Pistol Profile Combat Knife – Dances With Knives

Thin profile… i’d triple stack the blades for maximum awesomeness:

I’m no self defense guru, but that thing looks pretty versatile.  Dumb.. but versatile.

Available over at STI Knives.

I wonder if it comes with dance instructions?  I want to learn the dances at 0:15 and 1:13.

I’d take a 1911 knife over it any day because I’m that classy.

Any of you guys throwing money at the screen after seeing the vid? :P

Hat tip: Brad H.


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  1. because when i’m training to OPERATE and master new tactics and techniques, fun is totally a priority.

  2. r.house Avatar

    I’m confused, are regular knives like my ZT 0300 no longer tacticool compared to wtf this is?

  3. Panda One-One Avatar
    Panda One-One

    Crossman “1911”

    Titty Sprinkles – Discuss

    1. Panda One-One Avatar
      Panda One-One

      Allow me to correct my Crosman misspelling for all you spelling Nazi’s out there.

      And as always….

      Titty Sprinkles – Discuss

  4. walkamile Avatar

    See the holes in the top of the blade? That’s the compensated model that significantly lowers felt recoil.

  5. I love this guy. The pictures included between the scenes are so awesome! I see so many neat features and so many combat-tactical-bodyguard-like techniques this gun-shaped blade can provide… maybe.

    Do you think the boy actually believes he has invented a new revolution in knives?

    1. +1 It looks neat, and I’m sure it works. But blades are such a mature technology somebody coming up with a new design really need to be looked at with several grains of skepticism.

      He’s right, when I’m in a place that bans guns, I carry a ka-Bar TDI (when those are legal of course), but there was a time when knives and swords were the primary fighting weapons, I think there’s a reason why we don’t see a blade shape like this in various weapon museums.

  6. hydepark Avatar

    Panda One-One beat me to it.


    This guy’s a douche that’s obviously got zero firearms experience.

    1. I believe he’s from Europe somewhere… This is the best he can do… Martial Arts is sometimes more practical than firearms. If someone grabs you and puts you into a position where you can’t get your firearm, are you ready to defend yourself.

      Guns aren’t always with you…. Martial Arts knowledge is

      1. Au contraire, Mike. Thanks to the Colon Holster, my guns can be with me….always.

  7. i would take a push knife over this any day.

  8. Cannot say anything about the efficacy of the “knife” in question, but it seems to me that a knife that is specifically designed to be handled and carried like a firearm could lead to some… inopportune… misunderstandings between you and The Authorities, depending on your locale.

  9. Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight, and don’t bring gun-knife to a knife fight.

    1. You mean don’t bring a knife to gun-knife fight… gun-knife > knife

      1. I see what you’re doing, but I disagree. Knife fights are about speed more than anything. That fat clunky bit of steel has very little blade and quite a lot of mass. It’s not really designed to cut well or stab.

        Great, it can be held a lot of different ways. I can do the same thing with a toaster, but that doesn’t mean it’s an ideal defense weapon.

        *Unless you use some good foil guard technique can catch the other guys blade in the heating elements when it’s plugged in. That would be interesting.

  10. This guy is a mall ninja Guru.

  11. AND PS, suggested retail on that thing is $171? No thanks.

  12. Considering I cut myself on my basic folder every three days, I am definitely going to stay away from this one.

  13. This would be a horrible defense tool. Namely because it isn’t a firearm. But also because all of the dance moves that go with it are slashing attacks. Slashing attacks, while painful, take FOREVER to incapacitate. I really hate the fact that people still push knives as a “primary” self defense tool. Knives are great for self defense if you want to be stabbed to death while doing your favorite dance moves.

    I think “international bodyguards” could probably get cleared to carry in just about any country. If not, a TASER, Asp, pepper spray, pyrotechnics of many flavors, and coordination with local law/military would be a lot better than depending on a big, ugly dance accessory.

    1. Calling those dance moves is laughable. Thinking that those are the same moves he would use in a defense situation is laughable. You clearly have no martial arts experience… These katas are practiced to become very comfortable with any position/situation you are forced in with the knife. You are clearly very ignorant when it comes to weapon training in martial arts. It’s the same as when you see people waving around nunchucks. They don’t attack/defend like that. Training in those “dance moves” is how you become comfortable and confident in the weapon.

      Maybe you should wait until you are attacked in a situation when you don’t have a firearm or can’t get to your firearm. If you are grabbed before you can get to a gun, what will you do? You’re gonna be thinking “maybe I shouldn’t have relied on my firearm so damn much”

        1. If you don’t want to be serious about your protection and continue to be one dimensional, then go ahead. Go spar with anyone that has studied Jujitsu for over 3 months and they will be able to control you without your gun, and some will do it even with a dummy gun on you.

          1. Not arguing any of that.

            “If you don’t want to be serious ”

            Precisely. It’s Friday. Calm down.

      1. Sorry, I never stabbed any taliban to death. Never had occasion to do funny dance moves with my flashy movie knife. My M4 and 240B did come in handy though. But you’re right. My two years in Eastern Afghanistan make me sorely untrained in real combat. Man, I’m such an idiot. You’re right. We should have just used joint locks and waved knives around and we probably would have gotten even more taliban than we did with our machineguns and F16 CAS.

        And I do have training in very basic hand-to-hand stuff.

        Lighten up, Francis.

        1. I wasn’t talking about real combat in the sense of gun battles. I’m talking everyday muggings, moron! You’re not gonna pull out an M4 in that situation

          1. No, but my M&P9c would be pretty handy. And as far as muggings go, most muggers aren’t juijitsu masters who are going to put me in a crazy joint lock. A knife is better than nothing, but are you seriously going to count on duking it out with a speed-freak all meth’d out of their mind?

            I was also a cop for about a year before going back to the Army. One of my fellow officers had a “close encounter” with a knife-wielding methhead and the only thing that stopped him was the SIXTH round of .40S&W that snapped his spine between his shoulderblades. Now you’re going to tell me that flailing around with a knife is going to shut that guy down as effectively as shooting him?

            Martial arts isn’t necessarily a farce, but idiots put on “self-defense clinics” and teach average joe that he is now John Rambo and can ably defend himself with a knife or just his hands. Yeah. Good luck. It’s better than nothing, but even up close, it isn’t better than a gun. Maybe you really are a 99th level ninja and can slice and dice a dude up to minute rice, but I’m not going to gamble on that. I’d rather take my chances with kicking them in the balls to make space and then shooting them until I’m out of ammo.

            1. If you can get to your gun then, yes that is by far your #1 asset. If you are without a gun and defending against a knife attack, there are a lot of great defenses against a knife attacker within Jujitsu. Using that defense you will get cut up a little bit, but you will know how to disarm the attacker without giving them access to your vitals.

              The flailing around with a knife is not how these people are supposed to attack. That flailing around is simulating a struggle with someone. It teaches you how to properly and safely hold, defend, and attack someone who is attacking you. You do not actually dance like that in a fight, damn.

            2. kicking them in the balls to make space and then shooting them until I’m out of ammo.

              awesome :D

              1. Haha. Agreed.

        2. And again, it isn’t funny dance moves. That’s what it looks like to someone that knows nothing about it. It’s like saying “why does the military do marches. That’s really gonna hurt people. What a waste of time!”

  14. MrMaigo Avatar

    I saw this a few years ago and I still don’t have any words for how I feel about it

  15. ZBalentine Avatar

    I was a MCMAP I/T my last couple of years in the Corps, we did plenty of knife combative training. One of the things that I took away from that training and experience, was that if you wanted to look super cool whilst getting the shit shivved out of you, do what this guys doing.

    1. Don’t confuse people with facts…

      Dance on.

  16. ” i’d triple stack the blades for maximum awesomeness”

    Add some pressurized air and you have a winner!


    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hahaha awesome.

  17. Forrest Avatar

    Its very… strange. It’s great that the knife industry tries to think outside the box and come up with completely new styles of knives but this one seems like a miss. I was subscribed to this guy on youtube on an old account and he doesn’t actually own many knives. in fact his primary “self defense” edc knife for a long time was a 20 dollar smith and wesson karambit. So i’m not really seeing him as a credible source of knife information. Also judging by the fact that his 1911 is a BB gun, I’d say that his firearms knowledge is most likely very lacking as well. In summary, there are a lot of other people on youtube that are much more knowledgable in these areas than this guy, and I’d take my Emerson over that strange knife any day.

  18. “I’m no self defense guru, but that thing looks pretty versatile.”

    At first I thought you were just being humble when you said that….

    “I wonder if it comes with dance instructions? I want to learn the dances at 0:15 and 1:13.”

    Then I read this and realized you were telling the truth! … calling it a “dance” LOL

  19. Baseplate Avatar

    I would only buy this if the finger hole doubled as a cigar cutter. You will never make it as an international body gaurd until you can learn to smoke cigars. If I can get a stabber tool and a cigar chopper all in one then I will be one of the best.

    1. MrMaigo Avatar

      That could also use it if you wanted to be a Mafia Don

  20. I don’t know about how effective this particular knife would be, but it looks like a more compact version of a traditional and highly effective Japanese/Filipino weapon called a “Kama”. The point of them isn’t just to slash, but they are very good at that, the kama was also considered effective at halting attacks from other weapons, could be used to stab or even grab the back of someone’s neck to hold them, and was always kept razor sharp due to it’s origin as a harvesting tool. Both the schools I studied at (an MMA based on Kenpo and Wado-Ryu) taught students how to use the kama.


    That being said. This knife looks like some kind of compact-folding-kama. It also looks kind of retarded when fully-open. But if you actually have been taught how to fight with knives and weapons like kamas, it would probably be very effective. The “dance” you’re making fun of looks like a fairly good breakdown of basic strikes you would make with the weapon. A gun may be more effective at a distance, but a knife is actually a lot more dangerous very close up. Never bring a knife to a gun-fight, and never bring a gun to a knife fight.

    1. Aaaahhh, Wado son!!! I look back with much fondness on my years learning Wado…

  21. pretty sure the first thing that happens when you put your finger through that hole is that you get it broken…

  22. It reminds me of the “Predator” from the men who stare at goats movie when it’s closed! lol

    1. HA. Perfect!

  23. Subbed this guy, he’s awesome! Thx Mike!

  24. You know what i see coming out from this knife..
    ‘Put the gun down.’..BANG..
    ‘huh, waddaya know, it wasnt a gun after all’

  25. Many cultures had thousands of years to perfect the design of their blades. Coincidentally, they are all basically similar and not a single one of them looks anything like this thing.

    1. Hit the nail on the head.

    2. ^^this.

  26. Sorry, this is goofy. It also looks pretty useless as a knife as such, and it’s way overpriced. My ten-year-old Benchmade may have cost less than half of this, but it works as a utility tool a lot better than this thing will- and it’ll also slash and cut at least as well, stab better, and fit a LOT better into a pocket.
    Worst knife wound I ever saw on a still-alive person came from a box cutter: Guard I worked with let a bum get too close to him and the bum slashed him to the bone from his ear all the way past his chin. M’boy didn’t pick up on the fact until, while beating the crap out of the bum, he wondered why his molars felt breezy… and what was flapping around on his neck. From this I learned two things (well, three: “Never let a bum within arm’s reach” was the third): First, a knife doesn’t have to be expensive or “tactical” to mess you up bad; and second, like Rex Applegate and Bill Fairbairn figured out before any of us were born, slashing ain’t where it’s at.