One Guy’s Complaints About Glock Pistols

The video he made to piss off fanboys such as myself:

To Summarize His complaints: Slippery slide, Grip angle, massive grip

It was all worth it to see the end home invasion part towards the of the video though LOL

The characters were pretty awesome too.

Thoughts?  If you don’t like Glocks, what do you like?

Hat tip: William S.


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  1. “…to ensure that they were loaded…”

  2. DanTheViking Avatar

    I think it’s a bit hit-and-miss.

  3. I dunno, I find it harder to rack a 1911 slide than a glock’s

  4. Best.

    1. Video.

      1. EVAR!!!!!

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        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

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          1. nope. I had to wait a few minutes before each post. Said I was posting too fast.

  5. XDM’s ftw

    1. hahah, no

  6. Jackyl357 Avatar

    Perfect! Sorry but I do not care much for the Glock either. Partly what was mentioned in the video and also partly due to the rabid fans that rather annoy me when I am at the range.
    So what DO I like?
    Well here is a short list….
    CZ-75 (and clones)… this will be forever my favorite and my first choice.
    Sig 226, p250, p2022
    Springfield XD (or as I call them, the Glock done right)
    S&W N frame revolvers. (second all time favorite but only in .357 or .41 mag)

    1. Gotta say I agree with most of your list.

      The best pistol I’ve ever shot so far is the Tanfoglio Gold Match (pimped out match-grade CZ-75 clone). That gun feels so good I almost regret buying my P226. Should’ve gone for that instead…

  7. Very funny video! The guy is smart !
    Last 5 seconds of the video are priceless.

  8. Wah wah wah, I’m a weak pathetic baby with the strength of an arthritic 80-year-old and can’t rack a glock.

  9. Jester67 Avatar

    I’m surprised that he never talked about the trigger. It seems to be the most common complaint.

    1. That’s always been my issue; a trigger is not a safety; it’s a trigger. It’s like building a brake pedal in the middle of your gas pedal; some things are just best kept separate (like paint remover and Astroglide).

      If the slide is too slippery he could throw on some grip tape. I don’t get why that is even mentioned.

      1. “It’s like building a brake pedal in the middle of your gas pedal”

        No, not it’s not. The safety is not a thing you press when you want to stop shooting or slow your gun down, nor does it exist so you can finger-fuck your piece with a round in the chamber and your booger-hook on the trigger. It exists so that the gun doesn’t go off when you drop it, or some shit like that. The Glock has 3 safeties, all deactivated by pulling the center of the trigger. Your finger should be off that trigger until you have made the conscious decision to shoot, and when you need to shoot, you want nothing getting in the way of the click-bang.

        1. News flash; a finger isn’t the only thing that can snag a trigger. Discharge from impact is more or less a thing of the past.

          Even if it was, not every finger that goes on a trigger is connected to a brain that knows how to safely operate a firearm. Most gun owning parents take precautions to keep little ones from getting their claws on loaded weapons, but they do, and the safety may be the last thing chance to prevent disaster.

  10. USSMunkfish Avatar

    Can’t say I’ve had trouble racking the slide, but it has been a while. The only reason I don’t have one is because of how horribly uncomfortable they are. The grip angle must be an Austrian thing, Steyr handguns have the same weird grip angle.

  11. ManBeerOwl Avatar

    I live in Massachusetts and as a result of our AG, we cannot buy new Glocks from a dealer (only if they were made prior to Oct. 1998). Private transfers are allowed but this leads to inflated prices, (Like NIB Gen 3 Glock 19, only asking $750!). That being said, I’m a M&P fanboy myself.

  12. TL;DW. :)

    Glock makes a fine pistol, I don’t care for them.

    And Ford > Chevy.

  13. I’m not a huge Glock fan, but I hear they make some baller grenades :)

    I’m partial to the M&P series by Smith & Wesson. I shot them side by side for a while (a 17 and an M&P9) and honestly felt the M&P to be superior. That’s just me though.

    Oh also, I think Glocks are ugly as sin, but that doens’t affect my thoughts on which I prefer. If I thought it was better I’d carry it anyway ;P

    1. overkill556x45 Avatar

      I’m in the same boat. I had a glock 17 for a long time and a glock 22 as a duty weapon. Liked them both, but really prefer the M&P series. I still like Glocks, but my money will probably go to S&W from now on. I just wish they would make an M&P 10mm!

      1. Try a Gen 4 G20. First Glock I held that really felt right in my hands (no backstrap installed of course.)

        1. I shot a gen 3 G20 that I really liked. Also liked the gen 3 G29. I just wish S&W would quit fiddling with the SHIELD and make a 10mm.

          1. I’m still waiting for funsticks for my M&P9.

      2. Jackyl357 Avatar

        Amen about the 10mm M&P, I would love it if the XD/XDM from Springfield was chambered in 10 auto as well.

      3. I completely agree about a m&p 10mm.

  14. Greatest glock video ever.
    Glock isnt on my to buy list just based on the legions of fans who jizz in their pants at the mention of the word. If i wanted something black and chunky to get me off i would go and find one of yankeemarshalls hookers

  15. spencer wade Avatar
    spencer wade

    both glocks and xdm’s are a fine weapon. they will both shell out 19 or 20 rounds as fast as you can pull the trigger. I dont like that all a person has to do is depress the trigger to shot a round on the glock. it seems like there is not a safety at all, but what all guns do ( shoot when ya pull the trigger) so its on safety untill you do pull the trigger but i have never had a gun go off, when it was off safety and the trigger wasnt pulled anyway. so there glock is taking somthing that is already standard with other guns and saying its the safeist thing ever. dumb/wrong. Im glad the xdm his the 1911 style safety.

  16. DeskJockey Avatar

    Yeah, this was great. I dont know why the things are revered so much. I dont really need a gun that can fire 50,000 rounds without cleaning, because a.) I like to clean my guns, and b.)I cant afford to shoot that much.
    I’ve never liked the grip of the Glock 17 at all. The 19 is a little better, but still about like holding a cinderblock.
    Its the same as if everyone drove around in HMMWVs. Yeah, it’ll surmount everything you throw at it…but 99% of the time you just dont need it.

  17. shockfish08 Avatar

    I lost it at 4:56 when he had the Glock in a sacred shrine XD

  18. That was a good one.
    Good morning to you too EDO.

  19. That was a good one.
    Good morning to you too ENDO.

  20. there is one feature I like with glock over other pistols… u can shove a mag in and the slide will automatically release and chamber a round for u.

    I like my 1911s personally. Polymer pistols I like the XD which is springfields copy cat glock (more or less)

    opinions are like assholes everybody has one.

    1. 1911s are nice, never got into them. Is your EDC piece a 1911? If it is, what make/model?

  21. Big freaking grip? Dude must have girl hands.

  22. hydepark Avatar

    I lol’d for real when he had that redneck dude in the mock gun battle. This shit is hilarious.

  23. Am i the only one who thinks this is just a parody video and the creater actually likes/uses glocks?

  24. Hating on glocks? James Yeager is definitely going to break this guy’s f***ing back.

  25. Glock’s and M&P’s are both awesome guns. If I didn’t own one, I’d own the other. They are pretty similar in performance, so it really just comes down to which feels better in your hands and what you shoot better with.

    I don’t have Lego hands, so I went with the M&P. But I have a buddy who’s got hands like an oven mitt, so he likes how his Glock fits and shoots better with it.

  26. his trigger discipline, even as a “funny haha video” fucking sucks. I may have bee trolled though. Every positon he casually kept his finger near, at, or neighboring, is a position that if a friend of mine was like “hey man somethings wrong with this gun” I would tell em “finger off the trigger” resting your finger on the side of the trigger guard is not OFF the trigger IMO. I hope he’s trolling.

  27. NikonMikon Avatar

    he says he just doesnt care for them but he goes and wastes hours of his time makin a 6 minute video and uploading it to youtube to tell everyone he doesnt care for them.

    i lol’d.

  28. Gee whiz, sirkut hurt my wittle feelings with his comment of, “Big freaking grip? Dude must have girl hands.” My little girl hands don’t like the fat Glock grip either. I dunno, had no problems with the M60E3 and the M249 when I was an 0331 in The Corps. Go figure, eh?

    The grip angle and fat grip always conspired to make the Glock a pistol I had no natural point of aim with. I owned a 23 and a 19 at one point. Such solid machinery! So hardcore and unstoppable! I wanted to be able to shoot one well but it just wasn’t the handgun for me. So I went with one of Gaston’s grandchildren and daily carry my Ruger SR9C quite happily. Natural point of aim, for me, great shooter, great ergonomics, durable, affordable, plenty of aftermarket sights, holsters, etc. I’m also fond of the M&P series of semi-autos. Yes, I use my thumb safety.

    1. It’s ok. You probably have the benefit of finding shoes that are your size, not scraping your head on the rivets on top of the school buses growing up, or a not having bad back. Let me have this one. :) I will however admit the angle is weird on the glock.

  29. I love all pistols just not Glocks, they don’t fit my hand.

  30. I guess I’ll be the lone voice that says: I love my USP. Although to be fair, I do have an odd hand shape. I don’t think I’d like it half as much if I had normal hands.

    1. So you have Tuetonic Superhands?

      1. +1

  31. sarclmbr Avatar

    I kinda agree with all his points, they are the same reason I don’t like Glocks either. XDs on the other hand I love, fit me well and shoot well …

  32. Haha. I saw this the other day. Hilarious! I love my Glock.

  33. I’ve shot Glocks. They work perfectly. Some people like them, I don’t. If it was issued, I’d use it, if I have to buy it, I won’t. It doesn’t point well, it doesn’t fit my hand. The Gen 4 is better, but it’s still not quite right. If the Glack is good for you, party on.

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    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I think spam threat info is shared, so if someone on another wordpress blog marked your comment as spam, mine picks it up as spam too. I approved it now though so hopefully you won’t have that problem again.

  35. Count me as another Glock “hater.” They’re good guns, but they just don’t fit my hand. The older models have all the feel of a plastic 2X4, and the newer models have all the feel of a plastic 2X4 with finger grooves in the wrong place for my fingers. And it’s not just the Glocks. I’m something of a Ruger fanboy, at least when it comes to their revolvers (I love their sixguns) but their older P-Series pistols don’t really fit me either. Even on the much-more-ergonomic P-345 – let alone the chunky P-85/P-90s I have to alter my grip to reach the safety/decock lever.

    I rather like my increasingly elderly Beretta 92SB Compact, but were I to consider a newer semiauto pistol in 9mm – the Beretta is the only centerfire semiauto I have – I’d personally go with a compact version of the CZ-75 or Ruger’s SR9.

  36. A pistol is a tool, not an object of beauty or something you revere. Glock are one of the best tools for combat ever made