5.11 Tactical Week – Giveaway #3

Another day, another giveaway from the good people over at 5.11 Tactical. They want to make sure you look good and tactical at work or play in some new gear.

Today we’re hooking up one guy or girl with a 5.11 Polo Shirt and a pair of 5.11 Cargo Pants.

The winner chooses their size and color of both of the following:

Performance Polo

  • 6.7 oz – 100% Polyester Jersey, no snag polyester fabric
  • Short Sleeve, Synthetic Knit
  • Tough melamine buttons
  • No roll collar with flexible collar stays
  • Reinforced dual pen pockets on left sleeve
  • Mic clips at center placket and shoulders
  • Pen pockets on left sleeve
  • Gusseted sleeves
  • Assorted colors
  • Women’s sizes available as well


Covert Cargo Pant

  • Large covert cargo pockets on both legs each capable of carrying 2 30-rd AR15/M4 magazines.
  • Casual looking deep rear pockets.
  • Dual front deep pockets.
  • One traditional and a second zippered pocket capable of carrying two pistol mags per pocket.
  • Durable, comfortable and functional.
  • Superior fit.
  • Double and triple-stitch construction.
  • Bartacks in high stress areas.
  • Self-adjusting comfort waistband.
  • Cordura® nylon lining in select zones
  • Genuine YKK® zippers and Prym® snaps.
  • Tough 8.5-oz. peached cotton canvas – very comfortable.

Be sure to check out 5.11’s full line of polo shirts, cargo pants, hiking boots, and flashlights.

Giveaway Rules:

  • You must be located in the U.S.
  • Don’t be a dick (this always applies) and enter the contest if you are just planning on selling the item if you win.

How to enter:

  • Just leave ONE comment on this post by telling me your favorite song to listen to in the car, on the way to a shooting outing.  Don’t reply to anyone.  More than one comment will disqualify you.
  • Use a valid email address so I can contact you if you win.  Your email address will not be used for anything else but notifying you of a win.

The Draw:

  • At midnight tonight I’ll close the comments and generate a random number.  The number will correspond to the winner, who I will then contact for their mailing address.

Good luck!


243 responses to “5.11 Tactical Week – Giveaway #3”

  1. bang bang – nancy sinatra
    from the kill bill soundtrack.

  2. Houston Samuels Avatar
    Houston Samuels

    All Along The Watchtower- The Jimi Hendrix Experience

  3. Move Along

  4. An epic favorite of mine, Dream Theater’s “A Nightmare To Remember”.

  5. Smells like teen spirit – nirvana

  6. Don’t take your gun to town… Ol country song that does a great job of making you remember to keep your cool and pick your fights wisely…

    1. I thought that was “Don’t take your *love* to town”???


  7. Trigger Happy by Wierd Al!

  8. Brad Paisley: “I’m Still a Guy”

  9. Panda One-One Avatar
    Panda One-One

    The list could go on for days, but my most recent is-

    Ain’t No Grave – Johnny Cash

    Kinda amps me up by keeps me chill at the same time

  10. Prolepsis Avatar

    The sound of silence. No, not the song, the actual sound of good ‘ol meditative silence.

  11. Herp Derpington Avatar
    Herp Derpington

    Original The A-Team intro/theme song.

  12. “Bubbly” by Colbie Caillat

  13. Carlos U. Avatar
    Carlos U.

    We built this city on rock and roll.

  14. Jusuchin (Military Otaku) Avatar
    Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

    Dvorak – New World Symphony – Part One: 4th Movement; fucking love Legend of the Galactic Heroes and watching space battles SET to pieces like Dvorak, Wagner, Beethoven, etc…

  15. Vhyrus Avatar

    ‘Kill Everybody’ by Skrillex.

    ……Don’t judge me

  16. nimARo Avatar

    Paint it Black by the Stones

  17. Spence Avatar

    Caribbean Blue- Enya :D

  18. Cody w Avatar

    I like to listen to tip to through the tulips, I can If I win some clothing. Ever tip toe through the tulips with out clothes? Yah try to act cool with bees and other insects flying around your genetallia.

  19. Robert Macaulay Avatar
    Robert Macaulay

    Drunk on you, Luke bryan

  20. USSMunkfish Avatar

    “Countdown” by Rush.
    It’s about the first Space Shuttle launch, but it gets me amped up for anything.

  21. P. Allen Avatar
    P. Allen

    Hearts on Fire – Cut Copy

  22. ManuelMurder Avatar

    Katy Perry’s new song

  23. William Vincent Avatar
    William Vincent

    Have you forgotten, Darryl Worley
    pretty much anything from 3 Doors Down or any newer country.

  24. Bad Company

  25. truck got stuck

  26. Johnny Cash “When the Man Comes Around” is always a good choice.

  27. Steve069 Avatar

    Guns N’ Roses – Nightrain. (BOTTOMS UP!)

  28. Dean west Avatar
    Dean west

    Cochise by audioslave

  29. Andrew Avatar

    Barbie Girl

  30. Killing in the name: Rage Against the Machine

  31. Pretty much anything by AC/DC, but particularly Thunderstruck :

    Sound of the drums
    Beatin’ in my heart
    The thunder of guns
    Tore me apart
    You’ve been – thunderstruck

  32. Not gonna lie

    “Whose got the herb when im dry” – Rebelution

    Im not a pot head just a guy who enjoy’s reggae music =)

  33. Anything by Muse

  34. bikeman Avatar

    Crazy Train. Mainly because of the mix of the left and right side audio, helps get me going and pay attention to what’s going on.

  35. Feed My Frankenstein by Alice Cooper

  36. Run through the jungle.

  37. NikonMikon Avatar

    SORRY FOR PARTY ROCKIN’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (by LMFAO)

    “I don’t give a fuck
    when I’m in the club, sippin bub
    really drunk and I see a fat booty
    Gotta have it, I’ma grab it
    it’s a habit, automatic
    like uzi”

    It’s firearms related…. vaguely. :D

  38. Kapow!

  39. Jeremy Avatar

    Britney Spears – Gasoline

    There’s a strange desire for pop music right before the range for some reason.

  40. I generally listen to podcasts in the car but the Bad Company cover by Five Finger Death Punch gets the blood flowing, especially when on the way to the range.

  41. The Bohemian Rhapsody. Always appropriate.

  42. Blood of Cu Chuliann(Boondock Saints theme) or Arron Lewis country boy

  43. The Eagles – Life in the fast lane

  44. Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.

  45. Smooth Operator by Sade

  46. Dustin Avatar

    “A Country Boy Can Survive” – Jr.
    What else?

  47. Lawyers, GUNS and Money! Warren Zevon

  48. Church Avatar

    “We are rockstars” by Does It Offend You Yeah?

  49. NotWagner Avatar

    Project Pat-Chickenheads

    Any song whose first non-chorus lyrics start with “Bald head, scallywag…” is a winner. If you don’t know who that is, look it up on Youtube…NSFW warned. Ghettofabulous and perfect for going shooting in the hometown he and I share.

    He’s also got a track that starts off with some very good advice: “I don’t know dem hoes, I don’t f*#% wit dem hoes. I don’t know dem b!+(#@$, I don’t f*#% wit dem b!+(#@$.” Anyone can appreciate that line of thought.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hahah great choice, i’m a big fan of old Three 6 music too. That Chickenhead video is great too.

  50. On the way to the range, It’s got to be Against Me! Most recently Russian Spies, off their two track vinyl release. http://tinyurl.com/7muqup4

  51. Don’t Tread on Me- Metallica

  52. Click Click, Boom by Saliva

  53. Kodiak Avatar

    Shoot To Thrill

  54. “Magic Carpet Ride” by Steppenwolf

  55. The Trooper – Iron Maiden

  56. 2112 by Rush (usually I can get through all 20 minutes on the drive to my range).

  57. My favorite is Led Zeppelin – Achilles last stand

  58. TuxedoTshirt Avatar

    Re: Your Brains by Jonathan Coulton (to remind myself why I practice)

  59. American Ride- toby keith

  60. Shooting or the gym….has to be either ‘Black Sunshine’ or ‘More Human Than Human.’



  61. Showstopper – TobyMac

  62. CuriousG Avatar

    For Whom the Bell Tolls – Metallica

  63. Alleged by Unsane

  64. The cover of “Back in the U.S.S.R.” by Baba Yaga

  65. Country Boy By Aaron Lewis

  66. “You’re Ever So Inviting” by Underoath

  67. Bulletproof by Five Finger Death Punch

  68. For Whom the Bell Tolls ~ Metallica

  69. André Avatar

    Miles Davis – So What

    Come on…the man kept a .357 in the glovebox of his Ferrari.

  70. Johnny Cash – God’s Gonna Cut You Down

  71. Patrick J Avatar
    Patrick J

    Folsom Prison Blues-Johnny Cash

  72. sirkut Avatar

    Tailgunner – Iron Maiden

  73. Clutch Avatar

    Step up by drowning pool.

  74. John M. Avatar

    Saturday Night Special – Lynyrd Skynyrd

  75. Dorkonas Avatar

    Highway to the Danger Zone. -Kenny Loggins

  76. Anything by The Who.

  77. Turn the Page by Bob Seeger and the Silver Bullet Band

  78. Big Iron- Marty Robbins

  79. Roger Creager – I Got the Guns

  80. Joshua Avatar

    Motley Crue – Kickstart My Heart

  81. Jamie B Avatar

    Cowboys from Hell

  82. Shootin’ at the walls of heartache, bang, bang… i am the warrior
    warrior by Scandal

  83. Toadstone Avatar

    Knee Deep – Zac Brown Band feat. Jimmy Buffet

  84. Brad R Avatar

    Favorite song to listen to in the car, on the way to a shooting outing is AC/DC’s Shoot to Thrill.

  85. Simple Man – Lynyrd Skynyrd

  86. The Other Dave Avatar
    The Other Dave

    Driving to the range, passing all the fields, nothing goes better than Gimme Shelter.

  87. Crazy Eddies Last Hurrah – Reckless Kelly

  88. Any Milli Vanilli song.

  89. Caleb Young Avatar
    Caleb Young

    Citizen Soldier by Three Doors Down

  90. Austin King Avatar
    Austin King

    Anything by Taylor Swift

  91. Jarhead Avatar

    Justin Bieber on a loop on the way there and as I shoot. I like train under high stress environments. Haha.

  92. Brandon Avatar

    I like guns –steve lee

  93. I blame the movie ‘The One’ for this.

    Let the Bodies Hit the Floor (Drowning Pool)

  94. Take a Back Road – Rodney Atkins

  95. Iron by Within Temptation

  96. Martin Avatar

    Star Wars Cantina (Chalmun’s Cantina) by John Williams/George Lucas

  97. Nick J Avatar

    Eagles of Death Metal – Speaking in Tongues

  98. Lions – Poster Child

  99. Texas flood – Stevie Ray Vaughan

  100. Descending Angel- Misfits

  101. I used to like GnR’s “Welcome to the Jungle,” but only because I could start it when I got on the dirt road to the range, and it was always over right as I pulled up to the range. Good timing.

  102. Awol Nation – Sail

  103. J. Phipps Avatar
    J. Phipps

    God’s Gonna Cut You Down ~ Johnny Cash

  104. Alan Wilkins Avatar
    Alan Wilkins

    Andrew W.K. – Party Hard

  105. Racer X – Technical Difficulties

  106. spencer wade Avatar
    spencer wade

    lil wyane or eminen. anything about busting a cap in that ass.

  107. I Hate My Life – Theory of a Deadman

  108. Rob Meadows Avatar
    Rob Meadows

    Rise Against – Satellite

  109. Bart Heaney Avatar
    Bart Heaney

    As I Lay Dying – Beyond Our Suffering

  110. Pistol packin-gangstagrass (cliche for sure, but can’t help myself, too catchy)

  111. Ghosts n Stuff – Deadmau5, been into techno forever hah

  112. Strapping Young Lad – AAA

  113. HudsonS Avatar

    I Like Guns – Steve Lee

  114. Orion – Metallica

  115. Big Iron by Marty Robbins

  116. Alex T Avatar

    Rage Against The Machine – Killing In The Name

  117. sarclmbr Avatar

    The Offspring – Your’e Gonna Go Far Kid. AKA “Dance Fucker Dance”

  118. agentorange197 Avatar

    I’ve always got a Little River Band loaded up here. I got 6 discs in here.

  119. Albert Avatar

    Any southern rock

  120. till i collapse – eminem

  121. Feanor Avatar

    Into the Night-Santana

  122. Adam G Avatar

    AWOL Nation- Sail

  123. Ducsauce Avatar

    I like turtles.

  124. IamApostle Avatar

    The Day The Whole World Went Away – NIN

  125. The correct answer is…

    Four Seasons (Spring) by Antonio Vivaldi


  126. Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now!

  127. Johnny Cash , God’s Gonna Cut You Down

  128. pyroarcher Avatar

    Whiskey in the jar, I prefer the Metallica version, but they are all good

  129. Ernest Young Avatar
    Ernest Young

    I like either “Click Click Boom” by Saliva or “Fasten Your Seat-belts” by Pendulum.

  130. Sublime-Silence Avatar

    Beastie Boys – Sabotage


  131. addyyoon Avatar

    Heavy Soul by the Black Keys

  132. Music…who listen to music? I have various sound files of the reports and cycling of different firearms so I can train my ninja like ears.

  133. JAG2955 Avatar

    Toby Keith-Bullets in the Gun

  134. Death Before Dishonor-Five Finger Death Punch

  135. “Oceans” – Pearl Jam

  136. CCR- Fortunate Son

  137. Forrest Avatar

    Collapsing – Demon Hunter

  138. Sixteen Shells From A Thirty-Ought Six by Tom Waits

  139. Dennis Avatar

    The Rush Limbaugh Show Theme Song.

  140. Trey M Avatar

    Sabotage by the Beastie Boys.

  141. ZBalentine Avatar

    AC/DC – Shoot to Thrill…but really, any AC/DC track will do.

  142. Have Heart – Lionheart

  143. The Hoss 77 Avatar
    The Hoss 77

    Johnny Cash – God’s Gonna Cut You Down

  144. Greekfreak Avatar

    Geto boys – stil

  145. Wahmbulance Avatar

    I listen to Fix Me by 10 Years

  146. Eric Villanueva Avatar
    Eric Villanueva

    Coward of the County – Kenny Rogers

  147. Anything by tool.

  148. chicken_finger5 Avatar

    Mogwai-Stop coming to my house

  149. My favorite song to listen to in the car, on the way to a shooting outing would have to be “Barra Barra” (Rachid Taha), Track One from the Black Hawk Down sound track.

    The crisp serenity mixed with the rising energy and intensity feel great as you prepare to practice the martial skills of marksmanship and weapons manipulation. An added bonus is it evoking the well choreographed battles from the movie and at the same time reminding me of another reason why I train, so as to be prepared to stand by my honor and integrity like those brave mean did when and if the time comes.

  150. Born in the USA by Bruce Springsteen

  151. anything Van Halen (Van Hager)

  152. Anything off of Ride the Lightning or anything by Johnny Cash.

  153. That one song from “kill Bill.”

  154. My favorite song to listen to on the way to the shooting range, with nothing anywhere near, is “America, FUCK YEAH!” off the Team America soundtrack

  155. Luke C Avatar

    3 Rounds and a Sound by Bilind Pilot

  156. 80’s speed metal

  157. The Warrior song…

  158. Keith D Avatar

    The Clash – Magnificent Seven

  159. DashVT Avatar

    Anything other than Steve Lee.

  160. Buckshart Avatar

    maylene and the sons of disaster.

  161. Bobby O. Avatar
    Bobby O.

    Bullet With A Name by Nonpoint

  162. Dope – Die Mother Fucker Die

  163. Mike G Avatar

    Dr. Dre – Light Speed: “We on some hardcore pornographic, tote’n Austrian firearms that’s made outa plastic.”

  164. Gophernator Avatar

    “The Regulator”, by Clutch


  165. “Down Rodeo” – Rage Against the Machine.

  166. eliska Avatar

    Hit Me With Your Best Shot – Pat Benatar

  167. Jimi Hendrix – Machine Gun

  168. Jeremy Avatar

    dubstep… anything with lots of “wub wub”

  169. Brian Gilbert Avatar
    Brian Gilbert

    AC/DC Thunderstruck

  170. eminem till i collapse

  171. Invader Avatar

    Any indie rock/electronic

  172. Robert Avatar

    “Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangster.” Geto Boys

  173. Slim Thuga – Three Kings (Ratatat remix)

  174. Andy B Avatar

    Pelican – Ephemeral

  175. Austin Avatar

    Faxing Berlin by Deadmau5

  176. Busdriver Avatar

    Megadeth is obligatory range trip music

  177. “Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rythm of the War Drums”

  178. ThulsaDoom Avatar

    Give it to me my pants yabbles!

  179. Buckaroo Avatar

    Steve Martin’s Banjo music

  180. Metallica “One”

  181. Love gun- KISS

  182. Robert Avatar

    Raise your weapon – deadmau5

  183. “Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner” and other fun stuff by Warren Zevon. “Lawyers, Guns & Money” works well, too.

  184. Sean Casey Avatar
    Sean Casey

    When I was younger I’d crank industrial and drink coffee on the way to the range! Now I usually listen to classical or news, low, and drink water. A favorite though, a real guilty pleasure, is “Ride of the Valkyries” by Wagner.

  185. Ted Nugent- Fred Bear.

  186. Favorite tune would be the song my big ‘ol V8 makes :)

  187. J. Stone Avatar
    J. Stone

    I like to listen to anything with any kind of gun reference on the way to a shoot!

  188. I listen to Pantera, Cemetery Gates

  189. J. Jermyn Avatar
    J. Jermyn

    Anything Avenged Sevenfold

  190. Blunderbuss Avatar

    Cold Cold Ground by Tom Waits

  191. If I Had A Rocket Laucher by Bruce Cockburn

  192. Stranglehold by Ted Nugent. I can listen to that song a million times over and never get sick of it.

  193. “I”ll Cast a Shadow” by Pantera

  194. Andrew Avatar

    Korn – Get Up

  195. Down&Out In CA Avatar
    Down&Out In CA

    Favorite song on the way to the range would have to be Kiss The Bottle, either Jawbreaker’s original or Lucero’s cover.

  196. Nick S Avatar

    The War by Lucero.

  197. Zander Avatar

    Machine Gun – Noisia (16 Bit Remix)

    Wub Wub

  198. k.rollin Avatar

    Twelve Gauge – Casey Donahew Band

  199. Preaux Avatar

    Metallica, The Call of Ktulu (Ride the Lightning)

  200. drifter Avatar

    Hats off to the bull

  201. Lateral Forces Avatar
    Lateral Forces

    Guns N’ Roses – Welcome To The Jungle

  202. John Eric Avatar
    John Eric

    “Dragonborn” off the Skyrim videogame soundtrack.

  203. We’re not gonna take it anymore. — Twisted Sister

  204. Nathan Avatar

    Afraid of firearms .BY Fxhummel1

  205. Franco Avatar

    Sabotage by the Beastie Boys.

  206. Meat Missile Avatar
    Meat Missile


  207. Farmer Bob Avatar
    Farmer Bob

    Beer For My Horses-Toby Keith and Willie Nelson.

  208. SPC Fish Avatar
    SPC Fish

    indestructible by disturbed

  209. iakdrago Avatar

    All You Need Is Love, Beatles

  210. 10 cent pistol. Black keys

  211. gunpowder and lead-Miranda Lambert

  212. Matt G. Avatar

    Bat country-Avenged Sevenfold

  213. Stenhammer Avatar

    Helmet – unsung

  214. MarkItDude Avatar

    Makaveli – Me and my girlfriend

  215. Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner – Warren Zevon

  216. NoiseMekanik Avatar

    Sir Mix-A-Lot “Hip-Hop Soldier”

    Steady reppin’ the 2nd amendment, the Pacific NW, the Sterling Mark 6. Just ingore the “clip/magazine” faux pas…


  217. Jonny B Avatar

    1812 Overture. I’m keeping it “classy.”

  218. Nick K Avatar

    Skrillex – Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites

  219. Ranger G (of the forest type) Avatar
    Ranger G (of the forest type)

    Hah…the one, the only, the timeless classic, “I’m damn proud to be (an EMT),” by a little known, unfortunately short-lived group called EMS Country Express–Anyone who lived a minute as a medic will be transported by the tunes and lyrics to the halcyon days of choreographed chaos in the back of a rig…. http://home.gwi.net/~haus/yr/Album/index.htm

  220. I like to listen to Hank- Country Boy Can Survive then blow the shit out of some watermelons.

  221. Chipsa Avatar

    Welcome to the Jungle

  222. im afraid of americans by nin and david bowie

  223. Jason Geer Avatar
    Jason Geer

    Nice Shot- Filter

  224. Iron Maiden-The Trooper

  225. Eagle’s Of Death Metal – Chery Cola.

  226. Bullets and Octane, “Save Me Sorrow”

  227. Doug Ward Avatar
    Doug Ward

    let the bodies hit the floor

  228. upnorthMN Avatar

    REO Speedwagon
    Keep on Rollin’

    Best air guitar/guitar solor/drum tune ever

  229. “Another Holy War” – Blind Guardian

  230. William Avatar

    anything Pantera or Slayer

  231. Shannon Avatar

    “Indestructible” by Disturbed or “Ghost Love Score” by Nightwish – it has this awesome instrumental part!

  232. Robin Thicke ft. Lil Wayne – Shooter

  233. Metallic – “One”. gets me every time.

  234. Jordan Avatar

    best song ever for on the way to shoot: Johnny Cash- God’s Gonna Cut You Down

  235. tobias Avatar

    I could really use some new pants

  236. hydepark Avatar

    It’s like that commercial wait till we get our hanes on you except it’s 5.11 Thanks for the chance to win, Mike.

  237. Wes S. Avatar

    My all-time favorite driving song – going anywhere – is “Twilight Zone” by Golden Earring.

    “Where am I to go when I’ve gone too far?/
    You’ll come to know when the bullet hits the bone…”


  238. ENDO-Mike Avatar

    ENTRIES CLOSED… I’m drawing for this right now.

  239. Black Betty by Ram Jam