How To Start An American Fire

From Dallas ‘Mericah:

An essential survival skill.  Gotta have that Bud light, otherwise the fire would never have happened.


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  1. agentorange197 Avatar

    You know the Canadians are going to see this and get jealous.

    1. We play with fire & plenty.

      Last september I was in texas meeting a bunch of guys off a forum for a shoot. We had a couple machine guns & various normal toys. After mag dumps there’d be a chorus of “mericah” & the local good ole’ boy who led us out to the shooting location (a bank of the trinity river) couldn’t understand what we were saying. Was lulzy.

  2. Mixing Guns and alcohol. Just what the responsible gun community likes to see promoted on a firearm blog. And yes, I used ‘promoted’ because I didn’t get the impression this was a negative criticism. Any thoughts?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Yea it’s really too bad he wasn’t smoking weed too, seeing as it was 4/20 and all. Oh well maybe next year.

      1. Or smoking near a gas can that was only plugged with a rag.

        This guy is just BEGGING Darwin to swoop in!

        1. Haha I know right

        2. I laughed when I saw that. Blowing himself up with a cigarette and a gas can would have made for a better Youtube video!

  3. only in merica.. Kommac only in merica

  4. No but I mean seriously, with the media the way it is today, lessons on firearm safety (as well as terrible examples/ideas for kids, or people with the maturity of a kid) are just a click away. I feel that especially in the situation that the “pro 2nd amendment” community is in today, all the pressure they (we) are under to maintain a positive image and prove (because you are always held accountable for the actions of people that claim to represent your cause whether you support their actions or not) that our cause is not a threat to the rights of others, we should be extra careful what we represent as our interests and how we represent them. In this particular situation Mike (and I very much enjoy your blog, thank you very much for the service you provide us gun nuts) I got the impression that this particular act of ridiculous irresponsibility in the handling of a firearm was simply joked about and made light of. Now, a note, you have done an outstanding job of singling out other negative examples of firearms safety and holding them at an arms length. But I just got a bad taste in my mouth when I read your take on the video at hand. I enjoy your tasteful sense of humor, but I just imagined someone who was not yet sure where their stance is regarding the issue of individual public carry of handguns (or other such issues/liberties that face political opposition daily and threat of eradication) googling “gun blog” just to learn a little more about our community, our values and our opinions and ENDO is the 3rd blog that comes up on google. so they click on it and they see a lot of good things, (but unfortunately, when forming an opinion, the negative things are often the most remembered) and they may just happen upon this link…now, that may make them think, “wow, this is terribly irresponsible, and they promote these acts?” and then they will tell their friends, and so on an so forth” now, some may say, “f*** ’em, free speech and all that jazz” and I couldn’t agree more. All I’m addressing is a concern for disgression on an open forum where some may take this out of context. Not to mention what would happen when kids see this and decide to replicate it, ending in just more bad publicity. Evil spreads more easily than good, it’s just the nature of our world, unfortunately (that’s an opinion taken from experience, others may see otherwise). I love this blog and would recommend it to others for its fun and educational nature, but this stuff worries me.

    Anyone share my point of view? Open to criticisms. If you think I’m being a tight-ass grandpa, fun nazi feel free to say so but do back up your rebuke with a reasonable arguement.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I don’t blog to guide the youth and other impressionable people to do the right or responsible thing. I blog about what I think is funny/cool/stupid/etc.. and that’s why people should follow the blog. I got a kick out of this video for a few reasons. That ‘Mericah character is a stereotype which he plays very well. It’s acting. I laugh all the time when people get shot and hurt and do stupid things in comedy movies… why can’t I laugh at this? Since he’s acting how do we even know it’s real Bud Light? Lets for the sake of your argument say it was… if someone can’t take a drink of bud light and responsibly operate a shotgun, they should go see a doctor because I’m concerned about them. It’s not like he downed a whole bottle of Jack Daniels and tried to shoot a propane tank of someones head. If you don’t find it at all funny, then that’s alright. I can’t please everyone.

      1. You certainly can’t please everyone. Thanks for the reply Mike. Anyone know what revolver he’s got holstered there?

        1. Taurus Raging Bull, Probably a .44 Mag. Big red strip on the back of the grip, Small little Taurus logo near the bottom.

          1. Yeah, you’re right Will. For some reason the grip looked brown to me in the video, but looking back now the red strip is obvious. Good call.

  5. Critter Avatar

    i know a couple of Canadians who would simply get a case of the vapors upon seeing this. therefore, i must share it.

  6. …and that’s Farenheit, because that’s the American way…

    Problem with that is – the Farenheit scale was developed before there was an America. And it was pretty widely used since it would be another twenty or so years before the Celsius scale was developed. I think it’s only been in the last 50 or 60 years that other English speaking countries switched to Celsius, at the same switching to metric measurement for length, mass, volume, etc. I guess the American way is to stick with old, seemingly arbitrary, ways of measuring things that don’t make a lot of sense!

    1. Actually, Josh, the scale isn’t arbitrary. Daniel Fahrenheit used the coldest substance he could find, an iced saturated salt solution, to use as zero. He was using body temperature as 100. I know, you’re saying, “But Todd, body temp is 98.6!?!” His body temperature was off (from a fever, iirc) when he took the measurement, so his scale was off.

      1. retro_joe Avatar


        Kelvin is the only common temperature scale that’s based on reason. There’s no negative temperature, everything just goes up from zero. There’s no reason at all to switch to Celsius. There’s a misconception that it’s “metric” but it’s not; just another way to measure the same thing (and if we’re talking whole numbers, less accurately than Fahrenheit. After all the range between water’s freezing and boiling temps is 100 points for C vs. 180 for F).

      2. Actually Todd, you might notice that I said “seemingly arbitrary.” And actually, he set ice at 30 degrees and human body temperature at 90 degrees (based on a variation of an earlier scale, by a gentleman named Romer, which he multiplied by four). It is thought that he then adjusted those to 32 and 96 degrees because by having 64 degrees of separation, he could mark individual degrees on the scale by drawing a line exactly between 32 and 96, and by continuing to bisect each section until 64 degrees were marked. I think it was later that scientists adjusted the scale so that the boiling point of water was exactly 212 degrees, and when more precise measurements were made with this scale, it was decided that the normal human body temperature was 98.6 degrees.

  7. The only thing I’m coming up with is Tallhassee/Woody Harrelson in “Zombieland” when he finds the Hummer full of guns …


    And for all the haters… quit taking yourselves so damn seriously.

    1. THAT was a great movie

  8. I bet if he was smoking weed, there’d be some people that would be really mad. But nobody seems to care, (all that much) about beer…

  9. I did not see the dubstep coming.

  10. ya this kinda offends, not that a big dude like him could get drunk off budlight, this is just retarded..

  11. Thanks Mike fer sharing my video on you’re blog. I’s a pretty cool surprise to see when I got mah self home tonight, how ‘merican of you. Second of all the fire definitely could not have started without the Bud Light, and is a must to have a victory cigarette after great moments of ‘MERICAH! victory. (I did have the cig in while i was pouring some of the gas just cut out the shots. don’t wanna teach the children wrong ideals. Safety first. Always.) Also my Revolver is a Taurus Model444Multi it’s a .44 magnum. Love the blog and will continue to follow. Thanks for the support.