Rachel Maddow Gets Condescending About Guns

I really dislike this guy:

It will be interesting to see how many people die at the Tampa convention because of gun violence.  My guess is uhhhhhh none?

I don’t really get the whole “string” ban.  Does that mean everyone has to show up with velcro shoes on?  Really…

If you want to see more of Rachel Maddow being a douchebag check out his other video where he talks about Glock 7s and the clips that go with them.


30 responses to “Rachel Maddow Gets Condescending About Guns”

  1. USSMunkfish Avatar

    Maybe because a piece of string is a machine gun where other guns are present?

  2. Ramrodicus Avatar

    At least they showed a picture of a Glock when she said, “Glock handgun.”

    1. Somebody did their homework this time around, but of course she was reading off a screen the whole time I’m sure.

  3. This person is very confused. He/She was on Howard Stern the other day stating how he/she like guns and enjoys shooting guns but believes in “rational gun control”, what ever that is.
    its worth a listen if you want a laugh.

    scroll down to the full interview, the second amendment talk starts at the 56 min mark
    this Bitch is batshit krazy

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Holy, that discussion gets heated.

      An extended clip that holds bullets? Is that some sort of device for reloading? :P

  4. doingitalloveragain Avatar

    Way to go guys. So there’s a liberal woman who admits to enjoying the shooting sports (even on NPR). So rather than educate her on your point of view, you go on the ad-hominem offensive.

    Let’s remember not to make the whole firearm community look like a bunch of homophobic, sexist assholes every time we’re in the national spotlight kk?

    1. I not Homophobic I can care less about this persons sexual preference. I can’t help that it is hard to tell what sex he/she is based on the unisex style that he/she dresses in. For all I know Rachael is really a man playing a lesbian. after all people will do anything to get on TV.
      For the record I love Lesbians we have so much in common.

    2. Vhyrus Avatar

      This woman has led the attack on literally the most uneducated and inane anti gun stances I have ever heard. If she is now going to claim pro gun status then I am going to claim I am the King of Ireland since there is about the same amount of evidence supporting both of those claims.

  5. We get your point Rachel, no need to be such an ass…

  6. LOL. My boss thinks she is attractive (super MSNBC drone.)

    I always ask him if he is ghey for Jason Biggs as well.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hahah RWC… I just hit up google images and it’s shocking:


      1. LOL. Haven’t seen that one.

        Printing it and taking to his office now


        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          That’s cause I just photoshopped it.

          1. Thanks then :-)

  7. Well, she probably COULD BE attractive… but she is not.

  8. Jon Hutto Avatar
    Jon Hutto

    I don’t understand her problem.. What is wrong with that list?
    drawing a water gun, could be confused with drawing a real gun and get you shot. Ban water gun.
    wearing a mask to hide your identity has problem written all over it.
    string is the only odd ball, but I can think of a few bad uses for it..

    I knew a few people who will be armed there.. for sure.. Ted Nugent for one.

  9. Rock Ravn Avatar
    Rock Ravn

    Ha. Dislike this guy…lolz

  10. Ernest Young Avatar
    Ernest Young

    I actually do like many things Rachael Maddow says.

    1. ManuelMurder Avatar

      Just get out…

      1. Ernest Young Avatar
        Ernest Young

        says the man with “murder” in his name. You sound like a sound and reasonable person. /rollseyes

        1. ManuelMurder Avatar

          Judging a man on his name rather than the words he speaks.. You seem wise..

          1. Ernest Young Avatar
            Ernest Young

            It’s not a given name, it’s a chosen one, so it reflects on your personality.
            Also, the words you spoke were “just get out…”, I love how you instantly become hostile just because we disagree on ONE thing.

  11. Rachel Madcow is such a C U Next Tuesday.

  12. USMC/LAPD/Grunt Avatar

    Rachel Manbrow looks like Noah Wiley of ER, The Walking Dead fame. She/he’s a DOUCHE and anyone who likes sh-him, is a complete douche as well! And trust me, everyone around them knows they’re a douche as well. Ernest Young only likes Maddow because she has a larger cock than he does.

  13. Wahoww, that was rude.
    Ernest, maybe you could tell us what you like in what sh-he says…

    1. Ernest Young Avatar
      Ernest Young

      Well, I often agree with many of the things that she says when it comes to gay right and marriage (being a Pansexual man myself (though I do have a female fiance)).

      I also often agree with some of the political statements she presents.

  14. Holy fuck Ms. Maddow, you were a Rhodes Scholar and have a PhD and can’t seem to wrap your head around the fact that a city can’t ban things specifically allowed by state law? How about if a state explicitly allowed gay marriage and a city tried to enforce a ban on performing or recognizing them? I’ll bet you and others of your persuasion would take issue with that, wouldn’t you?

  15. If she thinks Florida Law forbidding local bans on guns is outlandish, what if certain communities decided to ban Lesbians? Would she think that’s cool?

    I love people who only concern themselves with the civil rights they personally use.

  16. The odds of a licensed person carrying a concealed handgun pulling it out and using it unprovoked are probably much lower than some 22 year old kid pulling down his pants and defecating on a police car.

  17. If I hear another liberal claim that they are pro- 2nd amendment I’ll puke. There’s always the caveat that guns for police/military are okay, but the average person doesn’t need them. Usually they shot once at a range (for credibility to speak about guns usually). They always sound so ignorant/elitist.

    That’s like when I hear someone say- “I’m not a racist, I know a black guy!”