ENDO Apparel Sightings

As everyone knows, with gun blogging comes hoards of women.  Say Uncle and famous gun photographer Oleg Volk (who took the pic below) roll with a lot of model hotties:

Michael from Canadian Black Rifle Mag gets his swoll on at a Canadian gym, and converts Liberal girls at his school to gun loving badasses on the reg’:

Weer’d Beard from Weer’d World represents in the new AR-15 Builders Club T-shirt.  Flying under the radar in Massachusetts with all the shirts in his ENDO Apparel collection:

When Linoge from Walls Of The City isn’t schooling the anti-gun types on his blog and on twitter he’s been known to wear ENDO Apparel:

NOTE: I don’t have a pic of him wearing it,  but see below for a detail pic he took which I superimposed his cat on and gave it laser beam eyes.

If you want to self submit a pic or a “sighting” to me i’ll keep it around for a future post.  I know I got a couple more from non-bloggers in the past but I can’t find them at the moment.  I’ll keep looking but if those people are reading this please resend!

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