James Yeager On Firearm Myths

Yeager really toned down the douchebaggery in this:

Surprisingly enough, I actually agree with almost all that he has to say.  I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later.  Even his shirt isn’t douchy in this vid… he’s on a roll.

Speaking of rolls, his shoulder is still needs a bolt tightened in it, but I can tolerate that this time.

I was bracing for the firearm myth of “putting a photographer downrange isn’t dangerous at all” but thankfully that never came.

Giving credit where credit is due, I left him the following compliment on his youtube video:

I give you a rough time on my blog (ENDO) lots, but this video was great. Keep up the good work, I watch all your vids even though many of them piss me off.

To which he responded:

Why do you get angry? Did I insult your 1911?

*sigh* I didn’t reply to that but just for kicks I should have said “Because you’re a coward” (note: I know that pisses him off, but as I mentioned before I have no actual opinion on his actions in Iraq).  Maybe then I could have got a response like “Oh yea? come to SHOT blog nerd and say that to my face and i’ll break your fucking back!”



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  1. mmasse Avatar

    You can take the man out of the jock strap but in the end he still is a dick. I wonder if the roids are making his shoulder twitch worse.

  2. Steve069 Avatar

    I thought the video was pretty informative this time, not as douche-y as some of his other vids.

  3. I’ve never seen one of his videos. I figure that once the community labels someone a “douche”, they’re probably a douche, and I won’t waste my time.

    Still, it was nice of you to leave a positive comment on his Youtube page. But then, he’s gotta’ come right back and douchify his reply.

    Watch your 180 partner, he’s not only a douche, he’s a spine-breaking douche.

  4. Less douche-y, still a douche.
    I can’t get over this soon-to-be-famous quote “1911s are like strippers, and Glocks are like fat girls”. I think the Glock company should buy the copyright of this, and use it for advertising…

    However, what he says makes sense… I’ll suggest him to tackle the myth of putting photographers downrange next time!

  5. Do you think he is listening to what folks are saying?

  6. Blind pigs occasionally find acorns.

  7. His facial hair and shaved head scream douchebag.

  8. I’m just wondering if the letter on his shirt means “warrior” or some such cliche.

    1. Yeah…. “Strength” in Chinese…

      1. Wrong. It’s “sword,” and it’s most likely Japanese.

        Because of this his shirt is still too douche-y for me.

        1. 力 is strength
          刀 is sword

          1. Eviljay Avatar

            No, I think it is PI….

            1. No, I think it is PI….

              Yeah right, do you think this guy could explain pi to you? If he can add without counting his fingers I’d be surprised. Hell, all of my friends are college graduates, most work with numbers in the financial or insurance industry, and all are familiar with pi, but I’ll bet most can’t tell me where it comes from, or how to use it to, say, find the bore diameter of a gun we could call a 2 gauge.

              If you look at his older videos, you can see that he’s clearly familiar with “pie.” According to Google Translate, his shirt should read this: シャワー (and you have to remember that it’s a French word).

              1. I’m not sure if you’re trolling or trolling…

                1. I eat Pie…. thats what you do with it. Or throw it at a clown’s face, and he is most deff’ a clown, so I say throw some pie at him.

  9. I had to stop watching because his shoulder was too distracting. I don’t know what the big deal with the extended mag release is, I have one on my Glock because I’m left handed and it is a lot easier for me to manipulate my middle left finger to hit it with minimal disruption to my sight picture.

    1. You modified a Glock to suit you better? You’re very wrong about that, just ask James Yeager and he’ll tell you in no uncertain terms that the Glock is 100% the best gun for everyone, and it doesn’t matter if it aggravates a nerve and causes seizures, you just aren’t training hard enough.

      God I hate this guy. It’s one thing to be opinionated and say “this is how I feel, take my words, take the words of others, form your own opinions” and quite another to take the Yeager Approved approach of “This is my correct opinion, fuck you I’ll break your back”.

      1. “Doctor says I need a backiotomy”

  10. Church Avatar

    Why does he giggle so much?

  11. DeskJockey Avatar

    Love the way he explains how women are smart with the stereotype that they’re able to drive a car while both talking on the cell phone and putting on their makeup. This is after he’s toned down the douchebaggery? Wow.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hahah no kidding

    2. I think that bias comes from the fact that women more often than not want to be taught everything. Like the stereotype that guys don’t ask for directions, they are more likely to try it by trial and error whereas girls go “Ok, what do I do?/how do I use this?”

      ^just from personal experience when I take friends shooting

      1. DeskJockey Avatar

        My point was just that he basically said “women all drive cars while putting on makeup and talking on the phone”. Thats the stereotype I’m saying he used and I thought it was douchy.

        1. I was so ready for him to say something like “but women aren’t good drivers, and another common myth is that women make bad shooters” or something else degrading.

  12. spencer wade Avatar
    spencer wade

    22’w enter the body and bounce of of bone and organs and turn the person into much. and it it very bad in the head with a hard skull to bounce back and forth off of.

  13. The twitches are a combo of nerves/OCD. Could be worse, he could be a constant “lip licker.” However, it doesn’t necessarily make him a bad person, but it does distract from his message. But I will add, that I now know who buys all the Affliction t-shirts at T.J. Maxx.

  14. Vhyrus Avatar

    I don’t know what is more telling: The fact that he has some bikini/lingerie model poster dead center in the shot on the wall behind him, or that even with that poster there this is considered to be the LEAST doucheworthy of his videos.

  15. Cartridgeholder Avatar

    There’s still some subtle douchebaggery in this one, mainly going along with Yeager’s “Everyone is wrong but me” philosophy.

  16. Carlos U. Avatar
    Carlos U.

    Stay classy, Yeager.

  17. Murdoc Avatar

    James Yeager looks exactly like Buck Angel, but makes worse videos.

  18. “PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE subscribe to ME! Why don’t I have more friends than ____?”

    Maybe if he wouldn’t act like such an ass and talk down to people that have a modicum amount of knowledge about firearms or tactics, people would gravitate towards him. The reason people seek out men like Travis Haley and Chris Costa is because they act like and treat people like professionals. If he would drop the tough guy, kick your ass attitude and teach people without insulting them, he would do much better.

    1. Agreed!

      Yeager reminds me of a Hichschool kid on the football team (lineman) complaining about the quarterback getting more attention than him “but… but… I get hit in the head harder than him and I am better at being right all the time! why does he have more frineds *pout pout*”

  19. SouthpawByNW Avatar

    This was actually watchable in an odd way. On top of that he didn’t threaten to inflict bodily harm on those that disagree. Maybe he is learning…interesting.

  20. Pretty much right on IMO.