Bumpfire Safety Lesson From A Russian Newb

It appears this guy really does not like his left hand:

Herp to the power of derp.  That’s all I have to say about this.

Hat Tip: William A.


34 responses to “Bumpfire Safety Lesson From A Russian Newb”

  1. Like watching a car accident or a train wreck. Not to mention to left hand thing

    1. Train wreck? More like a train transporting munitions derailing, and blowing up. Taking a forth or a third of some rural county off the map…

      This guy is derpin’ pretty hard.

      1. …and then Michael Moore and Rosie O’Donnell start fucking on top of the wreckage as Friday plays in the background.

        1. Gah! Not enough mental floss for that image! *cleans eyes with hat pin*

          1. Did I mention that they’re also using mayonnaise as a lubricant?

            Because they are.

            1. NYer4Life Avatar

              You only THINK that’s mayonnaise…

            2. Mayonnaise? What is this amateur hour? Popped hemorrhoids only for lube. We’ll call the maneuver a “Poppy”, named after the guy who hasn’t bought firearms yet. ;)

              1. Now that’s just ridiculous, it’s not physically possible for someone to have enough popped hemorrhoids that they can use the resulting fluids as a full-body lubricant.

                And as for amateur hour, as if. I was going easy on you guys, I almost included the sex act “squick” instead of Michael and Rosie, but then figured no one could handle it.

  2. R.House Avatar

    After watching a few of his other videos, he clearly can’t operate or handle ANY of his guns. And what’s with the 3rd person “The Grafforlov” crap?

  3. If FPS is the professional russian I guess this guy must be the amateur. He kept switching between a russian accent and a boston one.

    As far as the hand thing I honestly thought that the purpose of that dumb fake suppressor was to use it as a hand hold. Am I mistaken?

  4. if his purpose to use it as a hand hold or not is irrelevant, his hand came so close to the edge of the barrel twice, I was expecting a ” I just fucking shot myself” moment. after I notice my hand slipping the first time I would think twice about doing it again, find a new way and record another day.

  5. Not to mention a poor trigger discipline…

  6. “I am the only Russian in this room professional enough, that I know of, to carry this MPA930SST.”

    Comrade, didn’t end to well for the other professional :-P

    1. Hilarious!

  7. Are you the owner…no. An employee…no. Do you hold stock in the company…no.

    Then why the F*CK would you do this!


    (and those reasons above aren’t valid, but at least it’s something)

  8. Notice the jam at the end of the second mag?

  9. did he call a magazine a clip??

    1. Yes. Yes he did. -1.

  10. Yeah, the jam at the end of mag 2, and the idiot silence and grin he gives the camera after are priceless.

  11. Viken81 Avatar

    On a side note when are those coats going to become fashionable in the US again? I couldn’t afford one when Rocky 4 came out but I still think they look tough.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I’d definitely rock that jacket without rolling the cuffs up.

  12. DeskJockey Avatar

    No one mentioned yet how he loaded the thing, then put his left glove on with his right finger resting on the trigger?

  13. I was cringing. I thought he was going to put holes in his left hand. Like this guy: http://youtu.be/11fcg543Jow

  14. “Herp to the power of derp. That’s all I have to say about this.”
    This summed up my opinion pretty well.

  15. For a second I kinda almost wished that he would shoot his hand off.

  16. He wouldn’t have been able to bump fire if he didn’t have his hand that far forward guys. Both of which are just dumb things to do.

  17. Critter Avatar

    this would have been a lot funnier if he had shot his index finger off.

  18. ARCHER TD Avatar

    Anyone notice the gun jammed?….look at the end of of the 2nd bumpfiring session, bullet is stuck! lol. Now thats an ASSHAT!

  19. concealed Avatar

    Wooooow! Was waiting for the climatic derp moment of him shooting those Russian sausages off. Hiii ohhh

  20. Greekfreak Avatar

    “Real fun . . . . Mhmmmmmm Mhmmmmm” lol

  21. I’m sure there’s a lot of people in Eastern Europe (Hungary, et cetera) who would haev a lot to say about his choice of headgear. Not cool.

  22. FAIL X 1000 all around

  23. Looks like one of those silly MaxEnt replica blank-only firing guns.

  24. if he had a 50 round mag he would be in some trouble -_-