The illest AR Pistol

Clothing brand illest wanted a custom AR pistol:

Tactically flamboyant. I like the workmanship and attention to detail though.

Phase5tactical is the company that did the customization.

Make sure to check out illest as well if you’re into streetwear.

Hat tip: Jeremy K.


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  1. y are you shoulder resting a pistol? also guys gonna give him self a cute little mark on the chin kissing the frame like that. but that is a sweet looking Ar pistol.

  2. Design is about knowing when to stop, they went too far. Some parts are nice like “illest” text on the gun but the rest is overboard.

  3. That is the ugliest AR I think I have ever seen. Nifty, but damn ugly.

  4. Is “streetwear” code for “pants you wear around your ankles and shirts 6 sizes too big”?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hahah no, not in this case.

    2. MrMaigo Avatar

      I think it means “wearing someone one else’s cloths.” Sort of like writing your name on your underwear, except you know it’s not your name or your underwear but you’re still wearing it.

  5. Any time I see a project gun like this I like to see if they took the time to handle the little details. One glaring issue I see with this one is that they did not time the screws in the lettering. All of the screw heads point a different direction. With the size of the screw head and the number of screws it really stands out. It would have taken a little bit longer to do right but it would have made a huge visual impact.

    Shooting times had an article on Timing Screw Heads:

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Interesting read, thanks Bob!

  6. They did “all over” print, but kept it to a small square?

    The illest logo that dots the I with the takedown pin is pretty sweet. It would have been cooler is they made their “all over” a camo pattern and did the whole gun, or at least the whole receiver extension and rail system.

  7. I dig it, that thing looks pretty sweet!

  8. So is that considered a pistol or an SBR cause of the foregrip?

  9. I obviously don’t understand the fascination with AR pistols. Can someone fill me in?

  10. hydepark Avatar

    Correct me if I’m wrong but this is a pistol with a foregrip i.e. an Any Other Weapon (AOW) which would require either a Form 4 or a Form 1 (depending on who made the gun) completion with a tax stamp.

    Yikes. Ignorance is most certainly NOT bliss when it comes to the BATFE.

  11. To the best of my knowledge the presence of a fore grip doesn’t change it’s status as a pistol, but I am never sure when it comes to the BATFE

    1. I have heard that the “AFG” is not considered a vertical grip, and thus does not make the weapon an AOW. A vertical foregrip on a pistol, however, makes it an AOW.

      1. hydepark Avatar

        This is the problem the BATFE and the NFA. I’ve heard that anything that is a pistol is designed to be fired with one hand and that any device that lends itself to be gripped with the other hand is considered a grip. I mean, traditional pistols have one grip that CAN be gripped with both hands but it’s still just one place to put one hand. And, most AR pistols have some sort of handguard, so I dunno.

        Not pretending to be an expert here but when I spoke with Magpul and my local BATFE field office both of them stand behind the premise that both versions of the AFG constitute a grip or foregrip.

        As to the Franklin Armory stuff below posted by Mr. Kimble, I don’t think this “Illest” pistol is anywhere near that length. It’s hard to tell, but with a quick count of the number of rail slots I think these two are very much different lengths.

        Not saying anyone is wrong here. What I am saying is these laws are clearly bullshit. You guys have any interest in contacting the guys over at Phase5 to get their take? If so, I’d be glad to do it if just for my own edification.

  12. paul kimble Avatar
    paul kimble

    franklin armory has a letter from the atf tech branch saying vfg on the XO-26 is legal because the pistol 26″ OAL:

    the thompson model 1927A5 pistol:

    vfg is legal on all pistols with 26″ OAL?

  13. The AR pistol is for non- SBR states & folks that don’t want to bother with the tax stamp. Phase 5 is out of California if I remember correctly, and I’m guessing “illest” doesn’t have the kinda cash it’d take to get a legitimate SBR down there. I have herd the same thing and seen the letters from the ATF that say the pistol buffer tube “is not” a stock even when it’s used that way, and that the AFG “does not” count as vertical grip. So, I’m guessing that the $1000 AR pistol will be “MOH Tacticool” enough to help sell his clothing line in the couple of PR photos that he’ll use it for.

  14. Hi, whats the name of the song ?