J Dewey Rods Giveaway Week – Day #2 RESULT

For those just tuning in, J Dewey Manufacturing is providing a whole week of giveaways.  Day #2 was an M4/M9 Field Kit for two lucky people.

To switch things up, this time I asked for a Body part, Gun Part, and Regular verb, so I could put them into a secret Mad Lib style sentence.  The secret sentence is:

Keep your (Body part) off the (gun part) until you’re ready to (regular verb).

Make sure you go back and read people’s comments and construct this sentence in your head.  The results were incredible.

As usual to keep it fair I let the random.org number generator pick the winners.  Here are the two winners and their comments:

#56200 – John M. – “Keep your nipple off the gas block until you’re ready to jump.”

#56356 – Sam Fischer – “Keep your toe off the trigger until you’re ready to squeeze.”

hahah.  Congrats John and Sam, i’ll contact you shortly for your info.

Everyone else, good luck on the next 5 draws!

I’m going to do another Mad Lib tonight because I think they are hilarious.  Anyone have any other good ideas?


2 responses to “J Dewey Rods Giveaway Week – Day #2 RESULT”

  1. I just remember what my entry to the contest was. I think I just giggled a little.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha I just check your entry: “Toe Muzzle Nuzzle” haha that was pretty good.