.45 Hollow Point V.S. Hog Heart

Hardly scientific, but still cool:

The major flaw is that people have ribs and wear clothing.  Interesting video nevertheless…

It’s safe to say that ribs or not, you don’t want to get shot in the heart.


7 responses to “.45 Hollow Point V.S. Hog Heart”

  1. It’s nice to know that a hollow point can stop The Blob. Y’know, in case the Brotherhood of Mutants ever decide to attack my hometown.

  2. It doesn’t count unless there are ribs blocking the heart.

  3. I’m in the same boat. Ballistic gel tests and tests like these are great to see and are a great benchmark, but it’s impossible to replicate the effect of a bullet on a human bad guy.

  4. Lottaguns Avatar

    Might have been useful to have the heart full of blood.

  5. Neat, but not terribly relevant given that it doesn’t take too much trauma to cause a heart to critically fail.

  6. Well as I was always told 9MM or less do a double tap. If a .45 a single shot works.

  7. Unless I piss off a Sumo wrestler, any defensive shots I make are gonna be on someone wearing clothing- and cloth messes up hollowpoint performance something fierce. There’s a reason the Clothed Target tests (four layers of denim) carry so much freight with the agencies when they go to buy new service ammo.
    If this guy wants to replicate that test with the same methodology the pros use, I’ll watch it. Outside of that it doesn’t tell me anything except fast metal can mess up internal organs, which I already knew.