The Stovepipe Song

fxhummel1 and his wife sing about his POS Sig 226:

Stellar work on the piano as usual, and the oboe really brought it all home.

Another ENDO gun t-shirt also in the video if you didn’t already notice.   It’s the AK-47 selector switch one.

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Hat tip: formatC2, Eric, Phil C.


11 responses to “The Stovepipe Song”

  1. NikonMikon Avatar

    A more precise link to get right to the point:

  2. Is there any instrument these two can’t handle? Apart from a Sig I mean? :D

    Seriously, I don’t know what he does wrong. My P226 has gone almost 4-5000 rounds with little to no maintenance (Cleaned before prolonged storage and every couple thousand rounds). I’ve only had one stovepipe and one jam , and both were from a bad batch of homeloads (20 rounds dirtied my gun worse than 1200 rounds of Magtech 124gr FMJ did…).

    With half-way decent factory ammo (I mainly use Geco 124gr FMJ 9mm), there’s no way a modern gun should jam unless you’ve packed it with dirt or have a strong religious reason for not cleaning your firearms…

    He is a kickass musician though.

  3. Dontshootmebro Avatar

    I think I liked this shtick better the first dozen times I saw it.

  4. Baseplate Avatar

    I do believe I would have sold that clunker to the closest Cabela’s or other type store that I could find.

    1. hydepark Avatar

      That’s what keeps coming to my mind. Sell it to someplace like that and then the guy who buys it can take it back most likely. I’m also shocked that Sig won’t treat him right and replace his gun. Just goes to show you should just get a glock.

  5. AAH! I love this guy! His videos are awesome!

  6. Awesome song!

  7. Glock FTW.

  8. I’m subscribed to his videos, I frickin love all of them!! Hendertucky here.

  9. ShovelMonkey Avatar

    Love his choice in shirts!