The Psychology Of Gun Ownership

The gun store guys have a gripe:

Nothing new here… a decent discussion for the most part though.

I know some of you disagree with me, but I hate magazine disconnect safeties.

The ideal carry setup would be two .38 special S&W AirWeights?  10 rounds spread across two guns doesn’t sound ideal to me.


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  1. NikonMikon Avatar

    I hate magazine disconnect safeties too. I’ve had my Glock mag release accidentally depressed a few times by my seat belt and that would suck horribly if I couldn’t even get the round in the chamber off because of a stupid disconnect safety.

  2. DanTheViking Avatar

    I thought the twin S&Ws was kind of bullshit, but it would be impressive to see somebody pull two snubs on some mugger and proceed to vent them. But, If you’re going to carry two .38s, why not just carry a medium-frame 9mm auto and a mag?

    1. As someone who just sold his XD-9 Sub-Compact carry gun for some cash and a Lady Smith (upgraded to man-sized grips…I call her “My Special Lady”), I’ll chime in. That setup weighs a lot less, or at least distributes the weight much better. That “New York reload” is smarter than it sounds, too. It’s well known that fine motor skills go right out the window in a firefight (and firing >5 rounds IS that), so for a largely untrained civilian (like me), going for the ankle-holstered gun from cover will be a much more sure thing.

      1. I used to carry “New York (re)loads” lol
        One in the pocket, and one on the hip. I figured if I walked around with my hands in my pockets people would assume I’m just minding my own business or insecure. I have no qualms about shooting from a jacket pocket…

        Thank the Maker, I’ve never had to do it.

  3. NikonMikon Avatar

    Nearing the end there I actually felt in alignment with ol barry. I hate these guys still but he speaks the truth about the basic principals.

    1. Huey148 Avatar

      at least he trimmed his beard….

  4. Magazine Disconnect Safeties are good ways to get people killed.

    First I think we should all shudder at a gun being left out with a round in the pipe being considered “Safe”, and certainly a gun with a round in the pipe being handled as anything but “Loaded and Hot” should scare ANYBODY who knows anything about guns and gun safety.

    Also Many of these disconnects can malf. I know a few people who’s Bersa disconnect springs wore out and the gun will only fire when inverted (BTW I believe if that woman’s child gets a hold of the loaded Bersa and manages to flick off the safety, which is VERY easy to do, if they invert the gun and manage to pull the trigger…the safety may not work.

    Also if your mag gets bumped lose the gun will not fire when any other gun will get one shot off before the gun chambers air, and a tap-rack will get the gun back into play. If the disconnect is engaged it raises more questions. Tap the mag? Flip the Safety? is the gun broken and you need to go for your backup?

    Last many guns need to have the trigger or hammer manipulated to take them down (the Bersa doesn’t, but my colt 1908 needs the striker dropped before you can remove the slide) this requires the gun to be cleared….then a magazine needs to be re-inserted.

    Sure that can be done safely, but when I handle my guns that don’t have such foolishness I simply remove the mags and place them far away so that I know the mags are empty and the gun is empty. Mr. ATF “Glock Fo-tay” made the mistake of dropping the slide on a cleared gun that still had a loaded mag in the well. He was stupid and assumed that the gun was still “Clear” even when he loaded it.

    My Cousin bought a Ruger SR9, and asked if what I thought of it. I told him it was a great gun as soon as he pulled the disconnect out of it, and I emailed him a nice youtube video showing him how.

    All my guns with disconnects are collector’s pieces. All my guns I trust my life to do NOT have that dangerous “Safety” feature.

    1. NikonMikon Avatar

      Great post man!

  5. In the video he says that a well placed 22 is very adequate, then goes on to say that 380/38spl is the bare minimum. Big contradiction. A 22 laid out a guy protecting Regan, but you need to carry a 38 special or bigger.

    Seriously people, carry what you’re comfortable carrying. Every time someone talks shit about a small caliber gun I ask if they’d like to get shot with one of those puny rounds. Every time their answer is no.

  6. Who actually LIKES magazine disconnect safeties? Seriously, does anyone look at their Bersa and think “Man, I’m really glad this beauty came with a mag safety. That was a real deal breaker for me.”

  7. Viken81 Avatar

    I think that the single mom needs to rethink the gun on the nightstand idea. If I even suspected a child might get a hold of that firearm I am going back to the drawing board. No mag safety gives me enough confidence to let a child fondle a gun with one in the chamber. I’m pretty disappointed this salesman would go along with or promote such a sketchy idea.

    1. Willy André Bergstrøm Avatar
      Willy André Bergstrøm

      Especially since a keycode gunsafe on the nightstand with a loaded gun in it can get you ready just as fast as having to grab the gun from one nightstand, the mag from the other, then insert the mag…

  8. I think the perfect “night gun” is a Mossberg 12Ga with a laser and bird shot (at least the first few rounds). The bird shot is less likely to penetrate walls. The laser helps acquire a target at night. The chance of a young child being able to fire the 12Ga casually is low.

    1. Vhyrus Avatar

      1) birdshot is crap for self defense.
      2) Light>laser for HD gun.
      3) It is much easier to pump a 12 gauge than to rack the slide on a pistol.
      4) A shotgun is more difficult to navigate doorways, hallways, and tight corners than a handgun, and it is easier to disarm someone or grab the gun if it is a long gun.

      1. ^^^ This.

        And again with the birdshot; how is this urban legend still circulating in 2012? Shoot to stop, not to wound if you’re serious about protect yourself and your loved ones from an attacker.

  9. Curtis Avatar

    I have stopped thinking in terms of “what is the minimum”. Everything is on a spectrum. If I can carry a 10mm, I will. If I can’t hide a big gun, I will use my Chief’s Special or, soon, a Kahr CM9. If I know I’m walking into a fight, I won’t go. If someone is coming for me, I’ll pick up a rifle. Be as well prepared as the situation allows. More ammo and more power is better than less, but we all have to work with what we have.

  10. paul kimble Avatar
    paul kimble

    just past 1:39 the old guy farts.. about 10 minutes later i realized his sphincter was warning me the video was shit.

  11. I can’t say I disagree with everything he says, but putting on this air of expertise and recommending leaving a loaded gun on a nightstand that a child has access to (even if the gun has a magazine disconnect safety) or advocating the use of birdshot as a suitable home-defense load is reckless and irresponsible. His points about overcoming the mental block to end the life of someone intent on doing harm to you and/or yours is a step in the right direction.

    “A child is not going to figure all that out. Not going to be able to do it.” Really? That’s your argument? How will that play out in court?