Colon Carry Jeans – Deep Handgun Concealment

Tired of getting “made” when you’re concealed carrying?  Not a problem with these jeans:

hahahahha the deep concealment kit… awesome.

From the same guy that brought us Carry Condition Tactical Butterscotch.


Hat tip: Marc A.


15 responses to “Colon Carry Jeans – Deep Handgun Concealment”

  1. Not surprised.

  2. So when the cop says ‘he just pulled a gun out of his ass!’……?

    1. Certainly gives “concealed means concealed” a new meaning.

  3. Just another definition of pulling it out your ass.

    Does anyone know of a good left handed shoulder rig for a Kel-Tec P11?

  4. Hey… how about a coffee spew alert next time?

  5. I’m not sure how Ted Nugent ends up being the scapegoat when when things like this exist to make us all look bad.
    Guess it doesn’t matter, though, since the Secret Service has cleared his comments as being non-threatening. Doubt that article gets the update it deserves, though.

    1. if you think THIS is where anti-gunners are getting their ammo… i suggest you crawl out from under a rock and look at all the other things out there. this is CLEARLY a joke and i think you missed that.

  6. What happens if one has to fart while carrying this way?

    1. New term: Flatulent Discharge.

  7. I’m glad they said S&W 642 and not 637. I’ve snagged a pocket holster by the hammer spur, I think in this case, it’d be a whole lot worse.

  8. Dontshootmebro Avatar

    Is that Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs doing the voice over? It rubs the lotion on its skin…

  9. I’m glad my iwb holster doesn’t make me look like a Mississippi trailer park baby momma, maybe it’s because I hand made it myself… but who knows. Funny video

  10. LMAO this was brilliant. it’s not really a secret that i’m a fan of TYM’s videos and this one ranks up near the top of my favorites.

  11. Richard Lugo Avatar
    Richard Lugo

    In Rod we Trust, happyness is a nice clean barrel.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Wrong post buddy! And a day late. You can find today’s giveaway here –>