Cardboard AK-47 In Disguise

Mark O’Brien from the UK, uses cardboard to create detailed objects:

The picture above was posted by online paper THE SUN, and they obviously thought it was a perfect opportunity to troll us. Nice AK47 Mark!  If you’re single I can try to get the Glock Desert Eagle girl your number,  I’m sure you guys would hit it off.

Despite the troll, the stuff he makes looks neat.

You can check out some more of his cardboard creations – HERE


15 responses to “Cardboard AK-47 In Disguise”

  1. DanTheViking Avatar

    lol fagt no dat is a comdno it was in blk ops lol u no nothin xD

    (Note, This is a joke, don’t murder me)

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar


  2. I honestly feel bad for our UK brothers and sisters. You guys need to stand up and get your gun rights back. You guys are worse than Canada.

    1. They will never get them back, its too late now.
      I’m pretty sure if he paints that black it would be illegal.

      1. LMFAO @ black comment! You’re probably right. Shouldn’t have given them up to begin with, ya silly red coats.

        1. Pretty much everywhere but the US has, and i forget the actual term, its something like negative constitution or the like. Which basically says you can do anything you want other than the things that are illegal. So nothing is guaranteed. The old, it goes back to the magna carta argument never seems to work either.

  3. 10 bucks says they are seized and he sees jail time because “they could look threatening”

    1. Wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

    2. Ernest Young Avatar
      Ernest Young

      We actually have a law like that.
      If a person perceives a fake gun to be a real one, you CAN be charged as though you were brandishing a real firearm.

  4. I was gonna say why the hell do people make guns out of cardboard and put so much time/effort into it; then I realized it’s the UK, ain’t no guns to play with!

    1. hahahahaha!!

  5. Farmer Bob Avatar
    Farmer Bob

    Hey, get your finger off that cardboard trigger! Those Brits, I tell ya.

    1. CR Pyro Avatar

      Hey, cut the boy some slack. He looks just a tad young to know to keep the booger-hooks off the bang-switch; combined that with the fact his cultural and (seeming) parental heritage would probably not ingrain that lesson in him. He just doesn’t know any better and it’s society’s and his parent’s fault!

      Says the man with his tongue planted so far in his cheek that it appears to be coming out the side of his mouth.

  6. This kid does great work, I only hope there’s a job market for such talent. I used to pour all my time and energy into useless knowlegde and entertainment, until I realized that such things wouldn’t get me anywhere except entertained. I mean no offense to this kid, he clearly has an eye for art, hopefully he can use it to his advantage.

  7. blackzubi Avatar

    hey yo guys, y’all got it wrong. this is not the ak47!!!!! this is the us marine M16 used in viet-nam war!!!!!
    some googling will help a lil’ bit