5.11 Tactical Week – Giveaway #2 RESULT

Yesterday’s 24 hour 5.11 giveaway was for the awesome ATAC L1 tactical flashlight pictured left.

The number nerds over at random.org told me to bestow this lovely gift upon:

#54128 – Brice

By request, although completely unrelated to the randomness of the win, his/her comment was:

The darkness is why this light exists.

Congrats Brice, i’ll be dropping you an email any minute now.  Everyone else, you still have numerous days left to win some gear from 5.11 Tactical so stay tuned.


One response to “5.11 Tactical Week – Giveaway #2 RESULT”

  1. Congrats to Brice!

    Beat back that Darkness for us!