J Dewey Rods Giveaway Week – Day #7 FINAL

J Dewey Manufacturing; maker of the famous J Dewey Rods for cleaning your guns, gave away awesome goods all week long.  It’s all wrapping up today with this final giveaway.

Today, TWO lucky people will each win a .30 caliber nylon coated cleaning rod & an adjustable bore saver rod guide for the same caliber.

Product Specifications:

  • Nylon-Coated
  • .27 to .34 Caliber
  • 44 Inch
  • 12/28 Male Threads
  • Comes with 30J and LGBA Brush Adapter
  •  ABS-3 Adjustable Bore Saver Rod Guide
  • Fits .30-8mm Calibers
  • 10 Inch Overall Length
  • Anodized Aluminum Rod Guide Tube
  • Adjustable Locking Collar
  • O-Rings to Seal the Chamber and Keep Solvents/Oils Out of Receiver
  • Replaces the Bolt
  • Fits Rifles with .695-.700 Diameter Bolts

Make sure you check out J Dewey Rods for all your gun cleaning needs.

J Dewey products are Made in the USA

Giveaway Rules:

  • You must be located in the U.S.
  • Don’t be a scoundrel (this always applies) and enter the contest if you are just planning on selling the item if you win.

How to enter:

  • Just leave ONE comment on this post completing the sentence “I ______ Monday’s because…”.
  • Don’t reply to anyone.  More than one comment will disqualify you.
  • Use a valid email address so I can contact you if you win.  Your email address will not be used for anything else but notifying you of a win.

The Draw:

  • At midnight tonight I’ll close the comments and generate random numbers.  The numbers will correspond to the winners, who I will then contact for their mailing addresses.

Good luck!


59 responses to “J Dewey Rods Giveaway Week – Day #7 FINAL”

  1. agentorange197 Avatar

    I Hate Monday’s because…they always seem to ruin my weekend adventures.

  2. I hate Mondays because they are the end of my lead-slinging time.

  3. I hate Mondays because that’s when everyone else’s low-priority issues suddenly become my emergencies.

  4. SPC Fish @ ChevTac Firearms LLC Avatar
    SPC Fish @ ChevTac Firearms LLC

    I love mondays because it means im one more day closer to being home

  5. I despise Mondays because that’s when I have to start waking up before sunrise again…

  6. I love Monday’s because the range is empty and all mine!

  7. I run Monday’s because I am the boss

  8. USSMunkfish Avatar

    I go to space on Monday’s because those deep fryers aint gonna fix themselves! Also, they have pretty darn good tacos there, you should seriously go try one.

  9. I need coffee on Mondays. Because.

  10. blatantevil Avatar

    I love Mondays because I just sleep through my classes… And I get emails about winning awesome stuff!

  11. I love Mondays because the kids are at school and I’m home all alone, leaving plenty of time to peruse my favorite gun blogs.

  12. I laugh Mondays because if I didn’t I would most certainly cry.

  13. I hate mondays because I have to deal with fools for another four days after it..

  14. I love Mondays because I get to see what everyone broke or screwed up over the weekend

  15. I need Mondays to finish all the work I’ve been doing over the “weekend.”

  16. I don’t mind Mondays because it’s just another day of the week. I have no days off.

  17. I sorta but not really like Mondays because Mondays make matters more mundane.

  18. 1911Sinner Avatar

    I Loath Monday’s because it is the start of week of hell.

  19. drifter Avatar

    I try not to think of Mondays because of the people i have to see.

  20. I hate Mondays because I have to work 4 more days.

  21. I love Mondays because its the start of my weekend.

  22. I fear Mondays because it starts a long week.

  23. Mr_Rich Avatar

    I avoid Mondays because it’s good karma

  24. John Eric Avatar
    John Eric

    I love Mondays because it lets me get started working towards the weekend.

  25. TomtheInfidel Avatar

    I hate Mondays because…well just because.

  26. I love Mondays because I shoot trap that night.

  27. J. Stone Avatar

    I love mondays, because I will win a new cleaning kit!

  28. hydepark Avatar

    I love Mondays because it means I’m gonna get to sit next to my best friends in class again.

  29. I eat mondays because I get hungry.

  30. I hate mondays….because the range is closed!

  31. I survive mondays because it puts me 20% of the way through the week…

  32. I tolerate Monday’s because I have to

  33. i tolerate mondays, because i have to!

  34. I work Mondays because I like getting paid.

  35. Sublime-Silence Avatar

    “I don’t mind Monday’s because it’s just another day”.

  36. I hate Mondays because I always have a bad case of the Mondays

  37. I love Monday’s because while everybody else is either hung-over or at work, I get the range to myself.

  38. I hate mondays because I have to get up early for work!

  39. I don’t care about Mondays, cause the days of the week don’t matter that much to me.

  40. I love Mondays because It’s one day closer to the next weekend.

  41. I dislike Monday’s because it means power usually is not burnt until the weekend.

  42. Jonny Bravo Avatar
    Jonny Bravo

    I skip Mondays because I like to go right to Tuesday.

  43. JohnTheBaptist Avatar

    I hate mondays because It always rains.

  44. Jester67 Avatar

    I hate Mondays because I don’t hate sleep.

  45. Keith richardson Avatar
    Keith richardson

    I love Mondays because it’s all downhill from there for the rest of the week.

  46. I blank Monday’s because I blanky blank blank. (Sorry, top secret)

  47. I hate Monday’s because the coffee always seems to phone it in.

  48. Farmer Bob Avatar
    Farmer Bob

    I hate Mondays because I can’t stand my German class. The professor has a freaking crush on me, man!

  49. jason D Avatar

    I hate Monday’s because its too far from Saturday.

  50. I like mondays because they are my one guaranteed day off from work, while the rest of the workforce suffers.

  51. I hate Mondays because there is never enough coffee to make me feel awake

  52. retro_joe Avatar

    I tolerate Mondays because it one day closer to Saturday.

  53. Doug Ward Avatar
    Doug Ward

    I hate Monday’s because i just do!!!!!!

  54. First Last Avatar
    First Last

    I hate Monday’s because my girl ran away with a First Day Adventist.

  55. i like mondays because i get to go back to school for another five days.

  56. I like Monday’s because I’m usually off.

  57. I Dance On Monday’s Because J Dewey Is Here To Make My M1A Shine

  58. i stare mondays in the eye ,because im greater than they are.

  59. I enjoy Mondays because I can catch up on sleep from weekend shenanigans.