the end of WWII into a furious inferno.

                  As negroes spread throughout America, so too will their desolation and degradation and violence and ignorance spread — to destroy all of once-White and beautiful and free America.

                  If we White people had our own countries, this would NOT be happening.

                  1. Billy Bumfuck Avatar
                    Billy Bumfuck

                    Too bad “white” doesn’t exist, genetically.
                    You’re mixed Europeans. Mutts.
                    Genetic mutations, actually, as dark skin pigment is a dominant gene.

                    “Whites” are doomed to go extinct biologically, unless you plan to be inbred retards forever, and it can’t happen fast enough, either way.

                2. Did Charles Drew “discover” (in about 1940) that plasma could be separated and stored apart from the rest of the blood, thereby revolutionizing transfusion medicine? Nope.

                  The possibility of using blood plasma for transfusion purposes was known at least since 1918, when English physician Gordon R. Ward suggested it in a medical journal. In the mid-1930s, John Elliott advanced the idea, emphasizing plasma’s advantages in shelf life and donor-recipient compatibility, and in 1939 he and two colleagues reported having used stored plasma in 191 transfusions. Charles Drew was not responsible for any breakthrough scientific or medical discovery; his main career achievement lay in supervising or co-supervising major programs for the collection and shipment of blood and plasma.

                  You need to do your homework.

                3. I see you fell for that anti German propaganda….the fraudocaust almost certainly did not happen as it is mathematically, scientifically impossible to kill anywhere near 1,000,000 in 2 years with the tech of the day and besides the laws of physics denies it….OH AND the sheer lack of actual proof also denies it…

                  GO get an education you filthy uncivilised moron

              2. Richard Avatar

                LMAO…dude, if you actually believe that, then YOU’RE the retarded one. White people created virtually every advanced civilization on Earth? Your ignorance is AMAZING. The Persian empire, China, Carthage, Egypt…those are just the first that come to mind. Western Civilization wouldn’t exist without half of them…nevermind the fact that human beings came from Africa. Way to skew the data in your favor, Faux News boy. The IQ figure you give for blacks is for Sub-Saharan Africa…the poorest and least educated place on Earth. American blacks have an average IQ of about 85, American whites 100 and Asians 106. But that has a lot to do with education, too. American blacks today have the same IQ as whites in 1945, and the black average is going up by about 0.5 point every 2 years. Took me about 30 seconds with Google to find those figures…maybe you should try spending 45 seconds educating yourself before you open your mouth.

                “And they are the only humanoid group in the world with chimpanzee genetics.” Really? Where you pull that bullshit from? “Scientists unleashed a torrent of studies comparing the genetic coding for humans and chimpanzees on Wednesday, reporting that 96 percent of our DNA sequences are identical.” Do you see anything about black or white in there? No…96% of ALL human DNA. Though I’d guess yours might be closer to 97% or 98%.

                Lastly, by what measure are “white genes” the “most valuable resource on Earth?” What are you basing that on? Intelligence, empire building, culture, technology? By those measures, ASIANS are more “valuable” than us. Which makes sense, considering the fact that Asians diverged from the Caucasian race 40,000 years ago. Yeah, that’s right…we whites are about 40,000 years more “primitive” than Asians. And, guess what? Native Americans diverged from Asians about 15,000 years ago, and Hispanics diverged from them about 10,000 years ago. So, if you’re talking about who’s genetically “primitive,” then those dirty Mexicans you shoot at the border have every right to call THEMSELVES the most “evolved” race on Earth. Welcome to reality, jackass…try using the internet sometime.

                1. Jimbo Avatar

                  You made so many false claims in your post that I simply cannot, in this venue, discuss them all. I guess your post is a manifestation of throw a handful of shit up against the wall and hope some of it sticks.

                  The reason for your false information is to be found in your own words: “Took me about 30 seconds with Google to find those figures…” The information I have given in my posts are NOT based on 30 seconds of Google research — or even 45 seconds. They are based on THIRY YEARS of study in the fields of anthropology and intelligence — including reading and contemplating many BOOKS on. As a point of information, I have FOUR university degrees (from America’s best universities). Debating with someone like you, Richard, is like debating an intellectual topic with an uniformed 2 year old.

                  I’ve corrected already some of your mistakes in my other posts today. Read them and educate yourself a little. But I’ll just quickly go through your post and correct some of your more egregious errors.

                  Civilizations. The great ancient civilizations of Persia, Carthage, Egypt, and India too (you didn’t mention India but I might as well include it) were created and ruled by a WHITE ARISTOCRACY. How do we know this? WE HAVE SOME OF THE BODIES OF THOSE ARISTOCRATIC CLASS. For example, the MUMMIES of some of the Egyptian Pharaohs. Most of them had blond or brown hair and blue eyes. We have their paintings and sculptures which confirm this. They were very race conscious — and made clear racial distinctions between Whites, Middle Easterners, Negroes, and Jews. Very clear and obvious.

                  As for the increasing negro IQ. It has NOT been increasing. It has been deceasing. You are referring to the so-called “Flynn Effect.” The Flynn Effect did show increasing IQ scores of 2 or 3 IQ points per generation for ALL (including White) racial populations in advanced nations but the increase was caused NOT by increasing underlying intelligence (“g”) but simply on test taking ability. Anyway, the Flynn Effect has now stopped — and appears to even be reversing.

                  The truth is that underlying intelligence (“g”) has been DECREASING for human beings worldwide, with the possible exception of China — because China alone does not have an anti-Chinese government, but a government that is specifically using eugenics to increase the intelligence of the Chinese population.

                  That negroes — alone of all humanoid populations — have actual chimpanzee genetics is genetic fact. Of course, this is not publicized in the government schools and media. All you need to do is look at negro group behavior (gang and mob violence for example) to see the chimpanzee in the negro.

                  The growing anthropological evidence is showing that the various races developed NOT recently in the Homo Sapiens (modern human) stage but two million years ago in the Australopithecus stage. And CERTAINLY modern human beings did NOT evolve from negroes — or evolve in Africa. On the contrary, the evidence is that modern humans, after they evolved in Central and Eastern Asia, migrated into Africa and, unfortunately, mixed genetically with the archaic humanoids there, corrupting White modern human genetics in Africa.

                  That’s more than enough. I’ll stop there.

                  1. Richard Avatar

                    Dude, you’re going to believe whatever narrative of history that you want to regardless of what any evidence says. You’re just like the so-call “Christian scientists,” who start out with an idea and then look for evidence to justify it. I’m not necessarily using that as an ad hominem arument…I’m just letting you know that I know that so you know why I’m not going to spend the rest of my life arguing with you.

                    That being said, I’ll waste a minute anyway. Certain kinds of anthropological evidence can be misinterpreted…genetics can’t. The simple fact is that geneticists long ago followed maternal genetic markers back to common ancestors in Africa. Which means THROUGH blacks. Like it or not, genetically, blacks did NOT branch off at any stage…we branched off from THEM. The genetic evidence proves that, right back to monkeys. It’s not remotely refutable at this point. You can follow the Aryan narrative of “history” all you want, but blacks came from monkeys, and we came from blacks.

                    Which is my second point: We DID come from monkeys. Your statement that blacks ALONE have monkey DNA is glaringly false. Even if I were inclined to agree with you on anything (which I might on the Flynn Effect, since you make a valid point), the very fact that you’d say something so observably incorrect casts doubt on everything else you have to say. I will research what you’ve said about white ruling classes in those cultures…if there was an Aryan ruling class, I’d be interested to find out about it just from a historical perspective. But I’ve never heard of any such thing, and I’ve never seen a painting of an Aryan Egyptian or Persian king. In fact, I remember a skull examination done on a member of the Egyptian royal family, and the jaw and brow ridge showed negroid origins. If you have any valid evidence of a white ruling class in those cultures, please feel free to share. I’m genuinely interested.

                    Believe whatever your Aryan brothers tell you…nothing I say is going to change your mind. I believe genetics and biology, and the story is completely linear. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to hear the perspective of someone who’s actually educated on the matter. Show me some damned good evidence that contradicts everything we know about those cultures and our own genetics, and I’ll be right on board with you. But I doubt that evidence exists beyond apocryphal accounts and your own bias on the matter.

                    1. noneyo buisness Avatar
                      noneyo buisness

                      Richard claims whites evolved from blacks. I quote, ” You can follow the Aryan narrative of “history” all you want, but blacks came from monkeys, and we came from blacks. ”

                      Not only is that rayciss, but it’s also incorrect. You need to google for more than “45 seconds” to be credible on any subject.

                    2. You’re a bit of a moron

                    3. Yeah one skull..I like how you try very hard to sound intelligent but use made up words “negroian” it’s NEGROIDAL you moron. And also as per the records in the Institute for ancient antiquities in EGYPT THE EGYPTIANS WERE CAUCASOIDAL IN DESCENT…

                      you are massively ignorant of reality

                    4. And as a counter to your bullshit “whites evolved from negroes” argument. Whites evolved 700,000 years ago as is proven by paleontologists who dug up caucasoidal bones dating to 700,000 years ago and earlier (these findings were suppressed by 2 Jewish university professors) while the African race NEGROIDS evolved 170,000 years ago…yet caucasoidal beings have much larger cranial capacities and much higher IQ

                2. Fractal Avatar

                  I agree, Richard. Jimbo is an ignorant dumbass. Nothing but eugenics and supremacist rhetoric.

            2. GunsAreForLittleDicks Avatar

              Hey Jimbo. You’re what the whole WORLD despises. Arrogant, hateful and LESS INTELLIGENT than most of the races you spew your hate at. You’re also why the rest of the country wants people like you to get a background check. You’re mentally unstable, no doubt thanks to the fact that so many black men are more successful and richer than you are… and better “equipped”. Poor, inadequate white trash skinhead… you’re not worth arguing with, since you can’t face reality.

              1. Jimbo Avatar

                Generally speaking, “successful” and relatively well-off negroes in America (or anywhere) are so because of “affirmative action” — more accurately described as anti-White discrimination.

                I see you are raising the inevitable negro fall-back position: the great negro penis. Well, since you bring the subject up, there are actually certain disadvantages to the negro penis — and I direct this information especially to White women as a realistic warning.

                The negro penis is 200 times more likely than a White penis to be diseased with a transmissible sexual disease, such as AIDES or herpes or gonorrhea, syphilis, scabies, genital warts, or/and crab lice. 200 TIMES MORE LIKELY!

                Out of a negro penis will come small-brained, abysmally low IQ, violent negro offspring.

                During the necessary up-close-and-personal interaction with the negro penis, the White mudshark will be at HIGH risk of being raped, beaten, tortured, and murdered — and if she is stupid enough to bring a White child with her or the negro into her home, her White child likewise runs a HUGE risk of being raped, beaten, tortured, and murdered.

                If she marries a negro penis, she will be statistically THIRTEEN TIMES more likely to be MURDERED by her negro “husband” than if she had married a White man.

                And, of course, her unmatchable White genetics will be corrupted and lost forever if she becomes impregnated by negro sperm, diseased or not.

                So much for the great negro penis.

              2. Again this little Canadian bitch runs his mouth! Your such a Liberal pussy!!


            3. I never thought about it that way but …you know… you’re right

            4. Fractal Avatar

              Fuck you, Jimbo. You’re an idiot. You speak backwards and twist lies. We all came from Africa. Some lost their Melanin in Eurasia. You’re a lied to loser. Shut up.

      2. William Avatar

        Fuck Niggers

    2. how can it be white guilt when the shooter was hispanic???

      1. Exactly… WTF???

      2. Cause the media brainwashed negro simpleton into the false narrative that Zimmerman was a white man when in reality he was a Hispanic jew…..the Jews are the enemy of civilisation just look at what isreal is doing and the false fraudocaust of ww2 (nor the first time or the 100th time that 6,000,000 jews died..for a race that only numbers at 15 million there were over 66,678 675,000 Jewish deaths in the past 100 years)

    3. No because civilized whites don’t have guilt! Rioters & protestors should have guilt for acting like a bunch of animals!!!

  3. Sivl32 Avatar

    oh now that is sooo awesome.. I hate when the news decides to blow up everyday stories. I support this target

    1. I do too..besides trayvon martin WAS A THUG

  4. LMFAO talk about taking advantage of a situation.

  5. G-Zim Avatar

    I am George Zimmerman, and I approve this target.

    1. DeskJockey Avatar

      Not funny.

    2. Dom P. Avatar


    3. SATAN REBUKER Avatar

      I am Trayvons distant cousin and follow me while i am walking home im going to beat your ass then and shoot you and call the police then make a target out of you for the next gun munger that thinks he bad cause he got a gun

      1. NiggaHatr Avatar

        The ones that think they’re bad are usually the ones getting shot. For instance, dead and rotting Treyvon.

        1. Killemall Avatar


        2. GunsAreForLittleDicks Avatar

          Why do uneducated little boys think a gun can substitute for a REAL dick? You ignorant yahoos are laughable. Where are all you heroes when a crime occurs? HIDING in your survival bunkers eating pork rinds and telling stories about all the big bad squirrels you shot… PATHETIC!

          1. Hey pussy shit your hole you AssHat!!

          2. Actually no blacks are the ones hiding….whites are the ones fighting or were you asleep the past 10,000 years

        3. Exactly…I like how this is portrayed as “police violence” when trayvon was biting at Zimmerman like a chimpanzee…….all the blacks killed by cops deserved it

      2. doubletap Avatar

        If a black shot Trayvon it probably would not have made the TV news since there are blacks shooting blacks by the hundreds every day across this nation. Much more than any other race.
        You know George Zimmerman will get off easy and murder charges will be dismissed, the blacks will riot and demonstrate thinking it will change things but it won’t. Most blacks dislike whites and most whites dislike blacks. They just don’t make an open issue of it. So it will be forever.

        1. NiggaHatr Avatar

          You’re right doubletap. These nigga’s pop out babies like rats and suck the life out of our social security and welfare programs. If anyone thinks I’m wrong then they should go into any social security branch and there you will see the leeches, spic’s and nig’s. I looked in one out of curiosity and was totally disgusted. So why don’t they understand why we hate ’em. they do riot and destroy their own neighborhoods. Let them come to a white neighborhood to riot and see what they get. Shot dead tar babies, just like treyvon.

          1. shannon morris Avatar
            shannon morris

            Thank you for making it clear that you are a complete fucking moron, racist fuckhead. I’d really hate for someone to accidentally think your opinion is worth a shit. “…suck the life out of our social security…” You cannot possibly explain this idiotic remark without making yourself look like more of an idiot, so I won’t ask, because it really isn’t necessary at this point.

            1. Blacks make up 13% OF American population yet use up 45% of welfare, are the primary users of EBT cards, WIC cards, foodstuffs, are the primary beneficiaries of affirmative action….ALL FACTS you’re just suffering from C.D.D. and WHITE GUILT

          2. Richard Avatar

            This is the problem when somebody starts out a bigoted retard, and starts making decisions based on that. they only look for “facts” to support their own opinions. You better check your statistics, douchebag…whites receive a higher percentage of welfare in this country per capita than blacks. And that’s coming from a white guy, who came from a trailer trash neighborhood full of ignorant assholes just like you.

            1. Whites make up 36 to 37% of the population and recieve 46% of benefits…yet blacks make up 13-17% of the population yet use up over 47% of the benefits…..

          3. GunsAreForLittleDicks Avatar

            “Looked in”??? LOL No, you went there to get your WELFARE like the rest of the home schooled retards in your trailer park! Go pick your tooth tell your dickless buddies how tough you are, mouthing off online, so you don’t get your head knocked off by somebody’s grandmother. You are a pathetic little piss-ant who couldn’t get laid in a women’s prison with a handfull of day passes!

            1. Hey Canadian check your pants to see if you have a Dick?! I doubt it because the thinks you say make you sound like a little bitch!!

        2. Differences cause racism or other forms of hatred or distrust…

    4. Vincent Rogers Avatar
      Vincent Rogers

      G-Zim, Be Very, Very, Very Careful!!!! You might just get what you ask for…

    5. Thanks George, glad you got off

  6. I think the target itself is a good joke. It’s funny to think of it and make the photoshop picture to post it on a blog. It’s sad to make it an actual target and taking it to the range.

    Good marketing though…

    1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar

      good marketing!!! really we will see win someone kills your kid and make a mockery out of it boi what satan planet are yall from

  7. Stay classy indeed. Tasteless crap.

    1. Church Avatar


  8. Wow. Way to take a chunk out of / polarize your intended market right off the bat!

    Hiller Armament Company is apparently plumbing the depths of “fail”.

  9. Jusuchin (Military Otaku) Avatar
    Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

    Way to jump the shark guys.

  10. About the most tasteless product I’ve ever seen. The antis are going to eat this one up. Hiller Armament will never see a penny from me.

  11. Martin Avatar

    Wonder if my local range would have issues with these, going to buy a set and find out :)

    1. mookins Avatar

      Make sure to bring your nazi armband and KKK hat too. Show ’em where you stand!

    2. SATAN REBUKER Avatar

      You would have the worst luck with that money ever yall will quit making jokes when it happens to your family as always God deals justly

  12. Funny as an idea. Not smart to actually market. But that’s why I joined the military, so people could enjoy their right to be offensive. The people who buy these will either be racist or have the sense of humor that usually gets their ass kicked in bar fights. It WAS a joke how it was handled by the media and other public figuees, but come on guys.

    1. greyeyedgirl Avatar

      There is no sense of humor in racial hatred…if you think it is…then you are a racist…

      1. Leave your shit stained bastardised at the door and keep your moronic liberal opinion to yourself fucking coal shoveling mudshark subhuman

  13. dave w Avatar

    Awesome, a great way to vent some frustration over this case, but an al or jessie one would be more satisfying.

    1. vone g Avatar

      I bet your married to your sister say crap like that

    2. greyeyedgirl Avatar


      1. Good response to that trayvon martin poster these fools need to get a life!!

        1. dave w Avatar

          you know who needs to get a life?…..trayvon!

          1. greyeyedgirl Avatar

            Since you are dead yet while you live, looks and sounds like you are more in need of a life then Trayvon Martin is…he is in a better place free from inept, mean-spirited bigots like you and your inbred family!

            1. dave w Avatar

              i love how you think i am white, maybe that shows your bigotry

              1. She didn’t say you were white, I guess by your logic that shows your bigotry.

                1. I’m confused here. Is it bigotry to assume an assumption?

              2. GunsAreForLittleDicks Avatar

                Clearly you recognized that inept, mean spirited bigots with inbred families are always WHITE! Not exactly a chess player, are you? LOL

                1. Again the Canadian fag running his mouth!

            2. doubletap Avatar

              Wow greyeyedgirl, you sure do know about sex toys, anatomy of feline and incest. Probably from hands on experience. Quite impressive to say the least.

            3. maybe yes…maybe no

            4. No he’s dead because he was a punk thug who acted like as Asshole! Stop defending it moron!!

            5. Go actually research the case, Zimmerman was attacked, his head was split and bleeding, tray von was biting at him while Zimmerman was on the ground trying to get away from the savage……GO do research before you look like a moron

      2. Hey easy with the cat dick stuff scum bag! I’m sure you had way worse in your mouth!!

      3. Moron

    3. greyeyedgirl Avatar

      No frustration here, you are just an empty minded racist…simple as that…you are truly a defective product of your pathetic environment.

      1. Shut your mouth!!

      2. Says the single 40 something cat lady

  14. ravenshrike Avatar

    Does anybody actually know those behind Hiller Armament? Specifically, was this company known about before the Treyvon shooting? Cause it could be a sock puppet.

    1. dave w Avatar

      oh im sure it was made up a few days ago

    2. You mean a company with absolutely no presence on the ‘net or brick and mortar is pushing a hoax to piss people off. Surely not. :-P

      1. dave w Avatar

        i know, who would do such a thing? :D chances are it was made by someone at a ‘news’ network with the intention of picking the whatever responses suit it to make a story.

      2. Capt13 Avatar

        Search out, registered 4-19-12, but you can’t find it anywhere. Could be the anti gun put this up.

        1. Exactly I agree…I think it is a way to show how the gun hobby is hateful or racist or dangerous…

  15. Because only thugs wear hoodies. I’m an Army nurse and I have several black hoodies.. because it gets cold sometimes?

  16. dave w Avatar

    please, i live in canada, i would go to a wedding in a hoodie. Theres only about 6 weeks a year you dont need a hoodie. i have dress hoodies, casual hoodies, sports hoodies, watching the game hoodies, work hoodies, old hoodies that i shouldnt be seen in public in, but are warmer than the new hoodie hoodies. No one cares that he was wearing a hoodie, a thug in a tutu is still a thug.
    Its the skittles that would worry me…..

    1. GunsAreForLittleDicks Avatar

      Wow… I’m embarrassed that you’re Canadian. Just tell people you’re from Alberta… Americans have never heard of it, even though Albertans are just like Texans… greedy, arrogant and not very intelligent.

      1. Oh so your a Canadian Douche Bag!

  17. This is the kind of crap thats gonna get on MSNBC and send Rachel Maddow or Chris Matthews into a tirade where they point out that all gun owners/concealed carry permit holders are trigger happy psychopaths that are itching to shoot poor minorties. We now have 38 states that participate in shall issue CCW. Illinois is fighting to finaly get CCW in that state (only Chicago and the governor stand in the way). CCW restrictions are being loosened in Maryland. And these assholes at Hiller Armament are going to ruin it for the rest of us.

    1. Aww, poor right wing whackjob doesn’t get to hide his wittle penis replacement? Maybe if you weren’t such a tiny-dicked little asshole, you wouldn’t have such a problem with this, you fucking racist dick.

      1. not a racist Avatar
        not a racist

        You can love guns and not agree with his death or be a racist. The shooting was wrong and the guy who shot him should be in prison but it doesn’t mean that everyone who carries is a racist and a trigger happy murderer. I like guns, granted I’m also in the military, and carrying but i hate when people do this type of stuff too. The shooter was in the wrong. Don’t put all gun lovers in one group. Remember that most people who carry never fire their weapons on someone and rarely carry it.

        1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar

          now you are the type of ppl i dont mind carrying a gun but some of the idiots i see in the NRA,the revolution is coming,silent racist bigets, and serpents for the devil carrying those are the ones i am not to savvy of, love your morals and leadership as a rightful gun owner keep up the good work

    2. greyeyedgirl Avatar

      They pretty much did…too bad…it would be good for Black people to get ccw too so they can kill any bigot that decides to racially attack them…I know I would!

  18. David, Chandler, AZ Avatar
    David, Chandler, AZ

    Really? Are you just fucking stupid? Look. Please get off my side.

  19. DeskJockey Avatar

    The product is ridiculously stupid and anything that propagates the knowledge that it exists is bad for the 2nd ammendment.

    Democrats would LOVE to hold this up as an example of how gun owners everywhere think in order to make us look bad. This would be like Christmas morning for them if CNN found out about this.

  20. CanReg Avatar

    Good find! At least it isn’t an actual photoshopped picture of Trayvon, although even in it’s current cartoon look it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  21. dallas daniel hessler junior Avatar
    dallas daniel hessler junior

    its my desktop

    1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar

      its your desktop really!!! ok remember if something happens to one of your loved ones, you dont mind them making a desktop mockery out of it

    2. GunsAreForLittleDicks Avatar

      Arrogant, bigoted… and I’ll bet you’re a “Christian” too! You MUST be from Texas! LOL

      1. Shut up you Liberal AssHat!!!

  22. Toadstone Avatar

    Mike, thanks for showing us this and allowing us the chance to point out how tasteless and unnecessarily inflammatory it is. There are issues to be intentionally inflammatory about, but I don’t believe the Trayvon case is one of them.

  23. NikonMikon Avatar

    DUDE make this the avatar for the trayvon related posts:

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha that’s great

    2. NikonMoron Avatar

      You should practice your second amendment rights right into your face Nikon, do the human race a favor.

      1. Oh so you must be an anti-gun liberal pussy! Shut up AssHat!!

  24. Alex R Avatar

    This is worse than the targets the Brady Campaign made after the Giffords shooting.

  25. wry762 Avatar

    Hiller’s site seems to be down…

    1. Their Twitter account is shut down as well.

      Perhaps the trolls realized they had been identified?

  26. Hiller Avatar

    No I took it down because I sold out of targets and it doesnt look good on gunowners.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hahah you realized that AFTER you designed them, got them printed, put up a website, and sold them for X days? *condescending slow clap*

    2. wry762 Avatar

      You sold out, but you’re not producing/resourcing any more? Paging Mr. Burns – Mr. Burns, please pick up the white capitalism fail phone.

      How many targets did you have, and how long did they take to sell out?

      I am the decider of what looks good on me. I have 14 black T-shirts as proof of this. Please set aside your self-doubt and resume commerce. Oh, wait – I don’t see a copyright or trademark on the targets…

      Anybody want to make some $$$ with me?

      1. CMB_12.7x99 Avatar

        I agree with Wry762. We need offensive divisive materiel like this. I have Photoshop and know a guy with a screen printer.

      2. Someone is petitioning the Virginia Attorney General to take action against Hiller Armament.

    3. greyeyedgirl Avatar

      And to think some broad actually birth you…dumb bitch should have SWALLOWED…the world would definitely be a much better place without you!

  27. I don’t really find any humor in this. Anyone who carries should recognize that the taking of life is a seriously heavy thing, for good or ill.

  28. El Duderino Avatar
    El Duderino

    Am I the only one who first read this as “Hitler Armament?”

    Godwin time…

    1. Nope. Me too.

  29. Life no more ceases to be funny when something serious happens than it ceases to be serious when something funny happens. It’s definitely funny, almost as much as some gun owners getting wee-wee’d up about it because of their fear of how they will be viewed…

    1. I just can’t find it funny. Then again I empathize with people and have a heart.

    2. GunsAreForLittleDicks Avatar

      Oh, look! It’s Sarah Palin! It must be, because a REAL man would NEVER use a term like “wee-wee’d”! LOL

      1. You are a Moron!!!

  30. paul kimble Avatar
    paul kimble

    what a bunch of pantywaists.

    let the market decide if this is a profitable product or not.

  31. GREERHOG Avatar

    If they made me an Anne Coulter target that would make it even!

    1. greyeyedgirl Avatar

      You just threaten her life…idiot…you are definitely inbred…

      1. GreyEyedTwat Avatar

        Yeah its only funny when its a tragedy relating to a black person being shot right?

        What an idiot.

        1. GunsAreForLittleDicks Avatar

          YOU are the idiot. She clearly stated that it WASN’T funny to threaten someone’s life. But she was right about the inbred thing… which is why you need everything explained to you like a 5 year old. Good news, though, they have guns for 5 year olds!

      2. Why would an Ann Culture one be different? Hypocrite much?

  32. Jose Cruz II Avatar
    Jose Cruz II

    Cool! This target looks like a thug holding innocuous items, almost like a grim reaper bearing down on you.
    Lock ‘n Load!

  33. WTF?? This was a teenager for goodness sake….think people!!!

    1. Viscosity da Gama Avatar
      Viscosity da Gama

      Most folks posting here don’t appear to know the meaning of the word “think.”

    2. Billygunn Avatar

      I love how the media shows his 12 year old picture when he was actually a 6 foot 2 inch 17 year old MAN in every sense of the word.

  34. Joe Citizen Avatar
    Joe Citizen


    1. Your Stupid Avatar
      Your Stupid

      Sorry… You mistyped your user name… It’s Joe Blow!!!!

      1. greyeyedgirl Avatar

        Funny you should say that when you mistyped yours too…It’s I’m Stupid!!!!!!

      2. GunsAreForLittleDicks Avatar

        Funny that a guy who doesn’t know the difference between “you’re” and “your” would accuse someone of mistyping. Clearly YOURS is not a typing error – just basic ignorance.

        1. You are a first class Idiot!!!

  35. John Conrick Avatar
    John Conrick

    This was a terrible idea that hurts the parents of that young man. Trevon is dead but his parents and family still have to live with the grief for the rest of their lives. How would you like for your family to have to be reminded of your death like this?

    1. NikonMikon Avatar

      Did you EVEN read the blogger’s comments about it at all?

    2. Your Stupid Avatar
      Your Stupid

      Are you kidding me!!! Trayvon’s parents are leeches!!!
      They are living the high life off of their son’s death!!
      They are copyrighting their sons name and phrases with it in them…
      They are selling tee shirts, flying all over the place and getting paid to be on TV shows!!!
      And on top of that they are racist!!!!

      1. Need I point out the dramatic irony in ^ this dude’s name?

        1. Greg Smith Avatar
          Greg Smith

          Not to anyone with two functioning brain cells, but if you want HIM to get it, better spell it out – s l o w l y.

      2. Debra Clinton Avatar
        Debra Clinton

        They were living their lives when your bigoted, murdering hero KILLED THEIR SON IN COLD BLOOD. You are the ignorant leech on society – just look at what you and your ignorant righty friends have caused by your indecent actions!!! The whole country is paying the price for your ignorance, but of course, people like you are too stupid to be ashamed…

        1. NikonMikon Avatar

          You do realize this isn’t a far right-wing conservative blog right? Do you realize how stupid you look?

          1. GunsAreForLittleDicks Avatar

            No, but it sure is full of uneducated, far right wing haters with no lives, but a LOT of time on their hands, since they live on welfare, in their survival shelters, watching Glenn Beck and wondering how they lost their white privilege.

            1. Hey Liberal check your pants to see if you have a Dick?! Because I think your a left wing liberal pussy!!!

      3. SATAN REBUKER Avatar

        bitch you racist

      4. greyeyedgirl Avatar

        I haven’t seen any tee shirts anywhere or anything else your racist ass is lying about, for you to say they are living off of their son’s death shows just how racist you are!!!!…but you are the product of inbred parents who are also brother and sister, you were destined to spawned out as the pathetic bigoted louse that you are….no surprise here!!!!!!

  36. kathleen Avatar

    i would like to buy a trayvon shooting target

    1. Debra Clinton Avatar
      Debra Clinton

      I’d like to buy a “KATHLEEN and her bigoted friends” target…

      1. Clinton who the hell would want that last name! If I was you I would change it immediately!!

    2. kathleenisakunt Avatar

      I’d like to buy a you a brain cell and a clue but you probably wouldn’t know what to do with it.

    3. SATAN REBUKER Avatar

      i would like to by a shooting target for your kids as well now how that feel “thought so”

    4. greyeyedgirl Avatar

      I don’t think they take food stamps hillbilly swamp trash!!!!

  37. paul kimble Avatar
    paul kimble

    what kind of sick person would make something like that

    1. A Smart one.

      1. GunsAreForLittleDicks Avatar

        Smart… is that what inbreeders consider smart? LOL


    1. PeteisaGay Avatar

      What a classy individual you are, I bet you are just another coward like all the other racists here. Probably piss yourself anytime you see anyone darker than milk and jerk off to pictures of George Zimmerman at night while you reenact your bigoted KKK-lite fantasies in your head.

      Its funny though, because your wife (if a woman can even tolerate someone as impotent as you) probably loves getting stuffed with enormous black cock every night. Absolutely loves it. I’m sure she screams for more.

  39. You know what? He’s not using the kids name or his image. He SHOULD be allowed to make these without any issues. It’s not supporting Zimmerman (Who’s my hero) or the Martin family. I wish I would have thought about this!

    1. Debra Clinton Avatar
      Debra Clinton

      Your hero is a moron who shot an innocent boy who was just walking home from the store… what an ignorant, white trash statement.

    2. PeteisaGay Avatar

      You would have thought of this if you weren’t so busy fantasizing about getting your ass plowed by enormous African Americans.

    3. SATAN REBUKER Avatar

      how about i follow one of your kids ome or maybe you and shoot you and make a poster,”yeah i thought so dont feel to good do it” be careful how you treat your fellow man it will come bk

    4. greyeyedgirl Avatar

      Guess you don’t notice the bag of skittles and the iced tea? See…bigots are blind!!!!!

  40. This is not funny; it is messed up. Just as messed up as the many whites who have been beaten across the country by blacks and told, “This is for Trayvon!”

    1. Bullshit alert!

    2. greyeyedgirl Avatar

      So are you blaming Trayvon Martin for this? You bigots are good for nothing except blaming Blacks for everything…your life is a waste and you have no one to blame for your shortcomings but yourself…you are too late to be educated.

      1. dave w Avatar

        chasthuglife google it

    3. Because blacks act like assholes & thugs & think their rotten behavior is for someone who was killed so stupid! Acting like that will get you in the same place as the other things! Grow up & act civilized!!!

  41. Debra Clinton Avatar
    Debra Clinton


    1. NikonMikon Avatar

      so are you saying trayvon is an ambassador of the left? interesting….

  42. Schmeldo McFarland Avatar
    Schmeldo McFarland

    Reading so many of these hateful comments just proves that knuckle-dragging neanderthals are not extinct. I feel sorry for you. What must it be like to carry around an emotion like hate that does nothing but eat you up from inside?

  43. dave w Avatar

    I agree, folks like debra clinton clearly have problems

    1. GunsAreForLittleDicks Avatar

      And why would that be… because she turned the tables around and showed you what kind of ignorant assholes you conservative lemmings are? Yeah, that’ll do it… Just give you inbred tooth pickers a mirror and let you scare yourselves right back into your survival shelters.

  44. SATAN REBUKER Avatar


  45. SATAN REBUKER Avatar


  46. wow. whoever thinks this is funny or is selling this stuff is a disgusting pussy. I said it here and I”ll say it to your face. If you think I’m some kinda liberal tree hugger you are absolutely right, and I can still shoot rings around most of you cracker morons., or kick your ass if that’s your preference. But it wont be, for this kind of stuff and those who like it are cowards. Afraid. Pussies.

    1. paul kimble Avatar
      paul kimble

      lol butt hurt much?

      1. GunsAreForLittleDicks Avatar

        Well, you would know, wouldn’t you?

        1. If your anti-gun then when you get in trouble don’t call for help by men who carry guns Moron!
          Another left wing Liberal Pussy!!!

  47. dave w Avatar

    well satan must really love Al sharpton. Wonder if he threeways with jesse jackson or just does them on different nights?

    1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar

      who said anything about al sharpton he dont represent me bro Jesus does not man what about Ted Nugent what about George Bush what about all your offspring of satan brothers and absolute thinkers

      1. dave w Avatar

        you said satan loves hate, and al and jesse are the two most hate filled people i can think of. Im not a fan of nugents music (before my time) dont know what gwb has to do with it or people who think about vodka

        1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar

          dont know what al sharpton or jesse jackson had to do with it either i am speaking from a point of a parent, and a person with morals and respect for human life and a fear of God and i hate stupidity i dont follow media instruments by esign like the guys you speak of and the two guys i named all of them work together to keep division and stay in power and you know the funny thing small idol minds fall for it

          1. dave w Avatar

            You are in fact following media instruments. My opinion on this is , i wasnt there so i dont know, let the authorities come to their own conclusion, thats what they are paid for.

            1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar
              SATAN REBUKER

              No I am not following media instruments I’m following what’s right by mankind,maybe you should try that,it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what went on Zimmerman went and picked a figjt ,got his ass wipped and couldnt take shot a teenager then tried to say it was self defense ,his mommy and daddy friends tried to help cover it up “the authorities you say let do their job” and God said I will have the last say in this which is I will break the back of these idiot man made laws such as “stand your ground”

      2. You really are a first class Idiot!!

  48. dave w Avatar

    I wondered what brought the trolls out, this story was picked up by some news channels. I think all of the targets sold went to tv stations, they seem to enjoy going out on the streets with them and asking people what they think.

  49. Viscosity da Gama Avatar
    Viscosity da Gama

    I haven’t heard so much childish drivel as on this forum since kindergarten. No wonder the public discourse is at an all time low. Time to give the internet back to the scientists, since it’s obvious conservatives just can’t help but make fools of themselves on it.

  50. Villabolo Avatar

    Let’s make one of these for every member of the Fox News team!


  51. Francis Avatar

    As for the people complaining about this,where are they when a hoodie wearing thug puts a bullet through the head of an innocent 2 yr old child during a drive-by in New Orleans.I never hear a thing out of Al or Jessie for this.Not enough media coverage I suppose,or that the fact that the perp is black makes it a non issue.

    1. dave w Avatar

      just remember what naacp stands for and it will make sense. No Action Against Colored People

      1. greyeyedgirl Avatar

        Really? How so when whites have been committing violence against Black people throughout history here and gotten away with it? Now if were Blacks that had done this with g.z. they would have been charged with making death threats.

        1. I think you are seriously oversimplifying things. And when you immediately redirect to “but what about when … ” you invalidate your own argument. It still means that you can’t intellectually rebuke the comment.

          1. Salient Avatar

            My, what a stinking cesspool we have here. Stay classy.

            1. Martha Winkings Avatar
              Martha Winkings

              No kidding. Stinking, sub-intelligent, low life cess pool.

              1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar
                SATAN REBUKER

                I find it funny how America blames Obama for the problems we have when it is apparent by these idiots on these comments that the problem is with the ppl anytime you look to find a man that kills an innocent.teenager and look for ways to justify him instead of the dead teenager you ppl really need to look at yourself and realize nothing going to change until you change your way of thinking to being righteous until then don’t complain about Gods wrath upon this wicked and.perverse generation bc u deserve what you are getting

                1. Why does everyone assume the kid is innocent?

                  1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar
                    SATAN REBUKER

                    Maybe bc we have this thing call “common sense” which is uncommon these daysn

                    1. Maybe because you assume too much?

                    2. John Marochi Avatar
                      John Marochi

                      Why don’t you ALL learn how to write, spell, punctuate, etc.,etc.

                    3. JeremyR Avatar

                      Yes common sense is uncommon these day, and you do an especially good job of proving that by example.
                      The facts as I see them indicate that Zimmerman followed a suspicious individual, and rightly stated that he was on drugs. Autopsy report confirms this. After being told to not follow, he aparently stopped as indicated by his breathing in the recordings.
                      It appears he was approached by Martin, lets face it, a seventeen year old siupposed athlete cannot out run an older heavy set guy? gmafb Martin then for some reason struck Zimmerman and knocked him down. Zimmerman whether fearing for his life, or in a struggle to retain control of his lawfully carried firearm, shot Martin, ending the fight.
                      There is an old saying, never bring a knife to a gun fight. Martin was dumber then that, he brought skittles.
                      Listening to the recordings, I am convinced the screams are Zimmermans.
                      Clearly, Martin was on top, the shot was at very close range, amybe point blank, indicating he was still attacking. if martin had been the one screaming, he would have also been running, not sitting on the guy beating him MMA style.

                  2. Why do so many people assume the kid is innocent, Tim? Perhaps it’s because there’s not a single shred of evidence linking him to criminal activity of any kind on the evening in question. No drugs, no weapons, no stolen property, no burglary tools — absolutely nothing. Nor has he even been accused of any illegal activity on the evening in question.

                    1. You are ignoring the aggravated assault / attempted murder of Zimmerman. Not to mention the fact that Zimmerman was suspicious of Martin in the first place because Martin appeared to be “casing” the houses in the subdivision -something which is consistent with Martin’s previously being being caught with women’s jewelery in his school locker which he claimed he was holding for a friend which he refused to name and his being suspended because he was caught with “pot” .

                    2. Well will you look at this new evidence….THC in trayvons system at the time of death. And im guessing george hit his own face in and pounded his own head on the ground? To finalize the evidence, what marks, if any, other than the bullet wound are on trayvon?

                    3. He was high when he was killed.

                  3. fagbemijo Avatar

                    because he IS. he was UNARMED.

                    1. JeremyR Avatar

                      Yes, no one hase ever been beaten to death, there wee no murders before guns came among and ruined Eden.
                      Martin aparently thought he was attacking an unarmed guy whom he could over power, over whelm, and rob.

                  4. Um, “Presumed innocent until proven guilty.” That is the American way, part of the “freedoms” we say we care about.

                    1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar
                      SATAN REBUKER

                      Well what do ya know as your bias eyes continue to see what yoj want to see bc u chose to dance in the hall of box in info and silent racist hate, “where is the evidence that shows GZ had the rigjt to violate TRAYVONS by following him and violating his” what part do you not understand,you cannot follow ppl “while in possesion of a weapon cause you think they suspicios”and then lie and say he came bk and initiated a confrantation. I have a question folks wouldn’t any sane individual that is looking out for his neighborhood “with a gun in possesion” be smart enough to let sm1 know that they are a neighborhood watchmen ,instead of following a stranger asking them “who are you ,and what are u doing here” oh white ppl wouldnt know about that you know they dont follow whote ppl with suits and ties

                  5. Might have something to do with the facts in the case. Unarmed teen, walking back from the store, followed by someone he doesn’t know, takes a sidewalk off the road to avoid the creepy guy watching him, freaked out no doubt. There’s not a stitch of guilt in anything Martin did that night. Hitting Zimmerman would be his defense against a gun-wielding stranger that’s following him via his car, then on foot. I think that may be where the innocent part comes from. He’s innocent and now he’s dead because Zimmerman ‘didn’t know him’. Had he been a white guy wearing a polo shirt, Zimmerman wouldn’t have thought twice about him.

                  6. Cooter Avatar


                    The 2nd Amendment is the only part of the Constitution we hillbillies need!

          2. GunsAreForLittleDicks Avatar

            What a load of crap! He tried to suggest that blacks have some sort of privilege and poor white people are just being taken advantage of when it is PROVABLY FALSE and in fact, the opposite is true – whites have murdered, tortured, raped and abused blacks for CENTURIES! Let’s try this: I’ll punch you in the face for a couple of hundred years, then pretend that everything is equal, and we’ll just forget all about it, OK?

            I am embarrassed to be white when I hear ignorant trailer trash like you whining about how tough you have it when we’re the most privileged people on the planet!!!

        2. blacks have been slaves of blacks long b4 blacks where slaves of whites blacks sold blacks from diffrent tribes in africa to white sailors to bring to america to be slaves for them in warring tribes and theres still slavery in some country woman cant show there faces on the streets or walk without a man accompyning them and even in america doesnt matter ur color whites can be slaves slaves to prostitution or pimps even born into slavery just ridiculas all of it but its not just whites that are too blame for slaves , shouldnt hate a whole race for its color really should judge the person on there heart where all red on the inside

        3. Uh not sure where you’ve been for the last year but blacks have been doing nothing but making death threats against G.Z. AND his family and no authority has done anything about it. You might actually want to look at crime statistics in this country and see who it is that is doing the vast majority of murders, rapes, robberies…..
          Claims of “throughout history” are worthless. Can’t change the past. Let’s concentrate on the here and now.

          1. GunsAreForLittleDicks Avatar

            OK, how about you let a black guy punch you in the face a few thousand times, and then you can “forget all about it” and concentrate on the here and now… Schmuck!

      2. Berferd Avatar

        I thought NAACP stood for “Need An Automatic Colt Pistol”.

      3. naacp = niggers are always causing problems

        1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar

          white folks cause the problems,we just get blamed for them, prime example “Bush and Obama”

          1. Wrong white people mind their own business, they don’t riot burn stores & cars protest like little bitches! Act like thugs or punks or scum bags then deal with the consequences!!!

        2. GunsAreForLittleDicks Avatar

          Yeah, ALL the problems are caused by the people who have no power, no privilege and get the worst treatment from authorities… what little backwater haven do YOU live in?

    2. SATAN REBUKER Avatar

      what about all the cops in NY that love putting bullets in blk men why you didnt mention them huh

      1. dave w Avatar

        police shoot criminals

        1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar

          then they need to shoot themselves i didnt know criminals get shot for having cell phones in their hand, but keep up the rhetoric when it happens to you or your child lets see if your perspective on life changes

          1. dave w Avatar

            ah, satan, its been a blast but i just cant troll you anymore tonight, its late and time to go to bed. but feel free to browse the rest of the blog, you might like this one post i know i did. Im busy tomorrow but we can get back to it on sunday.

            1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar
              SATAN REBUKER

              Take you and your masonic pagan worship elsewhere yes I know what a troll is but you on the other hand so smart that you are dumb got all book sense and no common sense I call it brainwashed ,sit that red pill down pagan worshiper

              1. As I asked in response to another troll on this thread:

                What do want: vengeance or justice?

                Justice is letting the legal system handle this and determine guilt, or innocence.

                You are calling for vengeance: The mob gets to decide the guilt based on Zimmerman being white/Hispanic and Trayvon black. Then we should have this guy (Black Male Shoots Unarmed Hispanic, Remains Free) strung up in the court of public opinion; right?

                1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar
                  SATAN REBUKER

                  To bad that is never the case anytime you here blk man shot someone 99% if the time the next line is “suspect is in custody w/o bond

                  1. *Too* bad that is never the case. Any time you *hear* a black man shot someone, 99% *of* the time the next line is “suspect is in custody w/o bond.*”*

                    There you go, took you from derp to high school graduate in just a few keystrokes.

                    1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar
                      SATAN REBUKER

                      sorry John but as in most cases with ppl like you there happens to be 10 fingers pointing rigjts bk at your face ,you did all that work to say what “nothing” moving rigjts along and sorry I’m doing this frm my phone and the best shot you got is that hahaha ,to bad the smartest ppl with all the so call “literary” happen to be bankrupt on common sense. POW!

                    2. SATAN REBUKER Avatar
                      SATAN REBUKER

                      Just waisted precious energy in those keystrokes to say “poor wee I see u messed up some letters” when a non factor has nowhere to run or pretty much no ammo of “sense if reality” they advert to ooo ooo insult his intellect ,sorry been there done that now go bk to the bench and go practice sm more. Oh my fault u lookn at the I in of and the proper grammar “get real” and give me somn to break your ass back down to reality

              2. Florida Avatar

                Satan Rebuker,
                You are awesome!
                You are a bright light in the darkness here.
                Like vampires hissing and spiting when the sunlight hits then, these dark hearted foes of righteousness feel your sting.
                God bless you!

          2. Police are the only thing standing between us and anarchy you moron. They are NECESSARY whether you like it or not. Most police are great people that do their job correctly so get your head out of your ass.

            1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar
              SATAN REBUKER


              1. JeremyR Avatar

                While i can agree with you that there are a lot of bad cops, I think you need to get some serious help for your racism.

            2. SATAN REBUKER Avatar
              SATAN REBUKER

              Talking about cops are good ppl nah there are some good cops and.there are.the.morons with a badge your encounters with cops may be.different then mine bc you a mighty white remember and the only thing standing in the way of anarchy is they haven’t killed the wrong blk person yet but when they do you will see why idiots shouldn’t be praised for stupidity bc its all downhill from there

            3. SATAN REBUKER Avatar
              SATAN REBUKER

              Think about it how many times have you heard of blk cops shooting white ppl,now think how many times have you heard of white cops shooting blk ppl ,exactly that’s why me and you see things different Jay this country would be up in arms if it were a white TRAYVON and white men getting shot in NY but don’t worry yall will need us to save yall ass as usual bc a new enemy is on the verge and they ready to take back what yall took frm them MEXICO so when they start attacking yall ass as usual the blk man has to come clean up the mess the arrogant white man created

              1. What is your view on Daniel Adkins?

                Purportedly, Daniel Adkin’s Jr. was going to his local (AZ) Taco Bell while also walking his family pet – a Lab named Lady. The family sensed something was wrong when Animal Control showed up at their home with Lady. They knew Jr. would never leave Lady alone. A man, yet unidentified, said that Daniel Adkin’s Jr. was waving his arms in a threatening manner and that he could not leave the drive thru, as the dog was in front of his vehicle. He claimed Daniel hit his vehicle with a steel pipe (that was NEVER found) and he was forced to shoot and kill Daniel.

                1. Martin King Avatar
                  Martin King

                  why are you trying to compare? its not the point.

                  1. The point is that this target is tasteless, but free speech.

                    The point that SR is trying to make is that Zimmerman should be in jail, w/o bond for shooting Martin. At the same time why isn’t SR calling for the shooter in this case to be in jail w/o bond?

              2. Guess that would be because blacks just can’t stop being violent.

                Maybe if trayvon wasn’t such a violent punk he would still be alive and pursuing his dream of becoming a surgeon. Right.

                1. GunsAreForLittleDicks Avatar

                  Yeah, a white guy murdered a black KID who was minding his own business walking down the street, but in your ignorant, racist little backwater hole, blacks are the violent ones. Your bigotry is stunning!

                  1. Cry me a river its always the innocent black kids right! Wrong he was a punk thug & self defense isn’t murder!! Weak people always play the race card! Grow up!!

            4. Smash Fascism Avatar
              Smash Fascism

              Clearly you don’t know wtf ‘anarchy’ is… what do you call a whole bunch of neo-nazis running around with guns and can get away with murder without ever being charged with a crime? might not be ‘anarchy’, but it’s def not justice nor democracy.

        2. greyeyedgirl Avatar

          So are you saying that all Black people are criminals? Typical whitey response…

          1. Saying “Whitey” and insinuating that it is the typical response that white people say makes you no better than what you’re trying to rebuke. Way to be ignorant, yee haw!

            1. Grammar Cop Avatar
              Grammar Cop

              Bear, I believe the word you mean to be using throughout this thread is “refute.” Not that using the correct word will help you much, considering your attempts to justify violent racism here are sputtering illogically.

              1. No justification here. Racism (and reverse racism) are inexcusable. But so is knee-jerk emotional stupidity. So yes, when someone comes here spewing what “greyeyedgirl” (and apparently, you, if you agree with her) is saying, that qualifies as stupidity.

          2. dave w Avatar

            to quote chris rock, ‘theres black people and then theres niggaz and the niggaz have got to go’ google it, or watch it on you tube, hes awesome

            1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar
              SATAN REBUKER

              As in the words of me THERE IS WHITE PPL AND THERE IS CRACKERS the crackers need to line up on a wall and be shot one by one and watch how much of a better place America would be

              1. dave w Avatar

                well that just shows who we are dealing with doesnt it.
                But i do have one last question for you my dear pal Mr rebuker, how come out of all the people you have trolled, spouted your racist comments at and otherwise insulted in your outrage, not once have you or any of the other recent influx of posters actually addressed any of your concerns to the guy who made the targets, go back, look for it. And to further highlight the bigotry you and the recent commenters have brought with you, why do you think i am white?

                1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar
                  SATAN REBUKER

                  Well to answer you question Mr.Dave looking for the site was actuallu the first thing I did and during my search it brought me here also ,and all dont call what I am saying bigotry I call it “beating the heck out if ignorance in these comments” I respected one guy on here bc he deserves it the others don’t, I would do the same for your son or daughter if it was them white,blk,brwn,green, when you take the life of a young man for nothing that bothers me VERY MUCH, not only with Zimmerman case but with any1 who takes a young or old .life and you got all these GUN HAPPY GROWN UPS out here defending the devils work im sorry bro this is the side if me you will see

                  1. Are you trying to get “top commenter” this month and maybe win a t-shirt? You are already #5 on the list and your comments are getting way more useless.

                    1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar
                      SATAN REBUKER

                      Must not be got ur attention ,you don’t like it keep it moving ,speaking of the pot calling the kettle blk ,the comment u just made is about as useful as a used PERIOD PLUGGER

              2. JeremyR Avatar

                All that racist hate is destroying your mind. Not much of a loss, I’m sure, you probably won’t miss it much, if ever.

          3. Typical nigger response. If you can use racial slurs then so can I.

            1. GunsAreForLittleDicks Avatar

              As if you weren’t already using it. You people are sad, pathetic little losers… MAN UP! If you’re going to be a racist, then be man enough to admit it.

        3. fagbemijo Avatar

          police shoot anyone who moves, or doesnt move… remember OSCAR GRANT? another INNOCENT man shot by Police for DOING NOTHING WRONG.

          1. BBJones Avatar

            accidentally shot and he was doing something wrong thus why he was in custody. He was not doing anything that justified the use of deadly force. The officer in question made a mistake due to being a bad cop and poor training. It is a tragedy that will never be undone. However, lets not make that into an intentional killing.

      2. Duncan Avatar

        Well who the fuck wouldnt enjoy that?

      3. Your full of sh**! Blacks kill more blacks then cops & whites kill them! Stop with the cry baby sh** if your a thug or criminal cops shoot simple as that race doesnt matter grow up with you race crap!!!

    3. what does that have to do with things like this being sold? Are you people nuts? Oh right, you go to a fun blog. That pretty much answers to questions.

    4. ignatz Avatar

      Yes, you’re right, Francis. The fact that a child was killed by someone wearing a hoodie justifies murdering anybody who wears one. That makes LOADS of sense.

    5. Martin King Avatar
      Martin King

      if this was an issue of a Hooded invdividual shooting a 2yr old then the comments would be different. Fact is a Armed man shot an Unarmed man. 2nd a company making a profit off a this situation is disgusting and a horrible display of inhumanity in the American Society.

      1. Problacknotantiwhite Avatar

        Thank you for putting this perspective to the morons who make weak arguments.
        Post racial America? LMAO! Apparently not!

    6. Rene T Avatar

      Unfortunateliy, 50 percent of criminals in prison are white rapist, white serial killers, white baby molestors, white wife abusers and killers. Please get a clue, it’s not blacks that’s killing your people. It’s your own people killing your people and mine. I think you’ve been doing that for centuries, hellava people.

      1. JeremyR Avatar

        Only 32.9% of inmates are white according to the BJS. Blacks, who comprise 12% of the population account for 35.4% of inmates, higher then whites who are a much larger demographic of the population. What is sad is that most crime against blacks are by blacks. That means a huge percentage of blacks are victims of black criminals, but that never makes national news.

        1. GunsAreForLittleDicks Avatar

          Yeah, that wouldn’t have to do with the fact that so many police are also racists, especially in the south, now would it? Look up the difference in arrests, trials and sentencing. It’s PATHETIC how racist the legal system is… but that doesn’t support your bigoted world view, so just deny, deny, deny. It makes you little dicks feel more manly.

      2. Mike B. Avatar
        Mike B.


      3. You’ve obviously never worked in a prison because you are the one without a clue.

    7. Smash Fascism Avatar
      Smash Fascism

      What’s up with this blog? Seems like all the people on here are neo-Nazis, members of Tom Metzger’s WHITE ARYAN RESISTANCE!! I mean, c’mon SRSLY- are you ppl DEFENDING MURDERERS!?

      1. No, I’m defending Zimmerman’s right to have a chance at equal justice under the law.

        I’m also defending the right for the publisher of this target to have his first amendment rights regardless of the the taste of making such a target.

        1. Shemirah Brachah Avatar
          Shemirah Brachah

          what about Trayvon Martin’s rights? oh, yeah, Zimmerman ended those, and now some jerk wants to make a profit from the controversy…hm…that’s what Zimmerman’s doing, too. Amazing, the thug does his dirty work, whines like a baby that even tho he was carrying a loaded gun AND ultimately shot and killed an unarmed kid, he was scared, and now he’s still scared so he can’t work or anything and needs people to support him…seems like all the thugs are making money off the victim here…what a system!

          1. Shemirah,

            When you’re done here go and complain to these folks as well….


          2. JeremyR Avatar

            Oh, you mean his right to mug a white guy without fearing he might get shot?

            1. Sara McDonald Avatar
              Sara McDonald

              He wasn’t trying to mug anyone you dumbass. He was walking home. Zimmerman is Latino.

              1. Wasn’t trying to mug?? What planet do you live on? Have you seen G.Z.’s injuries. I tell you right now I’d have done the same thing.

                1. GunsAreForLittleDicks Avatar

                  You are stupid enough to believe that because Martin DEFENDED HIMSELF after being chased by a white looking guy with a GUN that he’s a thug? So you’re OK with a guy chasing someone with a gun, but not the other guy DEFENDING himself? How stupid and racist can you be?

                  1. Incomprehensible late late super late post for the win.

                    Now go get me some skittles and iced-t bitch.

                    1. GunsAreForLittleDicks Avatar

                      What… mommy’s not home to take care of you?

                  2. He was Hispanic genius not white, Martin was a punk thug & self defense isn’t murder know the facts!!

    8. Shannon Avatar

      That is such crap. The PROBLEM here is that if not for massive media exposure, this would have gone unnoticed. Obviously, since you mentioned the shooting in New Orleans, you KNEW about it. Stop comparing apples & oranges in an attempt to justify murder.

    9. Oh my god, you vicious, evil, racist scumbag.

    10. Sara McDonald Avatar
      Sara McDonald

      Hey dummy the perp wasn’t black. TRAYVON WASN’T A PERP. Not all thugs wear hoodies. It’s not a hoodie issue. White people wear hoodies a lot. You don’t hear it because of the media. They do look into things. The media decides what goes on air. Al or Jesse don’t own the media.

  52. Can there one for Mitt with a pair or Clippers?

  53. At this point it is a case for the courts to work through.

    As far as how proper this target would be — it is the same as making the the urinal cake holders with OBL as the target.

    I’m past the First Amendment — spew, make, print, broadcast whatever you want to. Because it is not sensitive to the PC side does not limit it. So if you want to block the hoodie outline, what about blocking targets of GWB, Romney, etc?

    When you can stop being a hypocritical f***, then we can talk.

    1. DaveP. Avatar

      Not to disagree with you, but GWB/Romney/Obama targets ARE blocked: there’s an exception for acting like you want to shoot the Prez (or I guess candidates), and IIRC people have indeed gotten into serious hot water because of it.

      1. You’re probably right, but the point is that someone printing up the “white” guy targets after being shot buy someone of ethnicity would not be vilified like this case has.

        1. ignatz Avatar

          [You’re probably right, but the point is that someone printing up the “white” guy targets after being shot buy someone of ethnicity would not be vilified like this case has.]

          Yes, they would. Don’t be an ass.

          But nobody has actually MADE “white guy targets” and tried to sell them, HAVE they?

          1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

            There are hundreds of “white guy” targets. One of the most popular being “the thug” B-60 SP-83A ETC… google it.

            1. deisl04 Avatar


      2. Rene T Avatar

        As it should be. If you feel like for any reason you could hit another person in anger, please see a therapist. You mentally have issues that should be addressed.

        1. You obviously have no mentality to have issues with. If someone is attacking my I am going to be very angry and will have no problem fighting back. For you to suggest that that is insane is insanity itself. You need a lot of help. Perhaps a good dose of violent crime against you might wake you up. But I doubt it. As they say–you can’t fix stupid.

    2. Yeah, go ahead and sell urinal cakes with the president likeness on them and see what happens. You people are loony and are not responsible enough nor intelligent enough to be trusted with firearms.

      1. Why am I loony. Because I respect your right of free speech? Or anyone else’s. The target my be in poor taste, but there is nothing that is illegal about. There is also nothing that promotes violence. As a matter of fact, it would probably be a good prop for a shoot/don’t shoot course.

        1. OutlawTA Avatar

          Actually the targets are in legal question right now because the state has a law against profiting off of another individual whether they are alive or dead without their permission. As far as the case goes the fact of color makes no difference what so ever. We are all individuals and should go through fair trial for justice to be served. It’s part of our constitutional rights. There are good cops and bad pigs. Lol

  54. NikonMikon Avatar

    Geezus I have to unsubscribe to this one. These idiots trollan.

    1. dave w Avatar

      i know, but then i decided to troll back, that was a lot of fun.

      1. Ya you have some good zingers.

  55. Monty Avatar

    I’m pretty sure the targets were all sold to reporters so they could have props for their sensational reportage.

    Come on, who would buy these, and why?

    1. Bigots would buy it. And why? Because their bigots. Do they need a reason to hate?

      1. Bigots would buy it. And why? Because their bigots. Do they need a reason to hate?

        So you are saying bigots own bigots? Or did you mean they are bigots?

        Now the real question is what are your demands?

        Do you want vengeance or justice?

        Justice implies that the prosecutors, judges, and a jury looks at the evidence and circumstances and determines guilt or innocence of Zimmerman. I’m sure Zimmerman’s life will never be the same. (Just as 99% of every individual who has ever had to kill someone.) I give the same consideration to anyone regardless of ethnicity, orientation, etc.*

        If you want vengeance, please go on the path that you are on. Disregard any facts that exonerates Zimmerman (such as his scalp wound) and demand that he be imprisoned, hung or shot before the evidence can be put in front of the legal system.

        * I’m going to caveat this with certain people just need to be treated like a sick dog. Take them out behind the barn and put a bullet in their brain. These include McVeigh, Manson, John Muhammad (D.C. sniper), Loughner. Again, it is in the nature of there really is no question of the guilt, it is a question of the sentence.

        1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar

          I can’t wait to see the day and the reaction of you same ppl when the headline reads “blk guy of neighborhood watch thought white teen was suspicous and calls police and police tells blk guy to stand down next police come to seen and white teen is dead” I wonder what character of you white folks is going to show then not all white ppl just the ones defending this loose cannon with a gun “not permitted in neighborhood watching” I want to see what you have to say then ,I bet it won’t be what u saying now you will nting up everything in the book where the blk was wrong,that’s how yall are “RACISTS”

          1. This entire discussion so far, the only one citing racism has been you. Thing is, you don’t even know what racism is.

            1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar
              SATAN REBUKER

              Thing is you come from a book defining racism, i come from a life of seeing and knowing what it is, you dont see what i see cause you white and have a majority rule me on the other hand will give you some fact,stats, and plenty more of silent racism,designed racism, and judicial racism “need i go there”

          2. It would be the same reaction that I have about this case. Let the justice system handle it. None of us who carry ever wants to draw and fire. It causes too many problems.

            But I would still rather be judged by twelve than carried by six.

    2. dave w Avatar

      I agree, in fact i expect it to be some msnbc or similar staffer behind this purely to make another angle to the story. But if it is not my 2nd choice is, some kid who works at staples made these after work, lets face it, no one would be able to get these printed otherwise. Probably made a 200 or less, put the ad on gunbroker, sent a story link to a whole bunch of channels who brought them to go with the story and show people on the street.
      Within 24 hours of this blog posting (by 1:24am May4th) the seller said he was sold out, lets say it was up a day before it got posted here so 2 days total. The media didnt go with this story until a week later, roughly how long does it take for a flat rate usps package to get to you…..? Interesting We were trolled and fell for it, and then the folks were fooled by the media into coming here and other places screaming outrage. We have all been taken for suckers.

  56. Eddie Avatar

    Now I know why I keep guns: because of assholes like these. Fuck thoroughly anyone who thinks this is cute or funny.

    1. Agreed Eddie. Anybody that thinks this is cute or funny has not seen death up close and personal or been on scene after several bullets have been pumped into the human body and the person looks at you and tells you that they are dying.

  57. What a gruesome thing to sell. Not only in poor taste, but … makes me lose faith in humanity

  58. Cons are inbred Avatar
    Cons are inbred

    Typical inbred racist bigots known as the 2012 rethuglican racist inbred party.

    Deserter and terrorist enabler bush is leader. His business partners the bin ladens are co chairs.

    The no penis white boys.

    1. Uh…wow. Whole bunch of ignorance here.

      But hey! Free country.

  59. ih8crackers Avatar

    im whooping a crackers ass today behind this shit. thanx whiteys for the fuel i needed.

    1. dave w Avatar

      true words from a trapstar

    2. Oh! Pick me! Pick me!

    3. Be carefully tough guy because one day you will come across the one white boy that will beat the ah** out of you! Then you won’t be acting like such a punk!

  60. Beat they Ass! Only person that one agree about this is the child molestor, kill they family when they lose there job and shoot up the school idiot.

  61. Tom Stoppard Avatar
    Tom Stoppard

    Pathetic and vile. I can only pray that there is a hell because that is where you will end up. Although I would guess this pitiful existence you call your life is hell enough. You degrade the human race by walking amongst us.

  62. PatriotB Avatar

    Jim P and others of the same mindset:
    I’m not sure I understand how people think this is right. Does it not matter that Zimmermam was told to wait for the authorities, that he was not in the process of being burglarized, nor that his property nor his person were being threatened? I’m the first person to agree that we all have a right to protect ourselves, but how was this young guy a menace with candy and a soft drink? If they found a weapon on the young guy…Maybe I could understand this better. I’m rational and I’m certainly not a bleeding heart liberal.

    I’m just interested in your “clarity” and persoective to those questions i posed regarding this case.

    1. PatriotB,

      As I understand it Zimmerman parked his truck and walked towards where he thought Martin was. Not spotting him Zimmerman walked backed towards his truck when Martin jumped Zimmerman. That is when Zimmerman fired.

      Zimmerman had apparently lost track of Martin, and Martin could have just walked away.

      Also the 911 operator is not a member of law enforcement. The order to stand down had no legal authority behind it.

      This I what I have heard from several different sources — and that is why this should be done in a court, not by public opinion.

      The target is tasteless, but the U.S. Constitution has incorporated the First Amendment right of free speech. It did not place a judgement on taste.

      1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar

        Correction Jim P ,George Zimmerman use that statement to look innocent ,evidence showed the boy was nowhere near his truck he was actually close to his house,”dont add up” and let’s just say Zimmerman statement was true what would you do if sm1 followed you frm the store asking what are you doing here and this is a person you dont know what they thinking ,sorry buddy do that to me and I’m going to will that ass too ,but the thing is im african American and I wear hoodies but I’m packing so if he follow me his ass would be dead cause I draw first ask later but I betcha your INJUSTICE SYSTEM WILL JAVE ME GUILTY B4 INNOCENT unlike Zimmerman

      2. SATAN REBUKER Avatar

        “Zimmerman parked his truck got out and PURSUED which makes him the aggressor and.deserving of an ass wooping and also unprotected by the STAND YOUR GROUND LAW “CASE ISE” and as far as your constitution I will point out some things that your forefathers spoke of that is going on now and their words told if the things that are happening now start to happen PREPARE FOR THE JUDGEMENT OF GOD

        1. dave w Avatar

          You know back on that night, some bored neighborhood watch guy saw someone he didnt recognize in the neighborhood. Having had incidents of vandalism etc, he called the police, then when the guy went out of sight and (look it up on google maps) not being able to follow in his car and most probably not wanting to look like an ass at the next community meeting when someone would say ‘ there was another act of vandalism/graffiti last month, but dummy george sat in his car while it happened on the other side of the building and buy the time the police arrived no one knew where he had gone’ He got out so he could keep him in sight and tell the police where he went because

          1. dave w Avatar

            all he wanted to do was not let anymore tagging or property damage happen where he lived. Peoples lives are not anymore exciting than that. Whatever happened after, i neither know nor care, there’s authorities to do that kinda thing, i am not qualified to judge. Neither is anyone else here most likely.

        2. WOW! You can actually form a coherent, cogent thought.

          The reason that I have said, repeatedly, that this needs to be done in court is that I’ve heard some chunks of the case, you’ve heard others. I don’t care your race, ethnicity, or sex may be. If I was a juror I’m going to look at the evidence and decide based on that.

          If you think that all white, or black, or Asian people are out to get you, that is a poor way to live life. If you can get over that attitude, the rest of your day may just get better.

          1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar
            SATAN REBUKER

            Yea let it play out in the same courts such as the type that handled the CASEY ANTHONY trial right ,yea sure ,nah buddy the real judge is about to handle the whole INJUSTICE SYSTEM of America himself now sit.and watch results GOD will have last word

            1. Did you hear any of the follow up interviews with the jury in the Anthony case?

              On October 14, 2008, Casey Anthony was indicted by a grand jury on charges of first degree murder, aggravated child abuse, aggravated manslaughter of a child, and four counts of providing false information to police.

              Most of them could have gotten to voluntary or involuntary manslaughter. They just could not get to first degree murder. (FL definition: Premeditated murder occurs when a person kills another human being pursuant to a pre-planned act or scheme.) The prosecutor did not have enough evidence to prove that.

              If the prosecutor had gone with the lesser charges, she would probably still be in prison for years.

              1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar
                SATAN REBUKER

                The things that stand out to me in your comment “follow up” “was indicted” “could have gotten” and so on and so forth the fact still remains a person is dead and was unjustly killed and wlkn innocent “and this us the courts you sau put trust in” ha are you kidding me dude that system is under judgement of God and you to blind to see it, the problem with your style of thinking and a host of other Americans is you focus to much on being politicaly correct than MORALLY CORRECT that’s the reason we in the shit whole we in now and it sad to say we will leave this type of world to our children,instead of doing somn to change it ,Now i want you to do somn for me imagine this is your kid,

                1. I realized how far off-target you are trying to drag this by bringing up the Anthony case. Almost no one says that justice was done, but that is the exception, not the rule.

                  “focus to much on being politicaly correct than MORALLY CORRECT”

                  Ok, so let’s get to MORALLY CORRECT. According to Sharia Law it is morally correct to rape your wife. You can also marry and f*** a 14 year old. And a man can have sex with his dead wife within the six hours following her death.

                  Politically correct to me means you are looking for equality of outcome, not equality of opportunity.

                  1. SATAN RUBEKER Avatar
                    SATAN RUBEKER

                    “SHARIA LAW” and you say im off topic , no buddy you went wy somewhere else, i was going on your comment of “putting it in the hands of our justice system or rather Injustice system” Morally correct in the Trayvon case is “Zimmerman had no right to take his life” but anyways you can loop it all you want God always exposes what sm1 one meant for evil and uses it for good “believe me Zimmerman will pay in one form or another “as for you I pray nothing bad happens to your daughter,son,brother,dad or anyone in the nature it happen to Trayvon just to wake you up on “Morallity” and loving thy neighbor as thyself BRO and ill leave it at that

                  2. SATAN RUBEKER Avatar
                    SATAN RUBEKER

                    and you know what I see you put the constitution over Gods Law bro that why are you only picking one part of the constitution to wave and justify and unjust killing, keep that thinking up about those Guns ive seen firsthand what taking a life looks like feel like and effect it has on ppl “you reap what you sew” keep sewing seeds of violence and guns bc of your constitutional right and when you start seeing blood everyewhere and the effects of losing a love one I bet you rethink all that bs you tlkn about in that OUTDATED CONSTITUTION

                  3. SATAN RUBEKER Avatar
                    SATAN RUBEKER


          2. Rene T Avatar

            Yeah, that’s what pisses your people off, we’re good at all kinds of shit even being the President of the United States.

            If you’re on the jury you made up your mind the minute you see the skin color, history proved that.

            Please don’t try and throw another race in there. Walk a day in my shoes.

            1. If you’re on the jury you made up your mind the minute you see the skin color, history proved that.

              I quite frankly don’t care what you look like. I can’t see you when you are typing your thoughts on a computer screen. You are displaying your thoughts and therefore your character with the above statement. The content of your character is saying just because I’m white, I’m racist. If you believe that you are a waste of my time.

              1. PatriotB Avatar


                You may want to get a bit better educated about the factor race does play in guilty and death penalty verdicts before you get unjustly dismissive of ReneT’s point. There is substantial and documented studies by the Supreme court and the ACLU that supports race does indeed play a factor in case decisions. In many cases race was the only determining factor of a persons guilt or innocence or even which cases were tried by the DA. I wanted to check the validity of these studies to ensure they weren’t being funded by one particular group or association thereby reporting skewed results and none of them were. So we’d have to assume that race really does factor in the minds of most jurors particularly against persons of color.

                So actually ReneT is correct and most people are clearly not as enlightened as you claim to be. And that’s a pity that we all need to expect this blatant discrimination as a reality and not the exception to the rule. I could site some court rulings if you still think this is a fallacy, but I believe you to be a person who thinks logically and impartially, so it wouldn’t be necessary.

                1. PatriotB Avatar

                  Correction: that response was meant for JimP.

                2. PatriotB,

                  It may and probably does happen. I don’t condone it and if I’m on a jury I will do my best to stop it.

                  But just condemning me because I’m white is just as racist as a person condemning a person for being black.

                  1. PatriotB Avatar


                    Very well said and very true.

      3. Rene T Avatar

        OMG he just jumped out the bushes on Zimmerman, Why, explain it? He’s on his way from the store, see a man walking back to his car and jumped him just because? Please listen to what you’re saying. What your saying is Zimmerman didn’t say anything just la la la walking to his car and. Bam! The boy jumps him. Your stupid.

        1. What your saying is Zimmerman didn’t say anything just la la la walking to his car and. Bam! The boy jumps him. Your stupid.

          I am saying that as I heard it Zimmerman tried to intercept Martin, missed him, and then was headed back to his vehicle when Martin attacked Zimmerman.

          I said that is how I heard it. For all we know there may have been a shouting match.

          That is why I keep repeating try this in the court not the media or public opinion.

      4. SATAN REBUKER Avatar

        First amendment right bro yall or something else, didn’t you forget ti mention that packing a gun as an unauthorized neighborhood watchmen is illegal bro this is hypocrisy in full and sad to see this is actually grown ups on the comments boi I tellya LORD HELP US

      5. Shemirah Brachah Avatar
        Shemirah Brachah

        OK, first of all, one cannot claim self defense if they initiate the confrontation — even if the other person throws the first punch (which is questionable, since he’s not here to tell us his side of the story; but perhaps the autopsy report will shed light on that); I’m pretty sure profiling & stalking constitute initiation, so Zimmerman should be in jail, because it’s not self defense when you start the argument.

        Also, it would not have mattered if the 911 operator was law enforcement; Zimmerman has a track record of NOT listening to authority (he did have to attend anger management classes in order to get his charged reduced in a prior altercation with police).

        And doesn’t it bother anyone that Zimmerman was walking around with a loaded weapon? I mean, he’s in his own neighborhood, a gated community…and feels the need to carry a gun. Furthermore, Zimmerman, who claims he was fighting for his so-called life, knew he had a loaded weapon; he knew he had the upper hand…and yet, he would have us believe that he was the one yelling for help (odd, cuz he sure sounded like a teenage boy desperately pleading for his life. I mean, picture it: Zimmerman’s got a loaded gun pointed at Martin’s chest, and he’d have us believe he’s crying for help? absolutely preposterous, just like everything else that’s spewed from his camp since he started this).

        As for the targets, may those who created them, sold them, bought them come to know G-d’s justice, the only justice that really counts. I wish the same for Zimmerman.

        G-d bless all who stand up and speak up for justice on behalf of those who cannot!

    2. JeremyR Avatar

      First off, Zimmerman following Martin on a public sidewalk is not a crime. If it were, 99.999% of New Yorkers are guilty.
      Second, If appears martin struck first, so chances are he thought Zimmerman was unarmed.
      Third, He struck repeatedly, so Zimmerman had every reason to believe his life was in danger.
      Fourth, the repeated assault would possibly mean he was about to be robbed, as well as possibly killed.
      Fifth, There is a wealth of evidence about Martin that shows he was a thug or a thug wannabe. He was not suspended from school for being a model student. His record? he was a juvenile, its sealed.

  63. sallysunshine Avatar

    you know whats even funnier than pissing off huge amounts of people? when those people come after the douche bags responsible and beat the living shit out of them. xD

  64. GO molest your kids, shoot up a school because you got called ugly , go slap your Mom because she took away your child porn, be a serial killer and smoke up a pound of Meth you racist Assholes! LOL

    1. dave w Avatar

      yeah the racists really showed up in force the last few days, shame on them.

      1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar

        Ppl getting fed up Dave with the devils causing all the trouble blaming other ppl ,them days.oare over

        1. dave w Avatar

          whooo go devils!
          actually, not much of a hockey fan.

  65. paul kimble Avatar
    paul kimble

    Never before seen video of the white devil killing treyvor

    1. Too bad he was Hispanic & not white! He was a punk thug & got what was coming to him!

  66. cstory21 Avatar

    ok Satan Rebuker, your an idiot….you say oh what about the KKK that kills black people? ok what about the Black Panther party?/ o ,let me guess they are ” good Black Men who stand up for Niggas”? or the are just a victim of walking while black?? on CNN a Blank panther said America needed to kill all whites?? you know what why dont they just go back to Africa?? yes slavery was wrong, but if our past generations had not done that the blacks would still be over there….and cops shoot criminals….why is it you think that every white man is out to get the ” Perfect Innocent Black Man” ?? and you are just as racist, if you say crackers need to be lined up on a wall then shot? thats racist……i think u and all the rest of the niggers ( not Black) should be lined up and shot.,…but you will get all upset and say that white man call you a nigger and he racist and he hate the black folk…but you can say cracker??

    1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar

      Apparently you have a short attention span and you are the idiot Cstory thay was in response to another lost right above it now go bk and respond to that post in the same manner you just respon.ded to me on the guy who said NIGGER 1ST ,and ask for your racist accusations sorry brotha I don’t fit the criteria I just know how to be racist to racist to show them how they sound just like you tlkn about Africa well buddy how about you go bk to where you from cause apparently ypu dont know you not from her either America is a nation if immigrants dumb ass so when you make commentsike that make sure Think b4 u speak

    2. SATAN REBUKER Avatar

      OH AND ANOTHER THING ON YOUR KKK COMMENT ,How many ppl have been known to been have killed by KKK,now how many have been known to be killed by blk panther ,YEA I THOUGHT SO the first outweigh the latter

      1. Funny that that is the only info i could find about Jason Smith. I mean, organs are taken out and what not. Could it be the Chupacabra?

  67. PatriotB Avatar

    Jim P and Dave and all others:

    First thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I didnt really get a real answer just a lot of conjecture on what Zimmerman “may have been thinking” or “how he probably felt late at night”. I tend to go off of the facts in this case and unfortunately they do not add up favorably for his actions against the young man. I never heard of the reported acts of vandalism etc, that you did. However, I’m pretty confident that Vandals are handled not with a deadly discharge of a weapon but are more or less apprehended and detained by law enforcement. I’d liken this response to the equivalent of using a bulldozer to knock over a sandcastle. It was ridiculous and we could all agree unnecessary.

    I do agree that he should be judged in a court of law, but the reason soooo many civil rights and hangers on showed up in Florida is because it was becoming apparent that sole act wasn’t going to even happen. I don’t support these types of groups who preach hatred black or white. However, it’s pretty bad when someone can take the life of a teenager and be sent home with their weapon the same night.Wow!

    It’s a sad situation that people are so fearful of people with more melanin in their skin than their own. And people with more melanin should not automatically assume those with less are racists, until they show themselves to be that way. I do not think Zimmerman would have followed and subsequently killed a young man if that person was white, but I actually don’t believe he is a racist.

    I just think he’s unstable and was extremely trigger happy. We all feel strongly about things but lets remember this young guy is the one who paid the ultimate price all for some skittles.

    1. PatriotB Avatar

      …And now a company is profiting off targets of his likeness.

      1. dave w Avatar

        I think we were all played as suckers on this point, a little further up this page is a longer explanation of what i think is/was going on.

    2. dave w Avatar

      I agree it should just be the courts to decide, my point i was making was just that this was just another dull neighborhood watch patrol night like a hundred before it until it went south.
      As much as some of the hangers on and publicity hounds would like to paint a scenario as gz left for that nights patrol and said to his family ‘off to work, dont wait up, hope i get to kill some black kids’.
      Once your on the floor getting beaten, and trust me the 17 year old me could totally kick my ass without trying, you have to defend yourself with whatever you have. I would be screwed as all i would have available would be a pack of gum and some loose change.
      I have been stopped by neighborhood watch type folks before who have just said ‘hey, im with the neighborhood watch, is that your car, i just didn’t recognize it’ or some such. Usually when visiting or helping someone move and never since i left the troublemaker demographic for the slightly balding one.
      Im fine with all the facts that are fairly simple in this case, including gz got out of his car. Being followed by someone in their car driving over lawns and sidewalks would have been way scary and there was no other way to keep him in sight until the cops showed. What happened with the struggle and eventual shooting is unclear as every place you see it has its own spin and that’s where i, like you say leave it to the pro’s to figure out. Would it have been different if gz had mace, taser, or nothing of any use at all. Sure, but it didn’t happen like that. I certainly don’t think hes a racist either. There are So many overlapping issues here its a nightmare to keep track of and on any one individual law, i don’t think he is guilty but put them all together in this mess and i don’t know whats going to happen.
      Its just a sad mess for all concerned.

  68. PatriotB Avatar


    Thanks for your input. I see some if your points. But if you read into what you are saying, your response is clearly slanted in a defensive and sumpathetic manner only towards Zimmerman. To truly be unbiased and seem impartial one would have to extol the same fervor for the slain victim. Zimmerman cannot both be the victim if he is following and confronting an acknowledged young man even after being advised to wait in his vehicle.

    It doesn’t work both ways. Your defense of the person who shot an unarmed teenage walking home comes across very slanted. Especially if you leave out any defense of the actual victim. Where are your responses on how the young teenager must’ve felt or his fear at being stalked? Why did you not bring up the fact that he didn’t go to the store that night and tell his family I won’t be returning because I’ll be murdered by some “bored” watchman?

    I’m wondering if you realize how biased your responses really are.

    1. Talk about slanted! “Slain VICTIM”. You are assuming that Martin was the innocent victim. Why not just deceased. And your use of the of the term “murdered”. And you insist that Martin was just walking home.. if that is true then how did Zimmerman get the broken nose, bloodied head (which, BTW: was documented by a neighbor using an I phone which captured the exact time and location in the Meta-data).

      If you are in any way interested in the truth, please look at

      and listen to the recorded phone calls etc.

      1. Allen H Avatar
        Allen H

        Like I said – Just like LEMMINGS.

    2. SATAN REBUKER Avatar

      And he doesn’t see that in his debates the only one he is defending is Zimmerman and im amazed thay he doesn’t see that

  69. PatriotB Avatar

    Dave… Forgive the typos . Stupid iphone :)

  70. Racist bitches.

  71. Allen H Avatar
    Allen H

    It perplexes me that whenever one of these outrages occurs in our nation right-wingers robotically line up on the side of the obvious wrongdoer and automatically start slandering and mocking the clear victim. It’s like they’re a bunch of lemmings trying to outdo each other in being the first over the cliff!

  72. Greg Squared Avatar
    Greg Squared

    Honestly, I don’t care which side of the gun rights issue you fall on, this is all bullshit. If it was a target in the image of Charles Manson, I could understand. Osama bin Laden? Sure. Hitler? Of course.

    But the truth is this: It really doesn’t matter whether Trayvon attacked George Zimmerman in the dark because he was scared of being followed and thought to put a brave face on it, or Zimmerman followed him because he thought he had a legitimate criminal, Trayvon Martin was a kid who never got a second chance. Making light of, and money from, his death in this way is just disgusting, and utterly insulting to Trayvon’s grieving family.

    Really, shame on you, Hiller Armament Company.

  73. Neo nazis and ignorant gun owners are the most dangerous fools ever to own a gun.
    White crackers need to be taken to the barn and get a good spanking.

    1. PatriotB Avatar

      I can’t support this mess either.

      If you don’t like the disrespect being called the “n” word brings, keep the cracka and whatever other derogatory terms you know to yourself. Your name calling is just as racist your just upfront about it as opposed to some of the cowards that have already expressed their views.

  74. PatriotB Avatar


    Are you ok? I mean mentally. Its not my intent to insult you but really what crome dod the teenager committ? Hes dead and was killed by another person, so he would rightfully be termed a “slain victim”. Like likewise, if a person shoots and kills and unarmed individual said person would be termed a “murderer”. These terms aren’t racially biased they are factual. A teenager was “slain” therefore he was killed. His life was taken therefore he is a “victim”. So I guess you would have us all to believe the teenager doesn’t even deserve to be called a victim??

    You make a valid point about Zimmermans injuries they weren’t self inflicted. However, had he done what a normal watchman would have done and not pursued the teenager and left policing to the police he would not be a victim and now be known as a murderer either
    I’m a military wife and mother and a college educated. However, if a person who clearly is not a member of law enforcement were to harass me in my family’s neighborhood for merely walking home, I cannot say that I’d be too inclined to cooperate with whatever strange demands they requested, particularly if my behavior consisted of nothing more than walking. Meaning they did not find smashing windows l, breaking into cars, vandalizing property or behaving in any manner which could “appear” criminal. So now Dave, I’d welcome your discussion on exactly what the teenager was doing that was criminal before Zimmerman shot him? Do we know his motive fir leaving the house, it appears it was just a trip to the store. He wasn’t carrying a weapon, he was carrying candy and skittles.
    I’m still waiting to hear a shred of sympathy for the young life that was lost instead of the defensive manner in which you have spoken of the person who is no longer around to defend himself. Your true colors here are showing and honestly, its disappointing that you’d suspend common sense in a matter just to support your clearly biased point of view.

    I’m not calling you a racist because I generally am interested in others people’s perspectives even when they differ from mine. But my mom always said if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

    1. Allen H Avatar
      Allen H

      PatriotB, you’re right. Also, the two points that right-wing victim-blamers never want to discuss is that;

      1) It says on the neighborhood watch website not to carry a gun with you on neighborhood watch!

      2) He called 911 and the dispatcher told him in no uncertain terms NOT TO FOLLOW HIM! But the idiot did anyway, setting up a situation in which he may have had to “defend himself”, so making it a situation that began and ended with his own stupid actions.

      Like I said before, like LEMMINGS!!!

    2. PatriotB Avatar

      Dale -Dave, got you confused … Since a different D responded .

  75. PatriotB Avatar


    And thanks for the info regarding his injuries. Seems they were well deserved if the kid was being stalked and threatened in his families neighborhood by someone not legally authorized but do a darn thing except write a report and wait for the authorities. The minute he decided to pursue and engage this teenager and his skittle weapons was the point in which the line was crossed and violence ensued. I don’t recall any calls to the authorities from GZ that he felt he was being threatened or in physical danger. I appreciate your thoughts today even if I don’t agree with them. And to think I thought today was going to be a boring day of being sick at home.

    1. So much ignorance. Unfortunately it is much easier to shoot one’s mouth than to spend a few minutes searching the internet for the facts.

      Zimmerman bough the gun to defend himself and family against “A pit bull named Big Boi ”

      Zimmerman did NOT peruse nor engage Martin. Listen to the tapes.

      Martin is the one who first approaches Zimmerman who is just sitting in his truck. Look at the 2 minute 8 second mark.. Zimmerman gets out of the truck to see which way Martin is running (note the DISPATCHER ASKED which way Martin was running). Zimmerman NEVER engaged Martin. When the dispatcher told Zimmerman that he did not need to follow him (so he could report to the police where Martin was headed), Zimmerman stopped and headed back to his truck to wait for the police.

      1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar

        Now you just told a bold face lie Dale,in defense of Zimmerman once again nowhere does it say what you said in the report except the part on Big Boi ,but put 2n2 together ,there had been break ins by blk boys, he even ran into a couple of them himself ok,now he actually sees another one and automatically thinks he has another one on the hook “this is where his sense of judgement gets him caught up and also negates the self defense stand your ground law bc he “assumed” while at the same time having a gun ,now the same way you defend Zimmerman innocence i would like you to elaborate on where he is quilty in same fashion so you will not appear bias cause so far u are

        1. Satan R. Do you know what the meaning of a lie is? Just because you do not like something does not mean it is not true. And even if not true, it is only a lie if the person making the statement knows it to be false. The rest of your post is you pure conjecture, backed by nothing.

      2. PatriotB Avatar


        I read your links you provided. Because so much of that information was new to me, i did some research on your source. Newsmax is known as a very conservative publication with a history of misinformation and outright lies being reported. It’s known as a far right wing operation whose credibility is known for being less than stellar.

        I couldn’t find a lot of their information any where else on the web. And the black source they quote mysteriously doesn’t want to be identified.
        If I am supposed to take this “publication” as the gospel, I’m going to need you to find some additional supporting sources because they simply aren’t held in high regard amongst the general public or anyone serious in the field of journalism.

        Nice try though

        1. I give you credit for at least trying to verify the facts. As for NEWSMAX – did you actually find any examples of where it knowingly published a lie – or did you just read that on a liberal blog and assume it was true. But more to the point, do you have ANY evidence that the recordings posted were fakes?
          As for the general public and “serious” journalists. You mean like the serious journalist that deliberately falsified a transcript of Zimmerman’s initial contact with the dispatcher. Or the “mainstream” who posted a picture of a 12 year old Martin next to Zimmerman’s photo taken at the police station.
          But continue to believe what you want if it makes you feel better.

          1. PatriotB Avatar


            I’m glad you asked for the verification of lies it has distributed. Originally i thought about including this info in my response but thought it would be a bit much.

            So now that you asked , you shall receive :

            On December 19, 2000, NewsMax falsely claimed: “Hillary and Bill Clinton are putting their Chappaqua, N.Y., home for sale because their neighbors have them under 24-hour video surveillance,” citing anonymous sources “at some of America’s most notorious supermarket tabloids.”[10] In fact, the Clintons have not sold that house.[11]
            On May 26, 2001, NewsMax falsely claimed that U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton refused to meet with Gold Star Mothers, a group whose members are mothers who have lost children while serving in the military. Template:Ref
            On June 5, 2005, in a subscription-only email, NewsMax correspondent John LeBoutillier falsely claimed A book by Ed Klein would reveal opposition by Daniel Moynihan to Hilary Clinton’s candidacy to represent New York in the United States Senate. Template:Ref Template:Ref
            On October 17, 2005, NewsMax falsely claimed that it never stated that a concert by the rock band U2 in Philadelphia was to be a benefit for the re-election campaign of Sen. Rick Santorum. In fact, NewsMax did claim that the concert was “in support of Santorum’s re-election” when Santorum’s campaign had merely bought seats at the concert for its supporters. NewsMax withdrew the original, erroneous article without issuing a correction.[12]
            John McCain
            On November 29, 2005 NewsMax was the source of a rumor that John McCain himself validated the use of torture. This accusation was then picked up and repeated by Rush Limbaugh.Template:Ref NewsMax specifically claimed:
            “Sen. John McCain is leading the charge against so-called “torture” techniques allegedly used by U.S. interrogators, insisting that practices like sleep deprivation and withholding medical attention are not only brutal – they simply don’t work to persuade terrorist suspects to give accurate information.”
            “Nearly forty years ago, however – when McCain was held captive in a North Vietnamese prison camp – some of the same techniques were used on him. And – as McCain has publicly admitted at least twice – the torture worked!”
            The article contradicts itself by demonstrating that torture does not provide intelligence:
            “For the next four days, I was beaten every two to three hours by different guards . . . Finally, I reached the lowest point of my 5 1/2 years in North Vietnam. I was at the point of suicide, because I saw that I was reaching the end of my rope.”
            “McCain was taken to an interrogation room and ordered to sign a document confessing to war crimes. “I signed it,” he recalled. “It was in their language, and spoke about black crimes, and other generalities.” Template:Ref
            Plame-CIA Leak
            On October 29, 2005 Newsmax published an article which claimed that “Patrick Fitzgerald Retreats From Plame ‘Covert’ Claim.” The article commented that Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald:
            “declined to bring any charges to that effect, casting even more doubt on the claim that her (Valerie Wilson) CIA job was a closely guarded secret.”Template:Ref
            Yet, in the October 28, 2005 Federal indictment of Scooter Libby, page 3, section f stated:
            “At all relevant times from January 1, 2002 through July 2003, Valerie Wilson was employed by the CIA, and her employment status was classified. Prior to July 14, 2003, Valerie Wilson’s affiliation with the CIA was not common knowledge outside the intelligence community.”Template:Ref
            Moreover, the indictment page 2, section b stated:
            “LIBBY was obligated by applicable laws and regulations, including Title 18, United States Code, Section 793, and Executive Order 12958 (as modified by Executive Order 13292)

            1. WOW. You must have more time on your hands than I do. I find it hard to believe you checked on every story from NEWSMAX over the last 12 years (although most of the alleged lies were from 2005). Did you look them up yourself, or did you copy them from some other, unnamed source.
              Still, given the volume of posts on Newsmax (Actually I don’t look at it much – I only find the Zimmerman articles via an internet search), if those are the only inaccurate statements made on the blog, I give them a 99.99% accuracy rating.

          2. PatriotB Avatar

            All this extra you provided in lieu of answering my original questions about where your sympathy is for the person who was actually murdered is very telling. You have again done nothing but continue to defend GZ and not express a scintilla of compassion for that young man who we all know was unarmed and had every right to benin that neighborhood. I have said I do not think GZ is racist, foolish yes. With a verified criminal past (if your own source you provided can be trusted) who was unable to hold down a job, had a history of violence against women and the list goes on and on…
            And yet you still manage to stick to your shaky principles and attempt to at least appear unbiased. God help you Sir, if you are really this blind or this ignorant
            But again you still

            1. You say murdered. Zimmerman (and I submit the evidence) say shot in self defense. As such I have no sympathy for him. As for his right to be in the neighborhood, you forget that the reason he was there was because he had been expelled from school for drug possession (technically “residue – saved because it had been smoked up). Other evidence (posts on his tweeter acct) strongly suggests that he was also a dealer. As for the so called history of violence against women. HA. Yes, an ex took out a restraining order on him. And he took one out on her. Nothing was ever proven against either of them. Have you seen Martin’s statements about women on his tweeter acct?

              1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar
                SATAN REBUKER

                YOU FORGET THAT A MOS FRIEND “who happens to be the district attorney” drove miles and miles to get to the scene of Zimmerman did you look at that evidence mr. Dale

            2. Bite it PatriotB…hook line and sinker.

              Explain to me GZ criminal past.

              Have you ever been witness to a ATF sting? I have and it is pretty much the exact situation and response that GZ had done.

              The ex who takes out a restraining order….gee, that’s never happened before. And if he was so violent, why did the judge grant him an order against her?

              Now that that is out of the way, can you provide proof that darling little Trayvon actully bought Skittles ans Tea that night? You’d figure tgat a high profile situation such as this they could come up with video at the convenience store or at least a receipt. So far we’re going on the word of a couple people that have changed their story multiple times.

              1. PatriotB Avatar

                Reading and research is fundamental. Particularly if you want to be taken seriously when you make a point.

                GZ actually had several run ins with the police:
                In July of 2005 he was charged with resisting am officer with violence battery on an officer. Not to mention his restraining order you easily explained away. Now please explain that one. Ohh you can’t, you didn’t bother to research anything before spewing your hate.

                Do not insult me because your arguments are ill prepared and expose your foolish stance for what it is.

                Now you Sir, can bite something else of mine.

                1. Patriot, still waiting on your great links regarding these charges. I mean, a person charged with multiple felonies just
                  Comes out of it with a punishment of taking a class…sh*t, i want his lawyer!

                  Restraining order…please tell me the date and situation here she got one awarded and then when GZ got his awarded.

                  And it’s not hate, it’s disgust how folks fall into the mob mentality when folks like yourself i GUARANTEE don’t know the facts.

                  (and i’ll admit i don’t either. Thats why we have due process.)

                  1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar
                    SATAN REBUKER

                    im still waiting on you to spew the info on his mom was A JUDGE HELLO HELLO mr i only present the facts suitable for my bias opinion

              2. PatriotB Avatar

                You are an idiot. That young boy was unarmed, it is not our duty to track down his candy and drink purchase as proof. Proof of what? He didn’t have a weapon. His father lived there. He wasn’t doing anything criminal. He was stalked and killed over what? There were no reports of criminal activity until neighbors heard screams for help and a weapon being fired. We have a tape recording of the person who has been told not to follow and is not legally authorized to do anything more than give the police a detailed report.

                And yet, you have the audacity to require some receipts as if this bears any consequence whatsoever. You need help, and I’ll pray for you tonight as I turn in. You are going to need it.

                1. Aww, name calling. Looks like you’re losing he argument.

                  Do i really need to pick apart your BS.

                  The father lived there….umm, no. Strike one.

                  We have a tape recording….ok, also have a recording of Zimmerman yelling for help with a witness putting Trayvon on top of Z. Strike two.

                  When he was told not to follow (which doesn’t even matter because 911 operators hold no authority) he said ‘OK’

                  And do you really think a tape of Trayvon buying stuff at the store wouldn’t have surfaced by now? Really?

                  And save te prayers for yourself bud, i’d rather you not pray for me.

                  1. PatriotB Avatar

                    Also .. Let’s be clear. The Martin boys father did in fact live in the neighborhood in which his son was stalked and gunned down. You Sir are a simpleton if you claim otherwise

                    1. Really? He lived there? I kniw this is a lost cause but, umm, link please.

                      His GF lived there, but ive never seen it stated that he lived there?

          3. PatriotB Avatar

            And to address your recordings:

            What do they tell us that we don’t already know? Was this your smoking gun? It tells us nothing. It doesn’t change any facts.. Why did you even bother posting this? To show more unethical journalism ?

            1. What the hell recordings are you talking about? Or is that your imaginary friend?

              1. PatriotB Avatar

                The recordings comment was in response to the links Dale provided.

            2. SATAN REBUKER Avatar
              SATAN REBUKER

              nothing Patriot go and get the link it has on the “friend of the family” DA that drove mile and miles to get to the murder scene that this RWC guy fail to mentionthose recording didnt do anything but say the same thing like i said he was a LIE

              1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar
                SATAN REBUKER

                OH just to let you know it is not procedure ever for a DA to drive to a murder scene

              2. Yes, please. I would love to see that link.

      3. shannon Avatar

        …and then Martin ran up and pelted the truck with Skittles, and poured tea on it. Zimmerman, having heard about the Coke/Mentos bombs, felt threatened and shot him, right?

        I don’t think we need to be asking whether or not Zimmerman is guilty as much as we need to be asking “Where was the procedure, the investigation, and the justice in this case going before it became a national issue? (Allow me.) Nowhere!

        People keep comparing this case to cases in which black people were the perpetrators… and they were convicted of murder! How can you possibly think that this is comparable to a situation like that? Someone else pointed out the fact that we should be upset about someone selling t-shirts that said “I am Trayvon Martin.” OK, that’s in bad taste, but a target? While it’s within the freedom guaranteed by the 1st Amendment, it is a disgrace to see people buying it. Buying a t-shirt that says “I am Trayvon Martin” may be supporting an opportunist, but buying this is something that would take the mentality of a true racist.

        1. That someone was me. The targets are in bad taste, but the leeches using his name and image are equal (if not worse)

          Unless you care to explain why one is different from the other.

          1. Shannon Avatar

            I already did that-
            ‘Buying a t-shirt that says “I am Trayvon Martin” may be supporting an opportunist, but buying this is something that would take the mentality of a true racist.’

        2. Shannon: As for procedure .. it WAS followed. The police investigated and turned the evidence over to the DA who concluded there was not enough evidence to charge Zimmerman with a crime. This only changed when the issue became politicize.

          1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar
            SATAN REBUKER

            DID you forget to mention to her the DA was his moms frien who drove damn near a hundred miles within minutes “which is not procedure” to get to the murder scene OH I LIKED TO HEAR WHAT YOU REALLY HAVE FOR THIS

            1. I would like a link for that?

              SR, were Trayvons organs removed by the Illuminati as well?

              1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar
                SATAN REBUKER

                no but your brain was removed by the illuminati bc you sure act likem

      4. SATAN REBUKER Avatar

        I will give you.the lie right in your in willingly or accidently of how the facts and evidence don’t go together maybe bc you were to blinded by this “abiding by.the law citizen picture they painted ,now after I blow this up in your face I dont go and find something else to roll on , I would like to hear your case pleading on Trayvons innocence the.way you are on Zimmerman,ok now I’m about to cut and piece the well orchestrated lie so your bias eyes can see ,within my next post

        1. Dude, get help, seriously. You may have a point, but it’s clouded in gibberish.

          And i’m not joking, a psych eval can do wonders.

          1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar
            SATAN REBUKER

            DUDE you get help seriously you have ran up the street around the corner through the alley on the subject to defend GZ your point is clouded in “to much manipulation and brainwashing of fox news,and rush limbaugh cause that who you sound like, a dose of reality and a lot of scripture reading on JESUS and how to treat your fellow man CAN DO MORE WONDERS and is a dier need of you bc i see you suffer from absolute thinking as most of your type do “you have no point just a bias view”

            1. Like i said, you’re fu*king nutters. What the hell did that rambling post mean? I must have missed the readings in Church where J*sus smote everyone for their beliefs.

              1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar
                SATAN REBUKER

                did you missed the whole mssg now i know you are stupid,

  76. SATAN REBUKER Avatar
    1. SB,

      Dude, your G*d must be one hateful SOB. Do you think he’ll protect you during ‘the end of times?’ it looks like that is what you’re calling for. Have you thought it through?

      1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar

        Yea he hates the ways of the wicked just as I do RWC,and you damn right he us going to protect his children “look at history numbnut” case after case all those thay thougjt they were mightier then God was destroyed horibly “learn frm it”

        1. Who said that i think i am mightier than G*d? But from what i am hearing from you, G*d wants the non- believers to be placed apon a wall and shot in the head.

          Sorry, i’ll take my G*d over your false idol any day of the week.

          have fun with your hatred (that you’re so blind as to justify it)

          1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar
            SATAN REBUKER

            GOD wants the non believer to “burn in hell” the crackers against the wall was in response to the guy that said the NIGGERS must go my fault you only see what you want to see, and no you GOD is a false idol when you defend the guilty and murderers, you can keep your PAGAN god RWC and my eyes happen to be wide open bro to see you BIAS BS

            1. SR, you’re fuc*ed in the head. Seriously, you need help dude. If you want to, email me and I’ll help you out.

              Just looking at your screename is very telling. ‘SB’ in all caps like you are affirming to yourself that Satan can’t take control of you.

              Well, if you don’t get help then i hope you continue to fight against his influence. And win.

              1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar
                SATAN REBUKER

                whatever false theology book you reading on SB please put it away, ichose the name bc thats all i saw in the comments was satan and if you rebuke him he flees doesnt your GOD tell you that,and before you say sm1 fucked up in the head mtf look in the damn mirror i just dont see the things like you see them you fkd up in the head frm all that damn global manipulation spell you under CAUSE I DONT AGREE WITH THAT BIAS BULLSHIT YOU BRINGING IS WHY YOU SAY THAT NAW IM NOT FKD UP I JUST HAVE A LOW TOLERANCE AND QUICK RECOGNITION OF BULLSHIT LIKE THAT LANGUAGE YOU ARE SPEAKING

              2. SATAN REBUKER Avatar
                SATAN REBUKER

                Zimmerman said he was driving to the grocery store when he spotted Trayvon Martin walking through the neighborhood. Zimmerman’s father said that, while his son was not on duty that night as Neighborhood Watch captain, there had been many break-ins and he thought it suspicious that someone he didn’t recognize was walking behind the town homes instead of on the street or the sidewalk. Zimmerman therefore called a non-emergency police line to report Martin’s behavior and summon police.[135][136] Zimmerman told the dispatcher that Martin was “coming to check me out,” then he commented that Martin “ran.” [10] While still on the phone with the dispatcher, Zimmerman parked his vehicle and followed Martin on foot.[132] Confirming that Zimmerman was following Martin, the dispatcher said, “OK, we don’t need you to do that.” Zimmerman replied with “OK” and stated that Martin got away. [10] The call ended, and Zimmerman told investigators he was returning to his vehicle, when Martin approached him from his left rear and confronted him.[132][133] According to Zimmerman’s father, Martin asked Zimmerman, “Do you have a fucking problem?” Zimmerman replied “No, I don’t have a problem”, and while Zimmerman reached for his cell phone Martin said, “Well, you do now” or something similar,[123][133] then punched him in the face, knocking him down, and began beating his head against the sidewalk.[132][133] Zimmerman said he called out for help while being beaten, and at one point Martin covered his mouth to muffle the screams.[132][133] According to Zimmerman’s father, during the struggle while Martin was on top of Zimmerman, Martin saw the gun his son was carrying and said something to the effect of “You’re gonna die now” or “You’re gonna die tonight” and continued to beat Zimmerman.[123] Zimmerman and Martin struggled over the gun, and Zimmerman shot Martin once in the chest at close range, in self-defense.[132][133][137][Note 4]


        2. Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, closet racists rapin’ everyone in here!!!

          1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar
            SATAN REBUKER

            dont let your teen go to the store if he is black with a hoodie on bc they will kill them and defend the crook espescially if he is not blk!!!

    2. What does your link have to do with the Zimmerman case? Talk about racism.

  77. Bill Graham Avatar
    Bill Graham

    The target is tasteless. Yeah, the First Amendment guarantees your freedom to hurt people with your words and images, but it certainly provides no justification for it, moral or otherwise. Regardless of anyone’s guilt or innocence this target is in poor taste whether it’s a joke or seriously intended to inflame the public. You say that guns make a society more polite? You could have fooled me.

  78. JT Lawson Avatar
    JT Lawson

    If there are targets of Ted Nugent, and maybe Fullerton officer Manuel Ramos and Jay Cicinelli who’re on trial for beating the homeless man, Kelly Thomas, to death up for sale, it wouldn’t seem like a company selling such targets is making a racist statement. Otherwise that’s how it appears right now, besides being in bad taste because we DON’T know what really happened to cause Zimmerman to shoot Martin dead.

    Until Hiller Armament shows everyone’s game, it’s totally in bad taste, and even worse thet we as a country united in freedom are still at odds about who should be allowed to LIVE here or not. Fighting about it, especially on American soil, is so primitive. We’re all a bunch of freaks, jerks, amazing loving people and nut cases. Give up your differences and the joy of life happens immediately. Or, everybody wear a hoody, grab some skittles, an iced tea drink and a gun, and lets get shooting ’til there’s only one idiot left – kinda like Hitler was working on (which by the way, not a single black person killed anyone during that fight, and all white guys were killing whites, blacks, women and children. This isn’t about race, it’s about ignorance, and the ignorant don’t f–kn’ care).

    1. JT,
      Hiller Armament seems to be a one ‘hit’ operation that was just set up to sell this crap. There is no brick and mortar location and a non-existent online presence.

  79. PatriotB Avatar


    You threw the first blow by telling me to “bite it” and I’m insulting?
    You asked for proof of the less than lawful behavior of GZ and I delivered it.
    You asked for me to sink down to a level of language you relate to by insulting me. Again I delivered.
    You distribute false information and beg someone to challenge your findings. Knock knock guess who ?

    Then you resort to sullying this deceased young mans character by insinuating he’s a drug dealer to salvage what’s left of your crumbling ego. It’s all pathetic, bit I hear you loud and clear. You are Godless and don’t need my prayers.

    We all have a right to believe in whatever or nothing at all. But this explains a lot about you and your lack of conscious. You’ve shown us all just how smart you really are.

    1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar

      BRAVO BRAVO PATRIOT wooped his ass at his own game

      1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar

        you know those type of ppl cant handle an educated ass wooping

      2. Lmao. Sorry SB, obviously the Bilderbergers stole my brain as well as my organs. (like that vid you posted, still SMH about that.) That is why i was so thoroughly trounced by PB.

    2. You delivered ‘word of mouth.’. I asked for links. Have you read he police reports and the court proceedings?

      Did you provide anything? Nope.

      Where did I insinuate TM was a drug dealer? (surely you can post a link to tgat comment, i mean, it’s all here on this page, right?). *and when you don’t, that just furthers my hypothesis that you’re FOS.

      And thanks for the kudos, it means a lot coming from someone who believes the BS fed to them.

      So again, any links to back up your assertions?


      I’m shocked.

      1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar


        Zimmerman said he was driving to the grocery store when he spotted Trayvon Martin walking through the neighborhood. Zimmerman’s father said that, while his son was not on duty that night as Neighborhood Watch captain, there had been many break-ins and he thought it suspicious that someone he didn’t recognize was walking behind the town homes instead of on the street or the sidewalk. Zimmerman therefore called a non-emergency police line to report Martin’s behavior and summon police.[135][136] Zimmerman told the dispatcher that Martin was “coming to check me out,” then he commented that Martin “ran.” [10] While still on the phone with the dispatcher, Zimmerman parked his vehicle and followed Martin on foot.[132] Confirming that Zimmerman was following Martin, the dispatcher said, “OK, we don’t need you to do that.” Zimmerman replied with “OK” and stated that Martin got away. [10] The call ended, and Zimmerman told investigators he was returning to his vehicle, when Martin approached him from his left rear and confronted him.[132][133] According to Zimmerman’s father, Martin asked Zimmerman, “Do you have a fucking problem?” Zimmerman replied “No, I don’t have a problem”, and while Zimmerman reached for his cell phone Martin said, “Well, you do now” or something similar,[123][133] then punched him in the face, knocking him down, and began beating his head against the sidewalk.[132][133] Zimmerman said he called out for help while being beaten, and at one point Martin covered his mouth to muffle the screams.[132][133] According to Zimmerman’s father, during the struggle while Martin was on top of Zimmerman, Martin saw the gun his son was carrying and said something to the effect of “You’re gonna die now” or “You’re gonna die tonight” and continued to beat Zimmerman.[123] Zimmerman and Martin struggled over the gun, and Zimmerman shot Martin once in the chest at close range, in self-defense.[132][133][137][Note 4]

        1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar


          1. Where did you cut and paste that from?

            And what is your point? If it happened like that then is is self-defense.

            Do you even read what you post beforehand?

            1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar
              SATAN REBUKER

              nah “dumbass” read it again stupido and look at the line up of his statement are you fkn dumb,stupid or slow READ asshole this is what got him arrested , the evidence “that you say you so diligently researched didnt add up with his statement” you bafoon stop digging because you already in a hole

              1. SR, yep, you got me. I’m slow. Can you please point out what ‘got him arrested.’

                1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar
                  SATAN REBUKER

                  1.Zimmerman said he was driving to the grocery store when he spotted Trayvon Martin walking 2.he thought it suspicious that someone he didn’t recognize 3.Zimmerman parked his vehicle and followed Martin on foot.[132] Confirming that Zimmerman was following Martin, the dispatcher said, “OK, we don’t need you to do that.” Zimmerman replied with “OK” and stated that Martin got away. [10] The call ended, 4.then punched him in the face, knocking him down, and began beating his head against the sidewalk. NOW BEFORE I GO IN SOMEMORE PLEASE READ DUDE BECAUSE YOU THE ONE WHO SWEAR YOU HAD ALL THE EVIDENCE ,this is ZIMMERMAN FIRST STATEMENT HE GAVE AND THIS IS WHAT GOT HIM LOCKED UP BC OF THE “EVIDENCE” now read mtf read

                  1. Umm, you left out something pretty important…

                    ” The call ended, 4.then *TRAYVON* punched him in the face, knocking him *ZIMMERMAN* down, and began beating his *ZIMMERMAN* head against the sidewalk. “

  80. cstory21 Avatar

    i am from america, im native american so good one…..

    1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar

      im not going to tell you what you just made youself look like with that post bro ,please find a delete button CSTORY and how about you do the same RWC which stands for RetardedWeakContraditions

  81. PatriotB Avatar


    You need more than those sources? It’s all over the Internet about GZ ‘s past. But since you are too lazy to look. Here ya go! Guess all thosights are just lying on your “hero”, huh ? Good thing I’m being entertained while I’m up with my sick kid tonight.

    You are correct about one thing you did NOT insinuate he was a dealer. Dale did with this line:
    “Other evidence (posts on his tweeter acct) strongly suggests that he was also a dealer. As for the so called history of violence against women. HA. Yes, an ex took out a restraining order on him. And he took one out on her. Nothing was ever proven against either of them. Have you seen Martin’s statements about women on his tweeter acct?”

    All YOU did was consign on the above slander and foolish comment by demanding to see some receipts for his purchase. As if he had the ability to manufacture his own Flavored tea and candy. Or because of the lack there of said receipts that fact exonerated GZ.

    You keep begging me to tear you down and you make it so easy..
    What’s next in your bag of smoke and mirror tricks?

    1. “Have you seen Martin’s statements about women on his tweeter acct?”

      Umm, yeah. You have me confused now.

      Or does this help your case?

      RT @ReesyyLaTootieB: Hahaha Hoe u got USED fa yo loose ass p*ssy.! Tighten up.! #Literally

      RT @fukunurhoexxx: #youthetype of b*tch that give up your p*ssy for free and think its cool #p*ssyaintfree #fb

      1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar

        I TOLD YOU @PATRIOT “YOU ARE BARKING T THE MOON” he is using secular argument tactics by throwing the subject and then round it back to pursuit his point just watch fox news they do it all the time “see what the damn books do” it makes ppl common sense shit out there ass and replace it with this brainwashed crap RWC does

        1. Lol. To quote Samuel L…..”English MFer!…Do you speak it!?!”

      2. SATAN REBUKER Avatar

        now what does pussy have to do with him wooping a mans ass for followig him and getting shot for it “NOTHING” get bk on subject RWC you are falling out you had a little fire at first now you are starting to suck like a 2dollar whore

        1. SR, if you can follow along, Patriot asked if i had read Martins tweets about women. Thus, i provided him with some. Please try to keep up, or G*d will smite thee wuth furious anger!

  82. Patriot, whe i have more time tomorrow i’ll point out how every link you post is BS.

    But just for starters, your first link has Zimmerman saying he was glad to get out of Manassas so he could stop worrying about the Mexicans in the street. Question – have you ever been to Manassas? If not i’ll let you know that it is a a very real concern (not all Mexican, but a majority of Latinos in Maassas. But other races walk in streets like it’s a small town.

    But i’ll read the rest tomorrow (but you’re really not starting off well if you’re linking MSNBC…didn’t they have to retract some ites regarding Zimmerman?)

    And regarding the candy and tea, maybe he had it, maybe not. If you can’t provide proof it is all hearsay.

    But when you provide ‘commentary,’ i’ll provide actual legal documentation.

    Really tearing me down bud, LMAO.

    1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar

      RWC just to show how smart you are why would you let a man made title like RIGHT WING CONSERVATIVE be applied to you , now i see why you have the style thinking you have so now by the time i get done with you i will help you understand about not letting anyone place a title on you and also control how you thing you PAGAN WORSHIPER and @Patriot you are barking at the moon with RWC bc no matter what dead hard facts you have he is going to say yours is not legit and his is with nothing to back it up but a bunch of similar style thinkers as him “thats why the world is fkd up now” bc you cant tell those type ppl like HIM THAT THEY ARE WRONG WHEN THEY HAVE IT ALL THE WAY WRONG

      1. Right wing conspirator dumbass.

        And dude, you couldn’t help me understand a damn thing with your incoherent ramblings.

        ‘dead hard facts?’. Lmfao. Show me where that happened.

        1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar

          i can help you with a lot like how to apply “common sense” mtf what did the DR slap the wrong end you aint presented a damn thing bro but some insufficient, self deceptive,rhetoric bullshit and think you are as in the words of denzel washington ” it aint what you know its what you can prove and you aint proved shit but how incomprable you really are

          1. Good mornin’ SR. Ok, now that I am at work where I have the majority of stuff regarding the case bookmarked what would you like to learn?

            I have an idea, let’s go tit-for-tat. I’ll give you an easy one at first – it’s common ‘knowledge’ that Sweet Baby Tray went to the store for Skittles and Tea. Can you prove that? Should be in a police report right?

            “and you aint proved shit but how incomprable you really are”

            Dude, thank you very much. Now you are seeing the light.

            Incomparable – Without an equal in quality or extent; matchless

            1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar
              SATAN REBUKER

              Well you have to give me a bkt sir i hate doing this frm my phone and im not sitting down so let the games begin later in about 2hs , and while you are defining words before we get started. Define, Bias ,and we can get to some skittles and tea in two hrs ,just like the person that be innocent under stand ylur ground law when he got out of his vehocle ,bit mysteriously was wlkn back to his vehicle then Poof ,”by his testimony” comes TRAYVON frm behind are u serious

              1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar
                SATAN REBUKER

                And also one more rule “stay on the topic at hand,bc I notice once you start losing ground and your argument start to become non applicable yku throw the subject NAW BUDDY IM GOING TO POINT YOUR SHIT ONE BY ONE BC IT STINKS BAD didn’t you learn frm Patriot

        2. Oh no another Left Wing Liberal gas bag who knows nothing about truth & facts! Probably an anti-gun pu**y!!!

  83. Ok, see you in two hours. But just something to think about – why is it mysterious that Zimmerman lost contact with Martin? (Unless he was lying to the 911 operator) Or do you believe Zimmerman planned all of this out before hand so that it ‘looked’ like he was attacked when in reality he shot Trayvon before Trayvon could act?

    1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar

      GO AND PULL UP THE MAP OF FROM WHERE GZ made the call and where Trayvon was shot bc we will need these facts and you will see what i was trying to show you yesterday

    2. SATAN REBUKER Avatar

      how about this when the operator, told him not to follow he continued to do so, followed Martin and Martin ask him do you have a problem and GZ ask him what are you doing here, my guess would be Martin sid myinding my damn business what is it to you,GZ “thinking he may have got a crook on the hook” tries to play Police and gets his ass wipped and cant take it son in the process pulls out his Kel Tec and you know the rest

      1. I didn’t know ‘my guess would be’ is admissible in a court of law.

        My GUESS would be that Lee Harvey Oswald shot him from the grassy knoll. That statement carries as much weight as your scenario.

        1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar

          nope remember his plea is “self defense” under the “stand your ground law” which in this case the evidence lines up against him for “pursuing” this young man, now look at where the truck is located and where the fight ensued, evidence says that GZ was still on the prowl looking for TM bc the incident is behind the townhomes,which in that case shows GZ is lying about what he did after he got off the phone , now lets switch the role if you are being followed by a guy you dont know to your girlfriends house and this guy gets out his car and continues to follow sm1 that he doesnt know tell me RWC what would you do in TM situation

          1. But you can’t attack someone for ‘pursuing’ you It doesn’t matter that Zimmerman took the long way around the townhouses.

            Me, I would ask him what his deal was and let him know who I was visiting. (And since there has been a rash of burglaries I would probably thank him for looking out for the neighborhood.)

            1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar
              SATAN REBUKER

              “you cant pursue sm1 and plead self defense bro” nor under the stand your ground law are you aquitted “look at the law” because i have read it ,as sonn as i heard this case i read the law and knew he would be arrested “a dead teenage witness cannot testify who attacked who first but the evidence and GZ statemen did not line up with each other, and i will bet you a golden kangaroo that GZ will be hit with lying to authorities

              1. 776.041 Use of force by aggressor.—The justification described in the preceding sections of this chapter is not available to a person who:
                (1) Is attempting to commit, committing, or escaping after the commission of, a forcible felony; or
                (2) Initially provokes the use of force against himself or herself, unless:
                (a) Such force is so great that the person reasonably believes that he or she is in imminent danger of death or great bodily harm and that he or she has exhausted every reasonable means to escape such danger other than the use of force which is likely to cause death or great bodily harm to the assailant; or
                (b) In good faith, the person withdraws from physical contact with the assailant and indicates clearly to the assailant that he or she desires to withdraw and terminate the use of force, but the assailant continues or resumes the use of force.

                That seems to support GZ if he is telling the truth.

                1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar
                  SATAN REBUKER

                  Uh no it does not dude u must not be reading with your glasses and that isn’t all that’s in that law but that’s enough forGZ guilt right there

            2. SATAN REBUKER Avatar
              SATAN REBUKER

              dude ive been followed before by a guy who though i was suspicious and i told him if u dont quit following me i will blow your ass to kingdom come and showed him the Taurus and you know what he did, went on about is business

              1. paul kimble Avatar
                paul kimble

                why u so mad satan?

                a neighborhood watchman confronts some kid who is breaking into houses, kid attacks watchman, watchman shoots, kid dies.

                shouldnt be nothing but a thing to somebody who walks around strapped flashing the taurus at people. feel me?

                1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar
                  SATAN REBUKER

                  When it happens to your kids ,brothes,nephew,are whoever ,come back and ask me that question

                  1. paul kimble Avatar
                    paul kimble

                    my peeps know when they out robbin, flash mobbin and collecting dat scrilla they gots to be ready for some five-oh wannabe tryin to make life hard for a blood.

                    face it treyvon started trippin and caught lead from that porky tony montana wannabe. dont hate the players hate the game and if u aint on your game hit the bench before some peruvian gives u the pinch.

                    1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar
                      SATAN REBUKER

                      nah uh asee uh what it is is that those gursh darnit Bush lobe to run about uzza screwing up the countrymaking laws to snare our uh Good Lord and uzza fooling ppl into there following now a theyza placed us under a curse and awaiting judgement if izza coulda take it bk id left them country boys in Crawford texus choppn trees and kilometer hogs cause theyzza mess awith Gods ppl now we awwlll in trouble

                    2. SATAN REBUKER Avatar
                      SATAN REBUKER

                      He who kills shall be killed ” Proverbs 22:22-23.

                      Do not exploit the poor because they are poor
                      and do not crush the needy in court, for the Lord will take up their case
                      and will exact life for life.

                    3. paul kimble Avatar
                      paul kimble

                      if u believe all that praying u b spraying then why u strapping up wif a tauri ready to body fools?

                    4. SATAN REBUKER Avatar
                      SATAN REBUKER

                      Bc I have a wife and 5 daughters and a man isnt willing to protect his family he is worthless and the day a nutcase like GZ decides i look suspicious and wants to stalk me I will show them a different outcome ,and that praying I be spraying has blessed me not to have to body a fool you smell me B

                    5. paul kimble Avatar
                      paul kimble

                      Psalm 23:4

                      Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.

                      im smelling nothing but a bunch of bs. practice what you preach young blood.

                    6. SATAN REBUKER Avatar
                      SATAN REBUKER

                      Been having guns since 16 bro and neva had to squeez trigger at no one ,and where did I say i fear anything I fear nothong but God I not only practice what I preach i live it homie ,and am very aware of the evil i habe no fear of bc its powerless

                    7. SATAN REBUKER Avatar
                      SATAN REBUKER

                      And just like I never had to let loose on anybody ,neither di GZ he should have just took the ass woopn for running up on the wrong yungsta “thinking he was a crook” admit he was wrong and go work on his boxing game and rematch or go out and drank somn and be like state farm “shit good neignbor”

              2. Well if your carrying a Taurus then you have sh** taste in firearms & it probably won’t work when you need it too! Sell that toilet & buy yourself a few real guns that are actually good quality! Sig Sauer, H&K, Glock, Smith & Wesson, Kimber etc!!!

      2. And in that comment, you admit that Trayvon is the aggressor, correct? Last time I checked you can’t physically assault someone for asking you a question.

        1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar

          you cant plead self defense under the stand your ground law when you pursue sm1 you “think is suspicous” now in GZ defense he “assumed” that maybe he had one of the crooks who had been menacing the neighborhood “which is fair” what is unfair is TM has no idea what this dude is following him for and has cut on his defense mechanism “like anyone” would

        2. SATAN REBUKER Avatar

          and you are focused on the wrong area when you plea self defense under a stand your ground law you have to prove it and evidence has to compliment it ,neither of these was the case with GZ so he had to make up a lie “which still doesnt help him” that TR “so called” popped up on him “by the rear of his truck” which was another lie “remember the statement he gave” and started to bust him up now mind you how did he pop up on him by his truck and end up getting shot in the back of the building “THIS IS THE EVIDENCE IM TELLING YOU GOT HIM ARRESTED”

          1. Dude, we’re really just running in circles here. You aren’t going to sway me and I am not going to sway you.

            “remember the statement he gave”

            No, I don’t remember the statement he gave. Do you mean a reporters speculation of what he may have told police, then yeah. But as far as I know Zimmerman has made no statement to the media, only to police. And the police aren’t talking to the media.

            From the Sanford PD –

            What about media reenactments of the shooting incident?

            Any media reenactments of the shooting incident are purely speculation. To date the Sanford Police Department has not released any rendition of the events of the
            evening to anyone other than the Office of the State Attorney. The renditions we
            have seen are not consistent with the evidence in this case.

  84. And since you asked…

    Bias – Prejudice in favor of or against one thing, person, or group compared with another, usually in a way considered to be unfair.

    “The MSM has shown their bias in regards to the Zimmerman/Martin case. With some even having to apologize for selective editing and reporting.”

    1. SATAN REBUKER Avatar

      BINGO!!! now doesnt that fit someone you know on this post such as YOU

  85. Well now, med. exam report in. Zimmerman has multiple injuries – broken nose, two black eyes, lacerations on the back of his skull, swollen lip, injury (unspecified) to his back. Trayvon had open wounds on his knuckles as well as a fatal gunshot wound.

    I think i need the Mystery Machine to help solve this one!

  86. SATAN REBUKER Avatar

    You know the old saying you go pickung a fight you will get and most of the time they get they ass wipped “to bad TM is dead now so we have no wound on him” and i want you to go try somn RWC ,go follow a young blk teen around in the neighborhood and ask him whay is he doing here ,then get out the car and follow him and see what happens ,I will read the paper for the results

  87. PatriotB Avatar

    Ok what exactly does this new evidence’ “prove”?
    He had trace amounts of Marijuana in his system ( marijuana stays in your system for 90 days and trace amounts clearly indicate he wasn’t exactly baked).

    Zimmerman was photographed walking in to the police station and you clearly see none of the head injuries and bruising. He refuses medical attention, which isn’t saying he wasn’t injured. But his actions for someone so hurt are strange.

    But let’s not get lost, this man still murdered an unarmed teenager in cold blood. And he should be put on trial to explain his actions.

  88. Maldetrius Avatar

    Tale of Trayvon
    (to Funky Rap Beat)

    Here is the Tale of Tough guy Trayvon
    Thought he was gangster, but now he is gone

    Someone Trayvoned his ass
    Someone Trayvoned his ass

    Drug dealing, watch stealing
    Crime is what he did
    Creepin round in the dark,
    With tools and loot hid

    Went to the store to buy Skittles and Tea
    So if he was caught, he’d have de-ni-abil-ity

    Jumping over fences, walking through the hood
    Looking into windows, up to no good

    (very brief silent pause)

    Who will Trayvon his ass?
    Who will Trayvon his ass?

    Casing out a house, he met a guy named Zimmer-MAN
    Thought he was a honky, but he were a badass Mexi-CAN

    Trayvon talking tough, threw a couple blows,
    Knocked him to the ground, broke his freakin nose.

    Grabbed him by the head, pounding into the ground
    Zimmer-MAN made his move, then there was a sound

    (very brief silent pause)

    He Trayvoned his ass
    He Trayvoned his ass

    Take then this lesson, learn it if you can
    Do not mess around, with a badass Mexi-CAN
    A badass Mexi-CAN

    (very brief silent pause)

    He will Trayvon your ass
    He will Trayvon your ass

    Final verse, spoken:

    Run away punk: don’t make me Trayvon your ass.

    All Rights Reserved
    Equalizer Group, Inc., et al

    1. S REBUKER Avatar

      DIDNT THE MEXICAN GET HIS ASS WOOPED, and you should be ashameb bc i bet you a grown ass man right? that goes to show you we have kids in grown up bodies

      1. Yeah the Mexican got his ass whipped but the punk thug got blasted & the Mexican is still walking around! Self defense isn’t murder!!

    2. LMFAO

  89. Vincent Rogers Avatar
    Vincent Rogers

    Zimmerman is following Travon, Yet Travon is suppose to be robbing Zimmerman? Who’s stalking who???

  90. SATAN REBUKER Avatar

    dont even bothering arguing with them bro its worthless, dont worry GOD has already begun the judgement process on these tyrants and pagans of AMERICA so sit back and watch the show they all will tremble for their wrongdoing and modern slavery tactics

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Get a new hobby, it’s obvious you’ve got something wrong with you.

    2. NiggaHatr Avatar

      OK Great!! So it was Gods judgement for George to shoot the punk.

  91. TLKN TO ME Avatar

    apparently you are another to arrogant to listen, pride is before destruction, America is under judgement of the hand of God and you will see in the days to come just because she has gotten away with all the evil doings of her ppl within doesnt mean God didnt see it now its time to learn not to repeat the process of civilizations and powers before it “which it has” and maybe yall will learn a lesson this time

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar


  92. Proud Vet Avatar
    Proud Vet

    Why are people upset with this???
    It is just a paper target. I will post it in my area and see what kind of response that the media makes.

    1. Shannon Avatar

      Maybe because it epitomizes the racist stupidity that is so prevalent in this nation?
      (Just a guess.)

  93. Fucking Hilarious! It’s just a paper target. All you pathetically correct over sensitive pansies obviously have too much time on your hands. Get over it.

    1. NiggaHatr Avatar

      You are so right!!!!!

  94. I want some! WHERE CAN I PURCHASE THOSE???

    1. steeeeeve Avatar


  95. PavePusher Avatar

    So, if Zimmerman is found guilty of murder, do you intend to use his likeness on a shooting target for public sale as well?

    1. @ PavePusher No they will no be for sale for the public to shoot at because self defense isn’t murder!! The kid was a punk period!

  96. NiggaHatr Avatar

    Love this target. I bought 50, used a few and now have the rest on craigslist orlando for $5.00 each. There going fast. Just by one and make copies of it. These targets will be around for a long time to remind us of the worthless punk.

  97. NiggaHatr Avatar

    PS: I also have mohammad and praying muslim targets listed as well. Only $10.00 for pack of 10 targets.

  98. How ’bout a George Zimmerman target? Or a set of elemenry school kids! Wouldn’t that be aBLAST?!!

    1. D-Man-X Avatar

      DHS already has the elementary school kids one. I’m pretty sure ENDO has a post about it but you can just google “New DHS Training Targets” and see them for yourself.

  99. Sanford Resident Avatar
    Sanford Resident

    I can’t wait to buy hundreds and shoot them up for all this Trayvon bullshit !! That skittle eating piece of crap Trayvon was a big scumbag hoodlum and deserved to be shot ! They need to show his mugshots not the propoganda photo of a child. One less hoodlum of the streets

  100. Granted, although Avatar
    Granted, although

    Listen! This was supposedlyBarack Obama’s intention leading up to to the 2008 election. Have we seen any progress as far as renewable energy goes?

  101. Ya know this shit is just as bad as the race baiting that this tragic event has given birth to.
    I would like to see us grow as human beings. Divisiveness like this is not helping (I hope this garbage is pulled from the market). If this is how you REALLY feel I pray for you.

  102. Duncan Avatar

    The word racist gets thrown around so easily anymore, mostly by niggers and liberal whites like its supposed to be offensive. Really? Sharpton, Jackson , and the like stir racist shit constantly and niggers eat it up. Fuck yes Im racist…actually Im just honest, I guess thats the same thing, either way I couldnt give a fuck less. Whats the problem? We’re not supposed to practice marksmanship? You fuckin libtards and niggers make me want to puke. A nigger gets shot deservedly because of its own actions and the whole fuckin tribe goes nuts, and the libtard press helps it along. You niggers shit where you eat then complain it smell like shit. You are the dumbest motherfuckers on earth…please come to my city and try your shit…please. You coward cocksuckers. I HATE YOU FUCKING NIGGERS Dont want to be a target? Then dont act like one

  103. Looking for LaVoy Finicum targets. Will they be available soon?

  104. Morgan Delrusso Avatar
    Morgan Delrusso

    Race cards will always be played by the weak, bottom line he was a thug just like Michael Brown was! They both got what they deserved, act normal & not like a punk thug & maybe the outcome would be different!

  105. I bought all they had in stock.

  106. phil bundy Avatar
    phil bundy

    Am I supposed to be sorry my people discovered electricity, nuclear energy, X-rays and invented automobiles, airplanes, jet engines, spacecraft, submarines, helicopters, the radio, television, internet, refrigeration, nylon, computers, currency, telephones, medicine, unlocked the secrets of DNA, and relativity, launched communication satellites, invented microwave ovens, concrete, light bulbs, photography, telescopes and microscopes, the first to circumnavigate the planet by ship, and orbit it by spacecraft, to walk on the moon and explore the solar system, climb the highest peak, reach both poles, exceed the sound barrier and descend to the deepest points of the oceans? Well, I’m not sorry but I am that you seem so unaware of how extremely privileged and fortunate you are to live among us and enjoy everything we have created over the last 10,000 years. A privilege that can and maybe should be revoked. A privilege I doubt you would afford us had your people done these things. I know a college that has a day without white people how about a day without the things white people created or discovered. I would pay to see that!