Sharper Image .22LR Ammo Dispenser

The best use of a Sharper Image candy dispenser I’ve ever seen:

I’d make up one of those “press button receive bacon” type stickers the hand dryers have on them that has a pictogram like “hand here… receive ammo”.

I wonder if it would work on calibers above .22LR?  It would be awesome if it worked with 9mm and .45.

The motion activated candy dispenser is surprisingly only $40 at Sharper Image.   I normally avoid that store, but I think this gives me an excuse to go back in there.


Source: North     Hat tip: Peter S. & Art


13 responses to “Sharper Image .22LR Ammo Dispenser”

  1. NikonMikon Avatar

    I wonder if the mechanism has some kind of crush-factor… if so it could be dangerous to use rimfire in?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Rimfire is a lot harder to set off than people think. They come jammed in bulkpacks worse than this, so i’m sure it wouldn’t be an issue.

      1. NikonMikon Avatar

        Yeah true, It is meant to dispense candy anyway, shouldn’t crush anything.

  2. dave w Avatar

    If i had $40 and lived near a store i might be tempted to buy this purely for the nerdy cool factor.

  3. casey Avatar

    I am really wondering how this is any better than just reaching into a bucket full of rounds???? Is the grabbing motion that difficult, some piece of crap machine from sharper image is better. Don’t get it.

    1. Vhyrus Avatar

      Well it sure looks better than a bulk box of federal doesn’t it?

    2. Frank Avatar

      @Casey The difference with a bucket, is that you get your (potentially) dirty hands on ammunition that you don’t take with you.

    3. Cartridgeholder Avatar

      It’s really for kicks, and for bragging rights. How many people own an electric .22lr ammo dispenser?

    4. Cause it’s cooler.

  4. now if I could just get it to load my mags too!

  5. Yup… Nerdy cool factor it has!

  6. Church Avatar

    Totally sweet! Too bad the amount of ammo dispensed isn’t consistent…

  7. Just saying, sharper image doesn’t really have many if any retail locations after filing bankruptcy in 08. If you want one, just order it online!