Glock Torture Test Trolling

As it says at the starting “prior tests were conducted in old style type laboratory conditions.”… as opposed to ridiculous staged ones:

The video takes until about 3:00 min to get going, but it’s worth it.  

Forward roll! Basejumping!  OPERATOR STATUS ACHIEVED.

ROFL I lost it at 4:17 when he shot an explosive target on the side of the mountain while in free fall.   Screw the holster… just throw the Glock away into the water below and yank the ripcord.

OHhhhhh shit… underwater test sequence!  Wait a minute, did he just shoot from underwater to a target on land?  The dramatic rise out of the water and smooth donning of the sunglasses was a nice touch *slow clap*.

Tank Attack!  If there’s one thing I hate, it’s when tanks chase me through fields.  This operator is really into tossing his gun rather than just holstering it…. oh wait it’s for the sake of the “test”.

Did the tank kill the operator at the end?  I guess we’ll never know…  What we do know is that the Glock passed all those tests.  No surprise there.



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  1. The GLOCK 17 did fail to destroy the tank. To be fair this is obviously a fault of the 9x19mm cartridge. A .45 acp would have taken it out no problem. lol

  2. Wait….WHAT? Did the Glock company make this? Like really? ಠ_ಠ

  3. Pretty sure that’s not a new Gen 4 though. ;)

  4. Initializing cheesey ass video

    1. Steve069 Avatar

      Very cheesey.

  5. When he put the glasses on did anyone else scream ‘YYYEEEAAAHHHHH!!!!’ ?

    Cause I know I did…

  6. Well this little piggy wants to make his house out of Glocks now more then ever.

  7. than*

  8. hydepark Avatar

    Initialize…..this guy breaking James Yeager’s back in two

    Totally sweet find mike. What kind of holster was he rocking?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar


      I’m not sure about the holster… looks like it’s made from nylon cordura anyway. Probably something that only operators who operate in operations can get. :P

  9. Not sure if operator status was achieved. Yes, his finger wasn’t completely clear of the trigger guard, but he wasn’t on the trigger either. A bit more doubt about the tank check than the freefall check, but not confirmed. Careless, yes. Dangerous? Not sure.

  10. Viken81 Avatar

    Whoever directed that has a bright future in the porn industry.

  11. Viken81 Avatar

    I am still not buying a Glock. I am going to put my backpack on like he does at the 4 minute mark from now on though. Awesome.

  12. Nothing can stop Zoolanders housemate.

  13. Glock makes lots of money. They spent a lot making this.. Maybe they should have used a camera newer than 1998, maybe some HD?

  14. He put on the parachute without the Perfect Gun in his hand, but holstered it to jump off the cliff?

  15. Oops, I meant with, not without

  16. Lord Valvatorez Avatar
    Lord Valvatorez

    ” Initialize Glock Turture Test Extreme ”

    Glock turture test, huh? Maybe Turture is their new Glock model made for this video.

    By the way, couldn’t they get a better actor for the hammering of the pin into the rock? Or pretty much a better actor for everything in this video? I mean, every single human in this video is a horrible actor.

  17. ZBalentine Avatar

    I find nothing about this video unbelievable. NOTHING.

    *pets Glock 19*

  18. DeskJockey Avatar

    At least now I know that I can “be rest assured”. Wait what? Obviously, Glock fails at English.

  19. I think this guy was pimpin his operator skills out to different companies. Here’s a well known one for the Walther P99. It looks like the same guy…

    1. Upon further review, I’m positive it’s the same guy. His name is Andreas Dachtler. He does stunts and tactical promotional videos and jumps out of planes without parachutes

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Holy that guy is a mega-operator… thanks for the research Mike! I’ll have to post some of those other vids.

  20. Whammy! Avatar

    His finger’s not on the trigger when he does the mag check. We all know how you love to be Safety Sally though.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      My mistake, I just re-watched it and you’re right it’s on the outside of the guard. I edited the post, thanks!

  21. Operator Status NOT achieved. This dude was a total shill – the explosion during the basejump sequence was clearly edited in. Even a 12-year old kid could tell you that.

    1. dur? that’s the punch line, ridiculous stunts.

  22. Hell, I don’t care if everything was faked or whatever, that dude is still about 20 times more badass than I’ll ever be. That was cool.

  23. Doesnt he jump off the cliff, throw the gun and then theres the big explosion. I really thing the title of this video should be ‘shit, throw that thing, its gonna blooowww!’

  24. I’ve seen better MacGyver episodes.

  25. Cartridgeholder Avatar

    So Glock is now a private military company specializing in the stuff James Yeager wishes he could do every day? Times have changed.

  26. This is exactly the kind of video I would have loved when I was 14 and had absolutely zero experience. Well done Glock; you’ve cinched the pubescent market.

  27. Glock vs. tank? Feh, The Finns did that number back during the Winter War, only it was with a P08 Luger in .30. Come up with something new, guys.

  28. Dang, I thought this was going to be a promo video for the Gen5 or Gen6 or whatever amalgamation number they are on while trying to improve on “perfection”. I believe that a full DERP is in order here.

  29. SouthpawByNW Avatar

    The video had the look and feel of a bad 80s show. With that thought David Hasselhoff would have taken that tank out no problem. He has KITT and lifeguards to back him up at all times.